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  1. Pac8541

    2-way radios

    Appreciate the feedback, I am looking hard at a couple Midland radios and will field test them next week when my son and I head out for deer.
  2. Pac8541

    2-way radios

    Thank you man, I've been looking at one of the Midland radios. Hard to find ones that don't get bad-horrible reviews accompanied by legitimate reasoning. Anyone heard of Retevis radios? The RT5 seems to be a pretty good one...
  3. Pac8541

    2-way radios

    Recommendations? Not looking to spend $300 but in my experience the typical stuff I've seen from big box stores are crap. Looking on Amazon but I don't really know one from the other...
  4. Pac8541

    Kifaru pack, complete.

  5. Pac8541

    Kifaru pack, complete.

    For sale: Kifaru Hunting Platform frame - 24" ultralight composite stays, small waistbelt (31"-34"), Wolf Grey shoulder straps and belt. Kifaru Argali bag - Wolf Grey, 7000cu.in., 3 compression straps per side, 2 compressions straps on bottom, snow collar that folds over as a lid, 2 rows molle webbing on the bottom third of each side, tab loops for attachment of belt pouches or spotting scope pouch. Kifaru accessories - belt pouch size small, nalgene bottle pouch, Grab It 2 (all accessories in Wolf Grey). Pack has been owned for 2 years and used on 3 hunts and 2 fly fishing trips. I have never transported meat in this pack because I've failed to take an animal each time = no blood or other stains, no odors, no mold/mildew. ZERO rips, tears, or holes; no damage whatsoever to the frame, waistbelt, or shoulder straps. Pack bag and accessories all freshly cleaned in the washing machine and frame washed in the sink; all air-dried in the back yard. Photos below show the pack assembled without any pouches in both a completely compressed/smallest profile mode and filled/expanded with a 12 degree down sleeping bag. In addition to the 6 side compression straps and 2 bottom compression straps, there is also an over-the-top compression strap that runs over the middle of the snow collar. Dual front straps buckle to the lid or the optional Guide or Organizer Pocket lids from Kifaru. I have used this as a day pack compressed all the way down with only rain gear and kill kit in it and hauled enough for 7 days, 6 miles in (70lbs including camera gear and optics). Although I do not own a Stone Glacier, EXO Mountain, or Mystery Ranch pack I cannot imagine a frame handling weight better than this. I've been a Kifaru user since 2002, both overseas in combat and here at home for hunting, fishing, and general backpacking. I am selling this because I need a taller frame and different set up for what I have coming up. $450 firm (will ship at buyers expense). I am in Queen Creek but work in Phoenix. I am able to meet for you to look over and try on most afternoons after 1600 or weekends. Thanks for looking.
  6. Pac8541

    Firstlite Wick boxer briefs

    LMAO, the responses to this are worth the effort whether I sell them or not! But................ SPF!!
  7. Pac8541

    Firstlite Wick boxer briefs

    No sh!t, I’m expecting a good time...
  8. Pac8541

    Firstlite Wick boxer briefs

    At the risk of sounding a little creepy: Four (4) pairs of aerowool boxer briefs, size Med. Two are unworn, 2 have been worn one time each. All have been washed. These are too big for me at a 31 waist. They do not fit me like a semi-compression short and thats what I prefer. Im 58, 170. If youre a solid 32 waist up to about 36 (depending on how you like them to fit) these would be perfect. They do not shrink in the dryer. I promise Im completely clean, zero diseases or other maladies. Offered at half price, $20 each. I have 2 black, 1 tan, and 1 green. All 4 for $75.
  9. 12 Black Eagle X-Impact shafts, 250/.001, 27" carbon to carbon. Purchased new and built to test various point weights and fletch configurations. The fletched shafts (8) have seen no more than 4 shots per shaft and none have hit anything but a Rinehart broadhead target. The dozen have built as follows: 4 unfletched bare shafts, no inserts, nock only. 6 Flex Fletch FFP300 vanes (3" parabolic) 4-fletch, VAP grey half-out, VPA aluminum footer. 2 Flex Fletch FFP360 vanes (3.6" parabolic) 3-fletch, VAP grey half-out, VPA aluminum footer. The VAP half-out and VPA footer weigh a total of 42gr for those of you calculating FOC. Both can be removed and the shaft cleaned up if you prefer a different insert/half-out/outsert. These are Black Eagle's nano diameter shaft with an inside diameter of .165". They are 250 spine and .001" straightness tolerance, 9.5gr per inch. I have a 27.5" draw length and these are cut long for my preference; the arrow I've decided on is cut an inch shorter. These will include all orange Black Eagle micro nocks and new/unused black aluminum outserts, both of which are included when purchased retail. If you are 28.5" draw length or shorter and need a stiff, lightweight shaft these are in perfect condition. Selling due to my need for a weaker spined shaft. $100, firm.
  10. Pac8541

