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  1. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    Understood, no firearms in the restricted area. My tag is archery only and the regs seem to indicate that firearms pressure in the buffer areas tends to concentrate animals into the restricted area. Just curious if anyone has any experience along those lines.
  2. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    Thanks fellas, looking forward to it and I appreciate the tips. Has anybody been into the restricted area or have any experience with firearms pressure pushing animals into there? According to the regs I am reading, with my archery tag and a clearance, I *should* be able to access it. Just looking for any edge given that I will be competing with rifle hunters during my hunt.
  3. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    Well that’s good to hear. How did the archery hunters seem to fare when you were there?
  4. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    To revive last year’s thread, wondering if anyone has anything to pass along on Camp Navajo elk this year. I drew a 4-10 Oct archery either sex tag. Not sure what to think based on mixed reviews but I’m happy to have a chance at least. I should not have a problem getting into the restricted area, clearance wise anyway.