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  1. Trying to help my son out with this sale. Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 pack in Verde 2.0 camo: Includes add-on belt pouches X2, 7200cu.in.(main compartment capacity plus all exterior pockets and lid), main compartment fully accessible through a horseshoe zipper on the front, extended snow collar, compression straps across the front, sides, bottom and top of the pack, regular sized carbon frame, sm/med suspension. Clean with zero damage: no blood or sweat stains, no odor, no rips/tears/pulls/marks, all hardware works flawlessly, nothing broken or compromised. Multiple pockets and storage solutions: zippered side pockets that extend top to bottom on each side, large zippered pocket on front opening, 2 zippered pockets on top of the lid, dual water bottle pockets with shock cord on each bottom corner, interior zippered storage pockets on the inside of the front opening and along both interior sides of the main compartment, zippered belt pouches mounted on the waistbelt, horizontal and vertical compression straps on the inside back of the pack against the frame for securing heavy items. Fit: My son is about 5'10" 160lbs and this suspension/frame fits him perfectly with adjustment larger/smaller if necessary. Kuiu bino harness: Also in Verde 2.0 camo, includes the Kuiu rangefinder pouch and lanyard, fits 10X42 perfectly and will fit 12X50 as well, NOT the newer Pro version, encloses front/top/sides of the optic but open against the chest, attachment straps from the harness shoulder straps to the bino, same condition as the pack (clean w/zero damage). Video of me going over the pack located here: SOLD
  2. Pac8541

    Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

    Top. still available.
  3. Pac8541

    Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

    I can do that, sent you a PM.
  4. Pac8541

    Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

    I’m in the east valley, Queen Creek. Work in south Phx though.
  5. Pac8541

    Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

    Ok, a buddy who’s sponsored by Swaro as a 3D shooter in the state says the 12X50s fit well in this harness.
  6. Pac8541

    Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

    I’d love to give you a very positive “yes” but I haven’t tried a 12X50 in this pack. Judging by the fit of the 10X42 ELs I have, I’d say the 59mm obj would be a bit snug and you’d have to use the top hook of the 2 to secure the top flap. I’m asking a guy now whose optics collection is significantly greater than mine.
  7. Who needs a bino chest pack? I have a NWOT Sitka Mountain Optics Harness in their pyrite color that I don’t need. I have 3 bino chestrigs already and this just isn’t getting used. Worn only to check fit and utility. This harness has the best lower harness strap of any I’ve use so far in that it’s not attached to the upper straps. What does that mean? It means that the chest pack rides where it should and doesn’t slouch down to your belly. Might regret selling this but despite my love of its minimal yet highly effective harness/strap configuration, I’m just not using it. Main bino compartment folds toward your chest and stand open with magnets. When closed the flap is secured with a plastic hook with 2 levels of adjustment to accommodate taller or shorter binoculars. Side accessory pouches (removable) open/secure with shock cord and a hook. Both zippered and open stash pockets on the backside, against your chest, plus 2 smaller elastic pockets on the sides of the main compartment. Very quiet interior fabric does not squeak when removing a 10X42 rubber-armored binocular. Zero damage, wear marks, or stains. Brand new but I removed and discarded the tags. $130 FTF, $140 shipped. Save yourself the drive and sales tax.
  8. Pac8541

    ADAK bino harness, grey SOLD

    Queen Creek
  9. Pac8541

    ADAK bino harness, grey SOLD

    Hey Matt. No, there are no magnets on the entire harness. It stays closed by pulling up and over the rigid back panel and tension is controlled through adjustable shock cord and a cord lock. It’s very quiet, secure, and encloses the binocular completely.
  10. Excellent condition, never used other than on a 3D range. Zero damage or wear, includes the LRF and bino tethers, clean inside and out. Dark grey color looks awesome and is less pedestrian than the tan version. Binos are an EL 10x42 and LRF is an old Vortex Ranger 1500, shown for scale and fit (not included in sale). $80 shipped or FTF
  11. Pac8541

    McMillan G31 Heritage 300WM

    Selling a McMillan G31 Heritage long action chambered in 300WM. 26” blued barrel, checkered walnut stock, includes Talley 30mm rings and 2-piece bases. Excellent condition with only 3 minor wear marks (shown). Approx 500rds through the barrel, all factory standard pressure loads. All parts are as installed by the gunsmiths at McMillan. Fluted bolt, side-release bolt catch, hinged floorplate, recoil pad. Scope and leather sling in photos NOT included. $2800
  12. Pac8541

    XOP Vanish XT Evo treestand

    Selling my treestand to replace it with something a little bigger. Bought new in Aug, I hung it 3 times during my archery bull hunt. Its been a long time since I've been in a treestand like, 15yrs; being 25' up made me a bit uncomfortable. Those of you accustomed to this however, I think will find this stand perfect. I found it very easy to hang and more stable than I expected. It never moved while I was in it and was as comfortable as one might expect. Super light: with the included straps it came out to just over 12lbs. I strapped it to my backpack to haul in and out of the woods and its size and weight made that easy. Cast aluminum platform with both seat and platform leveling adjustment. Cam buckles with Yak Grip neoprene covers included, comfortable dual-density foam seat that folds up against the tree when you stand. No included harness because honestly, its garbage and is unsafe (I have alternative recommendations for this if interested). Stand only, climbing sticks in photo NOT included. Excellent condition, dead silent, secure. $150
  13. Pac8541

    Kifaru Eastern Ruck, multicam

    Appreciate it but not interested in trades, thank you.
  14. Like new, used on one 2-day scouting trip and one weekend with the wife (indoors). Typical Kifaru bombproof quality and construction. Zero damage, no stains, 100% as you’d get it from the shop. Top loader with lid, main compartment access through both sides, load lifters, frame stays. https://store.kifaru.net/mobile/eastern-ruck-2800-ci--524-l---3277-ci--537-l-p261.aspx 2800ci Small waistbelt Multicam throughout $250 shipped or FtF. PayPal via friends/family option.
  15. Pac8541

    2-way radios

    Appreciate the feedback, I am looking hard at a couple Midland radios and will field test them next week when my son and I head out for deer.