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  1. Acslate

    First Coues Buck

    Way to stick with the blood trail, good buck.
  2. Acslate

    Long Range Coues

    Mega vapor trail. Cool vid, congrats.
  3. Acslate

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    SOLID buck!
  4. Acslate

    Where's Casey??? 70 - 7

    Nice jobs Lobos!!
  5. Acslate

    New Member

  6. Acslate

    New Member

    Sucks. I don't want to jump to conclusions but sounds sketchy.
  7. Acslate

    New Member

    Love Junction, shot my first Tx whitetail in Junction, Cleo area, low fence ranch. I was walking to my stand in the predawn hours and heard an elk bugle, shocked me to hear that in the hill county. My in-laws are in Rio Medina, will be driving by Junction in about a week. Love that place.
  8. Acslate

    New Member

    Not good at all. Junctionboy are you around Junction TX?? Hill country?
  9. Acslate

    Recreational Trail Camera use is at Stake!

    I did contact the Phx commissioner by email the other day, told him I support either outright ban or very limited season. My email was based on the following beliefs.. Camera use has gotten way out of control and extents beyond fair chase principles especially by some or most (not all) professional guides. I do not believe that game on AZ private land should be "marketed" by guide outfits especially on the strip. The outcome will be that some will break the law, this is always the case in some form, reduced hunting pressure especially from the out of state hunter and especially on the strip and consequently hopefully point creep will be slowed. I support the idea that those that want to hunt can put boots on the ground to make it happen and those who want to look at pictures can do so on instagram.
  10. Acslate

    Wait till the anti's see this

    Back when I wasted time golfing I was on a course in San Antonio TX and was astounded that the course would do major construction on the course and still be open, it looked like tractors had torn up the course, nope, hogs. They started trapping them and shooting them in the traps until the local humane group stated making noise. Tons of damage those things cause.
  11. Acslate

    More late kaibab action

    Good character over mass, very cool.