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Found 124 results

  1. mrlykens

    NM 6A tag

    Hello, I've hunted for the past three years unsuccessfully. I'm (self-taught/Learning) and didn't grow up hunting nor knew anyone that really did. I'm not looking for secrets! I understand we are all out looking to come home with meat for the year. Will someone one be kind enough to point me the right direction in this unit. I'm not afraid to get off the road and hike. I'll take ANY tips, I'm not proud, just humbly learning. One step at a time. Thanks, Mark
  2. meat hunter

    New mexico GMU 12 Elk hunt

    All, First time ever drawing a elk tag. I drew a December cow tag in GMU 12 in western New Mexico. Does anyone have any tips or insight into what public land is best to hunt during that time frame. I have limited time to scout I will be out of the U.S until late November so my ability to scout is limited.
  3. Irish

    Dec Rifle Elk Unit 8

    Good morning everyone, I have drawn a late general bull elk tag in unit 8 and was wondering if anyone had any advice ? I know its a hard hunt in December, made harder by weather and pressure but just reaching out for any pointers that might improve my odds of taking a meat bull.
  4. Jacobsalmon

    3b sept archery

    Any tips for 3b archery in sept?
  5. 1. Penetration Capability: For an effective hunting experience, bone-crushing and penetration capacity are the most dependable factors for the broadheads. Hunting will be distressing without these 2 elements. For avoiding deflection, the “clean cuts” are definitely essential while shooting the target since you do not desire the bolt to jump out of the animal. 2. Flight Trajectory: No to mention, as described above the big blades are greatly affected by the wind so you must consider this before purchasing. If your nearly all shots are low range as much as 20 – 40 yards then they are not affected by the wind significantly. In that factor, Mechanical broadheads provide more straightness. At the time of spinning if the broadhead deflects then you could check out the alignment of broadheads or tune the blades by utilizing spin tester. 3. Sharpness Of The Blades: The term “Sharpness” in hunting explains the significance of itself. Not forgetting, you must ask these questions yourself before buying any heads are that: How long the integrity last? How merely may it be sharpened? Do blades remain razor-sharp after a number of shots? 4. The Blood Trails: The blood trails left behind can be the important consideration. The “fixed-blades” provide deep penetration however quite low blood trails and for sure, “mechanical blades” possess a huge benefit over the fixed blades. On the other hand, several fixed blades provide good outcomes in that factor. Judging by all these 4 factors, we have outlined a few of the great products. By determining your needs you can choose the Best Fixed Blade broadheads for elk which fit your needs more.
  6. I have a 2014 Polaris Ranger Crew EPS for sale. This vehicle has only 3310 miles and 330.2 hrs. It has a 3” lift and 28x10” tires on it. I have also added the Dragon fire Racing doors. It has full length rock sliders to protect the underside. It has (2)4” cube led lights and (1) 13” light bar on the front and (1) 6” light bar above the rear window. It has the full glass front windshield and the 1/2 poly front windshield, you can choose which one you want to use depending on the weather. The rear window is glass and is tinted. It also has the driver and passenger mirrors as well as a rear view mirror. It has a horn as well. The tires are the Tuska Terrabite tires 28x10” D.O.T approved and the wheels are the MSA M20’S. It has a full length tool box in the bed and is easily removed with the lock and ride connectors. All fluids have just been changed as well as the front and rear differential and transmission. I am asking $15,000 or Best Offer. Have title in hand. It’s street legal. Not looking for an trades.
  7. I am hunting Malay Jan 2020 without a guide. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Well, now I've done it. I got drawn for mid-Oct cow elk tag. I'm looking to stock the freezer with some delicious meat. Now the problem is, I know almost nothing of the 7W GMU. I'm starting to dig through the maps but I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I'm not looking for people to give up their honey holes, but I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. BugleChaser

    Wife & I drew ML elk :)

    Most likely antlerless in 3B in October. I've spent a lot of time in 3A/3C, but this will be the first time in 3B. Figured we had to branch out a bit since it's getting so hard to draw anything in 3A/3C.
  10. creed

    2019 regs

    I must have a short memory but it seems like they reduced the archery antelope permits by quite a bit from previous years? https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/27120936/2019-Pronghorn-Antelope-and-Elk-Regs_WEB.pdf
  11. afirsttimer08

    Late Season Unit 1

    Hello everyone, I am a first time DIY elk hunter. My father-in-law and I are heading out to Unit 1 for a late season bull hunt. I did not grow up hunting but have done a little over the past few years. All of my hunts have been DIY based on lots of reading and trial and error. We were able to spend the Thanksgiving weekend (Fri-Sun) scouting & glassing sun up to sun down but were unable to locate many elk. I was hoping that some of you would be gracious enough to share some advice about hunting late season elk in Unit 1 Arizona. Are most still up at higher elevations? Are bulls still generally sticking to secluded areas this long after the rut? Is it beneficial to still use calls occasionally? I have done quite a bit of research, but nothing beats picking the brains of an expert. Any advice/help you could give is much appreciated! John
  12. JColony

