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  1. SirRoyal

    Trail Cam BAN

    Commissioner Davis saw what the people wanted and the way the other commissioners were leaning and put aside his own personal conviction for the will of the people!! He is a man of integrity in my opinion!
  2. SirRoyal

    Trail Cam BAN

    Before this turns into a daytime drama series. I called Azgfd. Anybody can petition the commissioners for a rule change. Even disgruntled hunters with 2 strip tags last year with only a 50% success rate.
  3. SirRoyal

    Trail Cam BAN

    cjl2010 point taken!
  4. SirRoyal

    Trail Cam BAN

    Mike Whelan is a little late to the party! That got settled last year! Oh by the way Mike Whelan where were you when all this was coming down last year? I will put a call into Jay at AZGFD today to ask WHY are you letting guys beat a dead horse! There is trail cam etiquette: 1. Wait till midday to check it. 2. If there is a vehicle nearby obviously or usually someone is sitting there pass on checking it. 3. If there is a sign up sportsman on water pass on checking it. These are rules I follow .
  5. SirRoyal

    Big Bull Rutting

    Ya , I forgot to bring my 3rd arm and my long range missile! Next time I wont forget!πŸ˜πŸ‘
  6. SirRoyal

    Big Bull Rutting

    In western Arizona 360" was the new 400" this year for sure because of the drought. This bull with a 40" spread will go 370" !
  7. SirRoyal

    Big Bull Rutting

    Here's what happens when you have bow in one hand a video camera in the other and an Achery elk VID_21200710_021157_405.mp4 VID_21200710_021157_405.mp4 tag in your pocket! Way too much fun!
  8. SirRoyal

    Camera & stand thieves facing charges

    Thanks for posting! I just posted also. Hope they throw the book at them !
  9. SirRoyal

    Camera thiefs caught!

    This is in Utah but they were caught because hunters got fed up with it. To the camera thieves here in Arizona when You steal cameras or tear up blinds or steal tree stands . Your chances of getting caught just went up. Yes I'm speaking about current events. Slob thieves (not hunters) in a different area now. Make sure you smile so we can match to your mugshot! SirRoyal
  10. SirRoyal

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Smith2260 That's a monster buck your Dad killed!!! Congratulations to you and your Dad!!!
  11. SirRoyal

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Your a funny man!
  12. SirRoyal

    Low life Camera thiefs

    No Sir! By the way thats last years bull! No updates yet on Thief. Except so far he has not hit again. But we are watching and waiting for him.
  13. SirRoyal

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Sorry, Gentleman not all of us are keyboard operators! Lol. Been in the field every week looking for the scumbags! But all I'm finding is some real nice bulls!πŸ˜πŸ‘Š. Oh by the way after 72 hours your trail camera is consider abandon property right? So If Im there with in that 72 hours and catch you guess what its Felony Theft. So bring it on scumbags. Im looking forward to your conviction!
  14. SirRoyal

    2018: What’s ur bull goal this year?

    Don't be!
  15. SirRoyal

    Low life Camera thiefs

    never said you were born at night nor did i try to imply that....Just merely commenting on your post and adding my two cents, sucks to lose cameras. Thanks for the sarcastic response Sorry,I kinda been on a verbal Desert Storm wiping out everything thats a perceived threat ! All good now! Till they steal them a 3rd time. πŸ™yep I need prayer then. Im estimating losses about $4000 to $5000 dollars between all parties.