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  1. Looking for at least 2 lbs of retumbo if anyone can spare. Also need need a couple hundred large magnum rifle primers, would prefer federal but open to others. I know both of these items are hard to come by right now but trying my luck. I'm in Tucson, I have a brother in mesa that will pick up. Thanks!
  2. LKowaleski

    143gr eld-x for trade..... all gone

    All gone
  3. LKowaleski

    143gr eld-x for trade..... all gone

    Trade list edit.
  4. All gone I have 2 unopened boxes of Hornady eld-x 143gr projectiles for trade only. I'm looking for 178gr eld-x .30 cal. Will trade straight across or for 3 boxes of loaded Hornady precision hunter 178's in .308. Located in Tucson. Updated trade list. Still looking for some more 178gr eld-x Also willing to trade for varget or large rifle primers. Might entertain the idea of just trying to get what cash I have into them.
  5. LKowaleski

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Interested ! In need of a couple of boxes of hornady .30 cal 178 gr. Eld-x
  6. LKowaleski

    WTB Razor or viper 12s

    Looking for either razors or viper 12x50 binos. In the Tucson area but can make it up to the Phoenix area. Rather deal face to face. Thanks.
  7. LKowaleski

    Outdoorsmans Pan head

    Still available?