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  1. Acslate

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    At one time I thought about hiring a guide for OTC season, help me add to my hunting skill set, learn some new things, pick up some techniques, but the one thing that I have down pat is riding in a truck, I do have that figured out pretty good, thanks to the forum for spilling the beans on guide secrets....
  2. Acslate

    Max's Texas Hunt

    What a trip!
  3. Acslate

    Kansas Millennial Poaches 60 deer

    I will check that out, very interesting. One of my roommates years ago was a kid from Eager, he told me all the time that he and his family would poach elk, like when they would get board on a Sat night they would head up in the hills and take shots, small town thing??? Perhaps they claim some kind of ownership over the critters living amongst them. Very foreign to me.
  4. Crazy story, the guy only lost hunting privileges for 5 years!!!!! https://www.themeateater.com/conservation/wildlife-management/kansas-man-faces-jail-time-for-poaching-60-deer
  5. Acslate


    Excuse me ma'am, I would like to ask if you know anything about the reportedly missing corn from behind the grain silos?....... No comment.
  6. Acslate

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I was in 44A last week, HOT, DRY and only thing I saw on the hoof were the bovine kind, tough going....
  7. Acslate

    First Coues Buck

    Way to stick with the blood trail, good buck.
  8. Acslate

    Long Range Coues

    Mega vapor trail. Cool vid, congrats.
  9. Acslate

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    SOLID buck!
  10. Acslate

    Where's Casey??? 70 - 7

    Nice jobs Lobos!!
  11. Acslate

    New Member

  12. Acslate

    New Member

    Sucks. I don't want to jump to conclusions but sounds sketchy.
  13. Acslate

    New Member

    Love Junction, shot my first Tx whitetail in Junction, Cleo area, low fence ranch. I was walking to my stand in the predawn hours and heard an elk bugle, shocked me to hear that in the hill county. My in-laws are in Rio Medina, will be driving by Junction in about a week. Love that place.
  14. Acslate

    New Member

    Not good at all. Junctionboy are you around Junction TX?? Hill country?