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Found 38 results

  1. Did anyone here have a bear hunt planned? There is also a statewide ban on non-essential intrastate travel, and the regional airlines are starting to reduce their operations. The largest carrier today just announced it was shutting everything down, except for the main hubs on a reduced schedule, and would no longer be delivering the mail. You know it’s getting crazy out there when the mail stops coming. https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/static/applications/webintra/wcnews/2020/releases/04-01-2020b.pdf For immediate release: April 1, 2020 (JUNEAU) — For the safety of Alaska’s communities, and especially individuals most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Doug Vincent-Lang has directed the Division of Wildlife Conservation to close all black and brown bear hunts statewide for both resident and nonresident hunters, effective now through May 31. This decision will be reevaluated as necessary. All subsistence bear hunts will remain open as a way for residents to have an opportunity to fill freezers and provide for families. The Department of Fish and Game will work with the Board of Game to identify future options for hunters who are planning to come to Alaska this spring, or for residents who have already made arrangements, but will be unable to hunt as planned. Expect to hear more from the department in the near future, and please be patient with the department as they identify ways to minimize the impacts of this decision. Alaska’s wild resources are of vital importance to many throughout the state, and we will make sure opportunities to safely, responsibly and sustainably harvest these resources continue.
  2. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Another New Blond

    Seem to catch one on cam every summer
  3. Bingo Barnes

    UNIT 33 Bears

    Any sign of those dudes in an area that is visible and accessible? Best, B. Barnes
  4. Average size chocolate boar from sunday on the san carlos. mostly kind of chocolate with a mohawk of blond down the spine.
  5. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Az Pronghorn and Cinnamon Black bear

    Two more trophies going home....these "wall pedestals" are becoming a very popular way to upgrade your mount without the space and cost of a full pedestal. Love the color on this bear....
  6. I was wondering what the odds are that a bear that was seen multiple times in the same location during the later part of the archery deer season will still be in the same general area two weeks from now. (About 5 weeks apart) Unit is 23S and the area was littered with acorns then. Not sure if they will all be gone by then if that matters. Thank you in advance.
  7. I have finally gotten a Black Bear with my bow, after several years of failed attempts with dogs, sittin water, calling, spot n stalk, it was plain luck that did the trick. Actually after sitting water all evening I was headed back to my truck when I caught movement - this Brownie presented a top pin shot. He isn't one of the monsters that I've caught on trail cam but a beauty to say the least. G & F said its a 10-12 year old boar.
  8. Browning Safari 300 Win BAR with Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50 Scope and Harris Bipod for sale. $1400 No Need to Go anywhere else.....Great shooting rifle and great looking rifle, just needs a new home. Its the total package....Ready for anyone with a fall hunt this year and for years to come. Had this rifle for a few years and never used it like i thought, maybe shot a box of ammo through it..........text me 480-406-8798 http://www.browning....afari-boss.html
  9. I just wanted to share a picture of the boar I shot over the weekend in So AZ. Over the last week there has been three bears actively visiting this area. This guy came in in around 6:20p, as he worked his way down the hill I realized he wasn't a regular and I was relieved it wasn't the dink. Once he cleared the last tree I stopped him and he gave me a perfect 17 yard shot. I've been very fortunate to shoot a hand full of bears during these spring/summer hunts, but none of them this early in the season or in such mild temps. This was the 4th bear checked in within the last week (all boars I was told), with all of the sign I saw, reports from other hunters and all of the encounters with problem bears I'm sure there will be a lot harvested in the next couple weeks leading into the full moon.
  10. I've always thought it'd be cool to someday get into traditional hunting, and someday I still hope to. I've bought and traded into. We are going to be selling our house and moving within the month I am thinking about downsizing my collection. I woul normally list prices for them but these are unique/rare/no longer in production so I'll list below what I have and if you have interest in them shoot me a message and we can go from there. Jeffery Archery Takedown Royal Hunter 62" 61# Vintage Hoyt Pro Special 66" 20# Bear Black Panther Hunter 52" 50#
  11. James Dudley

    Pics from last couple weeks

    Central AZ trailcam
  12. chase_christopher

    KODIAK Brown Bear VIDEO

    I put this video in the Campfire forum and I just realized there is a bear forum, sorry . This was my brown bear hunt on Kodiak Island, Alaska in May of this year. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/aFPDxmwcN2g
  13. StraightTequilaNight

    Some fall pics - Unit 31

    Nice variety.
  14. ctatum

    Good bear?

