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  1. fairly new bow I've only had for less than a year and its been a great bow I'm just ready for an upgrade. it comes with a trophy ridge 5 pin sight along with a whisker biscuit and a limb saver stabilizer with a peep sight already installed. the draw weight can be adjusted from 60-70 pounds and the draw length can be adjusted from 26-30.5 inches and its set at 65 pounds and 28.5 inch draw right now. its in great condition, one of the cable strings has some wear on it but nothing major and the other cable string was recently replaced because i didn't wax the strings so it frayed quite a bit and so i decided to replace it. the limbs are basically perfect and i cant pick out any scratches. i know some people are ok with putting their bows on the ground but i was never that guy, i hate putting my bow on the ground. asking 750 as this bow was 650 bare bow plus all the extras that i have added and the new string. keep in mind that the string is literally brand new and was about 40 bucks so thats 40 bucks you wont have to pay:) i also have a soft shelled case for it that is brand new that isn't included but for the right price you could buy both. text me for questions about bow or case and for case price. thanks!! -623-910-3399
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    2020 Archery OTC Coues

    Good point, didn't think about that!
  3. Acslate

    2020 Archery OTC Coues

    Great write up and very cool buck. I am very aware of pressure on the tanks, I have wondered if sleeping overnight at a tank would "foul" the tank for awhile, that is a lot of time to smell up the place.
  4. Like new release. Used only with targets, no hunts. Comes with 2 different springs to customize tension.
  5. Just like new, used a few time on target only, went back to my old style release. I have different springs that it came with. Aaron
  6. My son has his eye on a new bow, so out with his current bow. $200 Right hand Highly adjustable: Here are the specs from Diamond BOW TYPEHunting,Recreation DRAW LENGTH13-31" IBO SPEED310 FPS MASS WEIGHT3.2" LBS AXLE TO AXLE31" BRACE HEIGHT7" DRAW WEIGHT5-70 lbs EFFECTIVE LET-OFF80% KINETIC ENERGY74.7 ft-lbs ** The only work it needs is a new peep sight, rubber tubing busted while shooting last week.
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    ISO Vortex Vulture 15x56

    Thinking the boy might like this from Santa.