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    Camp Navajo

    https://imgshare.io/images/2019/10/10/6B7A3CEA-8D42-43E7-9AC6-639087C06E88.jpg https://imgshare.io/images/2019/10/10/57E8D286-FED7-4A2C-A3C1-ED67E394CA84.jpg https://imgshare.io/images/2019/10/10/1A7E8AE6-2ABD-4352-A068-995351073951.jpg
  2. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    All, I am proud to report that I killed my first elk on the morning of the 8th. I managed to sneak an arrow into the lungs of a good (to me) 5pt at 40 yards on my 5th day of chasing herds around. Thank you all for the insight you provided. I was vetted and able to hunt in the central “limited”/archery only area of the base and I believe that information I received rang true; that the elk utilize that as sanctuary from rifle hunters around the perimeter. From that first morning, I never left the limited area as I was tied up with herds every morning without fail. Evenings were slower, but there were a lot of elk that called that roughly 10,000 acre central area home. I never made it into the East or West buffer that encircle the limited area. I killed my bull in “GSA 3” west of the security building and barracks, but was tied into bugling elk basically anywhere I went in the limited area including, south of the barracks where Volunteer wash and the dual rail lines intersect, south of Co Rd 526 and north of limited area gates 13 and 14. I don’t know the count, but I believe success among tag holders here in the NAD for hunt time to be pretty good. I know there were other kills, but I have no idea what the percentages are. I know that I witnessed some full steam rut activity throughout, particularly so my last couple of days, 6-8 Oct. Tro453, feel free to PM me for my phone # and I can answer any more specific questions you may have, but I agree that, at least during my time, there was no reason to venture out of the limited area. Thanks again to all, Hank
  3. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    Understood, no firearms in the restricted area. My tag is archery only and the regs seem to indicate that firearms pressure in the buffer areas tends to concentrate animals into the restricted area. Just curious if anyone has any experience along those lines.
  4. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    Thanks fellas, looking forward to it and I appreciate the tips. Has anybody been into the restricted area or have any experience with firearms pressure pushing animals into there? According to the regs I am reading, with my archery tag and a clearance, I *should* be able to access it. Just looking for any edge given that I will be competing with rifle hunters during my hunt.
  5. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    Well that’s good to hear. How did the archery hunters seem to fare when you were there?
  6. HJH

    Camp Navajo

    To revive last year’s thread, wondering if anyone has anything to pass along on Camp Navajo elk this year. I drew a 4-10 Oct archery either sex tag. Not sure what to think based on mixed reviews but I’m happy to have a chance at least. I should not have a problem getting into the restricted area, clearance wise anyway.