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  1. AZ513

    2019 Bull Elk Hunts in the Book (Part 1)

    Crazy story, thanks for writing it up. Glad you guys were able to get your bull in the end. Just curious what G&F said about the blind bull? I've never heard of that before, feel bad for that guy. He looks like has been doing pretty well for himself, didn't seem to be in terrible shape.
  2. AZ513

    Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/magpul stock

    That's fair, I work until midnight tonight. Does tomorrow work for you?
  3. AZ513

    Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/magpul stock

    I am in the North West Valley, would you be willing to go down to $500 for it?
  4. AZ513

    Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/magpul stock

    Where are you located?
  5. AZ513

    Scouting unit 10

    Did ya happen to see any bull elk while you were out scouting? 😉
  6. AZ513

    Looking for advice in Unit 10

    I would also recommend hunting on the Big Bo. Take in all the advice from these guys and hopefully you have a successful hunt with this awesome winter we had. Best of luck to you
  7. AZ513

    Unit 10 early rifle bull

    PM sent
  8. AZ513

    Results are posted!!!

    I got drawn for Bull, unit 10. Second year in a row. I’ll take it!
  9. AZ513

    Arizona Unit 10

    Unfortunately due to work I never made it back out there. Hopefully those who got drawn was able to get meat for the year. Hopefully I get drawn again next year so I can get some needed redemption. Thanks all for your input 👍🏻
  10. AZ513

    Arizona Unit 10

    I appreciate everyone telling me to get up there. I was planning on heading up Thursday after work and hunting Thursday evening and Friday morning / evening but just checked my tag and saw that it’s only good until Thursday not Friday as well. Wish they did it Friday - Friday and had the tag open for a week. I’m trying to get out of a work meeting on Thursday so I can head up tonight and hunt Thursday morning and evening
  11. AZ513

    Arizona Unit 10

    My only concern is there supposed to be another storm Thursday / Friday with more rain and or snow and where that will push the elk.
  12. AZ513

    Late bull report

    Congrats, well done. What unit did you tag them in?
  13. AZ513

    Arizona Unit 10

    Here’s some pictures from the hunt
  14. AZ513

    Arizona Unit 10