    Youth Unit 23 rifle bull tag

    Alright, I'm throwing out a life line here. My nephew was lucky enough to draw a rifle tag for unit 23 her in AZ. I have spent a number of days up scouting for him and did find good sign, just not as fresh as I would like. Here's the kicker. He's a senior in high school and has his mind set on going to either West Point or the Air Force Academy and found out last week he has his an interview on Saturday 12/1. So, what was originally going to be a 4.5 day hunt (1 scout day on the 29th) has now been shrunk to a 2, possibly 1.5 day hunt. He's hoping to get to camp mid day on 12/1, but is unsure if he'll be able to get out of town early enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is his first hunt, our only goal is to find a bull, and I really want to help him be successful. Thanks in advance for any info you're willing to share
  13. huntin1005

    2017 Hoyt Defiant

    Selling my 2017 Hoyt Defiant bow. Bow is like new and it is the bare bow only. I am asking $725.00 or best offer for this. This bow has no scratches or dings on it and has been taken care of. I also have the original air shocks instead of the orange if you prefer. Thanks for looking
  14. clanderson

    Zeiss Jena Nobilem 15x60's $400

    I am selling my Carl Zeiss Jena Nobilem 15x60's. They are in great shape for their age, no cracks or scratches on the lenses. They are perfectly clear and focus perfect. There is nothing wrong with them. I also have the adapters for them with a case. I am asking $400 for them.
  15. SirRoyal

    Big Bull Rutting

    Here's what happens when you have bow in one hand a video camera in the other and an Achery elk VID_21200710_021157_405.mp4 VID_21200710_021157_405.mp4 tag in your pocket! Way too much fun!
  16. huntin1005

    Badlands Sacrifice Pack

    I am selling my Badlands Sacrifice Pack in Real tree camo. I have had this pack for about 1 1/2 years and it has been an awesome pack. This pack has no rips ,tears or any blood stains on or in it. I am asking $200 or BEST OFFER for this pack. Attached photos are not the actual pack but is what it looks like.
  17. jironworks

    Wall tent ( sold )

    14x20 canvas wall tent, 6 windows, front and back screen doors, front porch, everything you will ever need is included, stove, stove mat, hot water tank, rain fly, large tarp which I lay down before laying down floor, includes floor, all poles , also has the cable system for the trusses which I really like, only used for 1 elk hunt 2 years ago, bought new original owner, spent about 3300.00 for everything, also have the large cots, fit 5 people and alp gear comfortably, will sell everything for 1800.00 sorry for pic, had to pull from old phone
  18. doubleaelkhunter

    Unit 8 Late Rifle Bull Elk Hunt

    Looking for some tips on hunting this unit for late season rifle. I've done a lot of camping by Pancho Villa tank so I am somewhat familiar with that area. Not too familiar below the rim. I appreciate your comments.
  19. singleshot

    The power of water

    The view from my in laws back porch. Every year at this time the water brings them in. Some times my mother in law will get a picture with five of our big game species in it at the same time.
  20. reece_mess16

    Bonus Pass on the Peaks hunts

    Can anyone direct me to the info on the bonus pass round for the peaks only hunts for elk. How many points did most guys draw it on. Will AZGFD keep these hunts going for a while? I understand they want Aspen Regrowth. This is purely a curiosity post and I can’t find anything on it. Thanks.
  21. LungBuster

    Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

    I just don't use these enough to keep. I have a pair of 10 x 42 vipers and use those more. $925.00 cash only, I live in north Phoenix and work downtown so plenty of options to meet.
  22. OLD208X3A


  23. I found this dead head and carcass while shed hunting last April. Was wondering if it was a bull that shed it's antlers and then died or if someone either killed or found it dead and then sawed off the individual antlers? The base of sheds are really bumpy/gritty and not so flat/smooth, so I was guessing they might have been sawed off? Any thoughts?
  24. matthewdee

    Elk 22S Muzzleloader

    Hey All.. My card got hit yesterday morning for the cost of an elk tag! I put in for 3A/3C rifle rut first and 22S muzzleloader rut second. Given that I only had 6 pts Im assuming its the muzzleloader hunt. I live in Mesa and hunt 22 a lot for quail, pig and deer, but Im not terribly familiar with elk south of the 260. If anybody has any recommendations on camp grounds and places to consider I would appreciate it.
  25. The Arizona Elk Society Banquet is on April 14th, 2018. Tickets are going fast, over half sold out. Individual, Reserved and Corporate tables still available, but going fast. Mesa Convention Center Doors open at 4:00 PM Dinner 5:30 PM https://www.arizonaelksociety.org/shop/product-category/event-tickets/