    I got some good shots of this bear chewing on my elk carcass from a few weeks ago. It even chewed my camera! What do you think? Good size? Male or female? What do ya'll think?
  15. My Buddy Hunter DeWitt invited me on a Bear hunt up on the reservation. First day I shot this color phased from about 150 yards +/-. Fun hunt. Bear was right at 6 foot. Cant wait to get the rug back from Badlands Custom Taxidermy!
  16. First time Ive had game come into this spring.. Camera set to 3 picture and I managed to get only ONE picture of the biggest bear and biggest buck.. Find the hawk in this pic Ok I don't know much about bears but.. this things a tank right??
  17. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Custom Lifesize Black Bear

    Az Black Bear that we wrapped up recently. This is what can happen when a client trusts us enough to give us creative license with their piece.
  18. jcarter

    New pics

    Checked the camera, these were some of the better ones. date and time are correct minus the year
  19. mbiewer

    Yogi Bear at it again

    I imagine this is what happens on most of my hunts to some extent or another.... Animals are a lo smarter than we think. A bear gives a fine "screw you" to the trail cam and takes a snack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8WcOcZsi8A
  20. Few more mounts finished up...... Color Phase San Carlos Bear, wall pedestal mount... Female Bobcat lifesize... Male Bobcat, table pedestal, with snow.... Bugling Elk.... Rio Turkey....
  21. So I was out hiking and found this dead bear. At first I thought maybe it had died from a fight with another bear... But this is the second dead bear I have found in this area. The first bear I found dead was a few months ago, a little under a mile away from this one. Same thing as this one, no visible wound or gunshot hole. Both bears were found close to different springs. So I started thinking... I have been hunting for over 20 years and never found a dead bear and now 2 of them in a few months close to each other. Maybe they were killed by another big boar, or maybe they drank some tainted water from a mine shaft nearby, or maybe someone is poisoning them? I would guess both bears were in the 3 to 4 year old range around 200 pounds. I also believe I have this same bear on trail camera a couple of months ago about 3 miles away and he looked healthy. Anyone else ever find anything like this? Or have any ideas?
  22. Coues Stew

    A little of everything

    Intended for this to be a new elk spot but wouldnt you know!
  23. Gary I


    **Unbelievable response! All are spoken for now. Thanks so much for the response.** I have some newly cleaned/whitened skulls that I really don't need. These skulls were from a local taxidermist: they weren't wanted when the animals were brought in to be mounted. He was going to throw them away. Since I clean skulls, I hated to see them go to waste. So I took them, cleaned them and would like to sell, trade or even donate them to a school or other worthy cause. I didn't take them to make a profit; even though I have time and some money in them, I just didn't want to see them wasted. They are professionally cleaned, odor-free and ready to go. There are five bears, three javelina, two mountain lions and three bobcats. Make me an offer, let's talk trade or tell me who needs them. Top of my wishlist: an early '70s, original, gold single-mantle Coleman lantern. Call Gary at 928-978-2627, PM me or email me at antlerfinder@hotmail.com
  24. Im over by the 260 and Young Hwy and brought a bear tag w me as well (just in case). I've seen 5 Muley does but no bucks this evening but I just got here so that is a good sign. I thought for a second I might be doing a quick turnaround to no avail because the only thing sticking out we're their big ole ears. If anyone has an Elk tag I would be happy to assist. I've seen 2 Cows and a really nice Buck. I didn't count the points but he had a really nice rack on em. Good luck if you're hunting and congrats if you tagged out. Hopefully I'll be one of those tomorrow.
  25. I'll be in a tree stand sitting patiently w my 07 Diamond Rapture set at 70 lbs w a Muzzy 100 grain BH salivating for flesh n bone. How about everyone else?