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  1. AZ513

    7W Late Bull hunts

    Bring chains or some recovery gear just in case. It can dump snow up there and better to be over prepared, I know from first hand experience. Good luck to ya, I'd say a .270 is plenty for a well placed shot @ 300 ish yards.
  2. AZ513

    First Elk Hunt! (Unit 10)

    Congrats on the tag. That late archery can be a tough hunt especially if its dry and you can't sit water if you're hunting on the bo. I'd recommend paying the fee's and hunting there so you have the entire unit to hunt. I remember last year I was scouting for my hunt while the late archery was going on and it was as dry as a bone out there so it made it hard to walk the county without being heard. Talked to hunters out there on that hunt and they weren't having luck either. On top of it being dry it was a full moon so they could bed during the day and move at night. Not trying to discourage you just letting you know how tough it can be but it's not impossible. I'd scout on both public and private. However you cant start scouting the ranch until August I believe? Make sure you have Onx maps before you go and use it while scouting to mark where you have been and make notes. If it were my tag I wouldn't pass over a 270- 300" bull but that's just me. Best of luck of to ya, hope you get it done!
  3. AZ513

    Fantasy Baseball

    I know, I did it on purpose. If anyone is interested they can just shoot me a message or reply to the forum and I'll send them a message
  4. AZ513

    Fantasy Baseball

    Wasn't real sure where to post but I have a fantasy baseball league and we have 3 open slots. If anyone is interested let me know, prefer people who tend to keep up with it and play most of the season.
  5. AZ513

    Credit Card Hit

    What bank do you have? This gives me a sliver of hope lol
  6. Did you end up getting a tag?
  7. AZ513

    I HATE AZGFD online system!!!!!

    If your dad or youngest son don't get drawn they would just get a point still, yeah?
  8. AZ513

    7E Late Season Bull Elk Hunting

    Ahh gotcha makes sense.
  9. AZ513

    7E Late Season Bull Elk Hunting

    Is there a reason why in 30 years you've never put in for 7E? Do you have a preferred unit?
  10. AZ513

    Apps on Portal

    Yeah it just takes some time. My elk app didn't show up until about 1-2 days later
  11. AZ513

    Which Unit?

    I also heard some potential changes coming on a podcast but they didn't say what or if they were positive or negative changes for hunters, Maybe someone on here has some info regarding it
  12. AZ513

    Which Unit?

    I agree, and I was able to draw it back to back years without success. 🙃 First year passed on a bull that I should have taken 2nd morning and didn't see anything else for the rest of the hunt. This year I buried myself in mud / snow opening morning and kind of ended the hunt there
  13. AZ513

    Which Unit?

    I agree it should be my unit. I'm considering it heavily for that reason and gives me an excuse to go to the cabin all summer and scout. When you say cow tag 0-2 and Bull 3-5 are you thinking late cow and elk? Or October cow hunt?
  14. AZ513

    Which Unit?

    Was just listening to that podcast on my into work today! Just got a little into 7W before I had to go in so I'll finish it on my way home
  15. AZ513

    Which Unit?

    Looking for some input, I'm researching out what units I should put in for this coming draw. I'm on the fence about putting in for unit 7 west, unit 10 and unit 8. This is all going to be for the late rifle bull hunt. I have 0 points, drew a unit 10 late rifle bull tag last year with no luck ( I was the guy that got my truck stuck on the ranch). So seeking advice for this coming draw.. Pro's and Con's for each unit for me. Unit 10 - I'm most familiar with the Big Bo. It sucks paying extra to hunt there though but don't mind it. Unit 7 West - We have a cabin in parks so would be nice to be able to hunt in that area, haven't scouted it before so not 100% sure how well the unit does Unit 8 - Isn't far from the cabin and could be more dry if you hunt lower elevations, which is something to consider after this last storm that we endured. Basically looking at what unit will have better draw odds and better chance to get an elk (don't we all want that) Any type of input is appreciated