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  1. AZHNTR67


    This bow is guaranteed to bring down the BOONERS!!!
  2. AZHNTR67


    Hoyt Carbon Element - bought new in 2012. Built by Archery Headquarters in Chandler AZ Archery just put a new string on last week. Bow is shooting dead on. Selling because I purchased a new RX3. Comes with everything shown in the pictures and 6 brand new arrows. Arrows are Easton Axis 400 9gpi - 26.5" long (not including the tip and knock) Bow is currently set to 70 lbs. This is an awesome bow and I promise you won't be disappointed - come down and shoot it first!! Quick release quiver Drop-away rest I am at Arizona Archery almost every Saturday at 10am if you want to shoot it. They also tuned it and checked it out completely. You can talk to them if you want about the bow as they just did the tune and new string a week ago (paid $150 for this). $650
  3. AZHNTR67

    CC Hit

    No worries Wildwoody - I was just seeing what others had experienced as far as actually getting the results earlier having the portal - thanks
  4. AZHNTR67

    CC Hit

    I am signed up for it... Waiting to find out what unit....
  5. AZHNTR67

    Guess the score

    Beautiful! Hope to come across one like that this year - do you mind saying what unit? If not I understand...
  6. AZHNTR67

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    I remember this and think it should be like that now.... just my opinion and I have been drawn for archery bull elk twice in three years twice in my life....
  7. AZHNTR67

    Guess the score

    jdub what did the bull in your picture score? Beautiful bull!
  8. AZHNTR67

    Guess the score

    Conservative 330. I have 2 bulls at home right around the 340 - 345 mark and this bull has better back end then both of mine. Mine were scored officially.
  9. AZHNTR67

    CC Hit

    Is it true that if you have a portal account you are suppose to find out your hunt number 24 hours BEFORE someone without a portal account can find out or is that just BS?
  10. AZHNTR67

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    No you are in the "Douche" section!
  11. Perfect match - thanks again!!
  12. AZHNTR67

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    GREAT BUCK - Booner for sure!
  13. AZHNTR67


    Great price for great glass!