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  1. akuritone

    Reloading dies

    I'd be interested in the 243, 7mag and 22-250
  2. akuritone

    Rifles, Bow, Binoculars For Sale

    PM sent
  3. akuritone

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    Thanks for all the interest. It is Sunday the 4th at 10 am. Anyone that has PMed me or replied to this post has their board already or has been contacted by me(if you PMed me your number and haven't received a text, please PM me again). At this point, all the cutting boards have been spoken for. If I have any no-shows I will update this post with what is available after I've given adequate time to those who have requested one( or 2). Thank you again Jeff
  4. akuritone

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    No kidding! The time is 1:43. I'm fairly certain I can cover everyone up until this point but let me take an official count. If I have responded to you, you have your 1(or 2). If I have not, I will after my count. Thank you Jeff
  5. akuritone

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    This is not Corian(solid surface). This is HDPE. solid surface is rather brittle and is generally backed by another substrate(plywood/particle board). This stuff is solid HDPE Jeff
  6. akuritone

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    These are very handy for keeping game clean(and your kitchen) while processing. They will easily fit a full elk quarter. This is the same material that the white cutting boards used in most homes are made from but are bigger and thicker. They are approximately 24" x 48"and are 5/8"-3/4" thick. They will last a lifetime. Makes an awesome bench top too. Easy on knife edges and easy to clean. These are remnants from large sheets. They've been cut on a table saw and have square corners, somewhat sharp edges, and somewhat rough edges. If it matters to you, sand it. $40.00 each. I have quite a few. I'm near Bass Pro. Jeff
  7. akuritone

    *PRICE DROP* Firstlite camo

    I'll take the puffy. PM sent
  8. akuritone

    7MM STW Brass and dies

    Brass is sold. Thx
  9. akuritone

    Remington 8MM Mag Brass. NEW

    Up for sale 278 new pieces of 8MM Remington Mag brass(ziplocks included) $150.00 takes it all Jeff Live near Bass Pro
  10. akuritone

    7MM STW Brass and dies

    Converted my STW to another caliber and no longer need this. 201 pieces Remington New brass(ammo boxes included) 50 pieces once fired Federal 20 pieces once fired Win Box of loaded Win with 150 grain power point Some reloads with Rem brass A-square brass with unknown number of firings. Everything above. All or nothing $125.00 Hornady Custom Grade 7MM STW dies $50.00 Live near Bass Pro Jeff
  11. Thanks for all the interest everyone. The rifle and scope have been sold. Jeff
  12. Up for sale is a Christensen Arms Ridgeline in 300 WSM. Less than 2 boxes of ammo down the barrel. No load development. I loaded some 180 Accubonds in front of H4831SC, went to Kodiak Island, killed 2 blacktail and a fox, and it has been sitting in the safe ever since. Scope is the non HD VX-6. Rings are Vortex precision matched. Scope still has CDS cert. Scope has some rub wear on rubber eye ring from ride in float plane(see photo). $2300 for it all Also included. Forster Benchrest FL dies LE Wilson Case gauge Brake and thread protector 5 boxes of Federal 180 grain store bought Some once fired brass A few of my 180 accubond loads Name is Jeff. Live near Bass Pro
  13. akuritone

    Leupold VX6HD 4-24x52 CDS-ZL2 ***SOLD***

    Sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  14. Morning all Selling a brand new, still in the shrink wrap VX6HD. I'm not too far from Bass Pro. $1500.00 firm Jeff