    Insert/outsert glue

    Did that. He recommended AAE Max Impact. But again, my suspicion is that this will fail in our heat because Brent advertises it as being heat removable which plays directly into one of the major benefits of the Valkyrie system that the components are reusable. I've taken apart many arrows by heating a field point and pulling the things apart but this appears to be designed to do that. I also called AAE with the same question. They believe I won't have any problems. Just wondering what everyone is using and whether or not they've experienced similar problems.
  11. I recently made the commitment to try the Valkyrie Archery system. Its a lot of money but the longevity and precision of their products appeal to me. It attaches to the shaft with a glue on outsert, the "centerpin sleeve" as they call it. This puts a premium on the quality of glue and the adhesion you get. I've tried 2-part epoxy which winds up being too thick for the space within the sleeve and shaft to get in there well. I've tried Gorilla Glue which is what Valkyrie features in their installation video before now recommending AAE Max Impact. In both instances I've had the field point and sleeve pull off the shaft when removing them from a Rinehart target, 4 times. The same thing happened with Easton Ti half-outs prior to this. I'm prepping the shaft with acetone and sandpaper, cleaning the inside of the sleeves, and letting them cure overnight. I suspect heat, both ambient air temp and friction, is degrading the integrity of the glue. I'm trying the AAE Max Impact now but that product also lists as one of its advantages the ability to heat and remove components so honestly, this may be a step backwards. What bombproof, temp resistant glue have you guys been using that stand up to daily shooting? Other than this issue I'm very happy with the performance of this system. Thanks.
  12. Pac8541


    Kifaru. You won't ever need another pack.
  13. Pac8541

    Hatch Finatic 5+

    Extremely well cared for Hatch fly fishing reel suitable for 5 and 6 weight lines. I am the original owner and purchased this new from Telluride Angler in 2015. Zero damage or dings and with only a few extremely minor scratch dots on the bottom of the frame (see last photo). Comes loaded with a Scientific Anglers Sharkwave WF 6 fly line, also undamaged. This reel has caught trout on the Lower Dolores, Animas, Yellowstone, and Colorado Rivers on a Scott Radian 906. Powerful drag function and flawless operation. $400
  14. Pac8541

    Arrow length opinion.

    You're speaking my language, friend. I typically get wrapped around the axle about the smallest details and its something I have to specifically think about and avoid doing. Archery, fly fishing, and precision rifles, all of which are either passions or professional endeavors all lend themselves unapologetically to that personality trait. I get the bow back from the shop NLT tues morning and I don't expect to see a d-loop change; it wouldn't surprise me though to see a need for a 1/2" DL change. No tags this year. Self-induced failure with regard to that (elk). But I am planning OTC in Co probably early Sept and OTC deer locally in Dec.
  15. Pac8541

    Arrow length opinion.

    I've been running all this through AA along the way and doing some measuring and weighing on my own confirms what I'm seeing there. AA shows the spine to be "moderate stiff," whatever that means. With what I've got I'm getting 460gr total weight and 259fps on the chrono. Not particularly fast but that isn't at the top of my priority list. And this may change as my bow is at the shop right now getting looked over. It appears the speed nocks on my string have moved from their original position and it feels like its drawing long. FOC is 4% different between AA's calculations and inputting measurements directly into archerycalculator.com: 19% from the former, 23% from the latter. Black Eagle X-Impact 300 shafts, Eason Ti half-out inserts, 150gr broadhead, Flex Fletch FFP-300 vanes (4), standard nock. This recipe hits what I was after: a moderately heavy arrow (but lighter than previous builds), better speed than before, high foc, very strong components, micro diameter shaft. TOTALLY agree with this. Confidence is huge in this endeavor and if something gives you more faith in your equipment and/or removes a distraction, most of the time its worth doing.