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  1. Bmj93

    WTB glock 42 or 43

    I sent you a pm. If you didn't get it you can text me 208 921 2044. I have a glock 42.
  2. The rifle and sights. No ammo or mags.
  3. Bmj93

    WTS: USMC Gen II ILBE Main Pack

    You have the top pouch?
  4. Bmj93

    ISO: Mature mule deer cape

    Considering I'm a taxidermist and just paid 250(includes shipping) for a muley deer mid September short hair cape, I'd say you might be on the low end on your price. Give Jim @ southwest wildlife a call he might have one for sale. 1 480-661-0372 if now. Ron Geryack at aaa animal exchange will have one. But like me, your going to pay.