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  1. AZ513

    Longest two weeks of the year

    Haha sounds good
  2. AZ513

    Longest two weeks of the year

    So just want to verify.. my account says " Looks like you did not apply for the most recent Big Game Draw! " I for sure did and have receipts. Do I need to reach out to G&F or am I all good and it's just their new system?
  3. AZ513

    Mule In The City

    I'd be lying if I hadn't thought of ways to try and get in there and get it out without leaving evidence.
  4. AZ513

    Mule In The City

    In some spots its a double chain fence with barbed wire on it then in other spots its a brick wall.
  5. AZ513

    Mule In The City

    Super strange. Good to know they're doing alright then lol
  6. AZ513

    Mule In The City

    From what I've seen there is for sure water in there but i'm not sure what they're eating. I'm assuming they just are hoping the fences and getting in. Not sure what brought them (him) in the first place.
  7. AZ513

    Mule In The City

    Hmm that’s weird.. here’s a screen shot of the video
  8. AZ513

    Mule In The City

    Anyone ever see something like this? There’s a mule deer that is inside of a somewhat rural facility in Peoria / Sun City. It’s been in there for at least a month, I’m thinking more like 2. It’’s still looking healthy and I called game and fish and they said they’ve had 3 calls like this over the years and told me that the deer that get into there can get out. Kind of a strange situation and just curious if anyone has seen something like this before. He usually always comes out in the same area when my truck rolls by, checks it out and then runs off. IMG_1027.MOV
  9. AZ513

    2nd year!!!

    That snow storm was no joke last year. Crazy to see the difference in the two years. Well done on getting on them back to back years.
  10. AZ513

    143 eldx

    Good to hear. My 6.5 loves this round but I've never used it on elk before and was wondering if I should have any hesitation. It's a fast moving round and I'm sure with good shot placement it would do the job.
  11. AZ513

    143 eldx

    Has anyone used this round in 6.5 for bigger game, like elk?
  12. AZ513

    Elk and Water

    Its tough to say how far away they actually are because "our" far is nothing compared to their far. They can cover ground like it's nothing. I'd imagine though they're probably not far from where you're scouting if you've seen them in the past in those locations. Are you scouting near water sources?
  13. AZ513

    Elk and Water

    With how dry its been, water is pretty important for them and typically they don't travel / bed far from their water source. Ideally catch them at first light and dusk traveling to / from water and bedded down in shade in the afternoons. What unit is your hunt in?
  14. AZ513

    AND...The Winner is....

    It's hard to tell if his leg was broken before or after he made it to the river. Wonder if he was trying to use the river as a escape out if it was broken before. Either way, not the ideal way to go out.
  15. AZ513

    NL pure 12x42's

    Gotcha, I'm trying to find where I read it but I'm not having any luck. I think it was a Swarovski warranty issue since the NL Pure's were new. but.. I too heard that they are legit and the field of view on them is awesome.