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  1. Javelinasports

    Saw this on tv yesterday. Deer breeding. Monsters

    I am not a fan of that personally but I am sure folks with a lot of money will pay for those freaks, nothing but all natural horns for me, whether perfect match or drop tines or weird ones....
  2. Javelinasports

    Prayer request

    Prayers for your Mom and your family.
  3. Javelinasports

    Colters 2022 Elk Hunt

    Awesome, Congrats!
  4. Javelinasports

    My son's 2022 Elk hunt

    Very cool, Congrats. Great Video!
  5. Javelinasports

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    Thanks Bill@roofer! I know Gvmt tank well, we are staying near Valle, so the plan is to hunt the lower half, I agree on the 1 for 500, used to not be that way, way back. Was going to start a little west of Anita station and North.
  6. Javelinasports

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    Thanks much, appreciate it, heading up this weekend to scout it out a bit. Thanks again.
  7. Javelinasports

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    Yes, thanks have been around the east and west boundary many times, I think I am going to focus on the southern portion this time east and west sides.
  8. Javelinasports

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    Hello folks, looking for some help on Unit 9, Hold on before you hit the respond button! Ok Here is my story and it true! We have not been drawn for 4-years for Deer and Elk, Unit 9 was and is my favorite unit and know the unit pretty well, I have helped quite a few folks on the forum but have not really asked for some tips....we have had a place in 5BS BUT for the life of me cannot get drawn there and have helped many folks there too and helping on the youth hunt in a couple of weeks. Usually don't have any issues giving tips as long as I feel good about the hunters. Anyway plan on scouting but also wondering if Deer typically stay in same areas year after year, I do know back in the day Skinner ridge was great for Deer but the last 10 years very little anymore. So just looking for some favor, take care and if you have any hunts in 5BS let me know. Thanks and have a great day.
  9. Javelinasports

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    Actually good comment, does anyone know when the hibernate? Thx
  10. Javelinasports

    1 for 3 so far

  11. Javelinasports

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    About a month ago the Wife and I were hiking in 5BS and we around 50 yards apart, I hear a scream and she heard the rattle right before she stepped on it, scared the be-jesus out of her, she did good she back away and we checked it out and went on our way. Been hiking in the same area multiple times and never noticed one before. keep you ears and eyes on high alert! Yep, i was not able to shoot it!
  12. Javelinasports

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

    Don't know where these came from or who owns them, they might b fiv-bs and about 3-4 weeks ago.
  13. Javelinasports


    Interested 2
  14. Javelinasports

    Retired Marine could use a few prayers.

    Prayers Sent for your family.
  15. Javelinasports

    Residential construction lending.

    We got a loan from Desert Financial, wasn't a "construction loan" but we could pull money as we needed for construction to build our shop.