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  1. Red Rabbit

    European Mounts

    If you need a European Mount done in the Flagstaff area, I would recommend Lindsey at AZ Antler and Skull Co. She is meticulous and does a great job with her boiled skulls. She goes by "antlerhuntress" here on the forums. Licensed by AZGFD. https://www.instagram.com/az_antler_and_skull_co/ https://business.facebook.com/AZ-Antler-Skull-Co-LLC-102417258303890/
  2. Red Rabbit

    Stickers in pants help.

    They are fun in a bird dog's hair also 😞
  3. Red Rabbit

    Four Leaf Clover?

    Clover must be of the lucky four leaf variety as she drew two consecutive elk tags and filled each 😉 We started this October rifle cow elk hunt Friday by still hunting through a wide draw with scattered pinyons, but the elk did not want to be there that morning. That evening we sat a long opening above a similar draw thinking the elk would move across to feed that evening/night. Four cows did cross about 600 yards out, but held off considering the 20 mph wind. The next day had no activity in the opening or draw. The slow walk for a mile through the P-J to the long opening was good for the mind though. After the third fruitless morning, Clover and I went west and sat another opening for the evening. About 15 minutes after sunset, a lone cow followed by a raghorn bull came out. She lingered long enough to catch a 124 gr Hammer Hunter from the 6.5 WSM behind the shoulders and made a 30 yard dash before collapsing in the trees. The bullet exited leaving about a 1" exit hole. I did the gutless dressing so did not inspect for internal bullet damage. The 124 Hammer hunter is the one I used last year in the 6.5 WSM with similar results. I am sure Clover picked out a tasty elk for this hunt's freezer filler as she was very excited seeing her cow elk down on the ground. (Sorry, no pics were taken and only one elk was harmed.) Let quail season begin 😉
  4. Does Clover have 4 leaves?
  5. Red Rabbit

    New truck

    Is Granny Clampett riding shotgun in the cab?
  6. Red Rabbit

    Woodland Lake Sunset

    Since the lake was almost empty about Memorial day for construction/reed removal, I wondered what would be restocked. https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/Copy-of-Woodland-Lake-Fisheries-Management-Plan-2021-2031-2.pdf
  7. Sorry to read of your loss of Belle. Thanks for the quail report. My hopes are resting on the Mearns.
  8. Red Rabbit

    Woodland Lake Sunset

    The lake was pretty empty at the start of summer and it is nice to see it nearly full again. Wonder how long until the reeds grow back.
  9. Red Rabbit

    Woodland Lake Sunset

    The last of my summer art shows in Pinetop, Arizona was held this past weekend. On Saturday evening, a sunset was promising as the western horizon was clear and rain clouds were moving in from the east. Goldeneye flowers still rimmed the lake. After the most colorful part of sunset left, I was packing up the gear and noticed the late evening blues and purples coming on, so I quickly set up again and caught this shot. I can say that the sunset was better than the sales at the art show.
  10. Red Rabbit

    Best Ultralight Optics Under $600

    Maybe the Athlon Ares UHD ? Doug at CameraLand should be able to give you a nice price. https://cameralandny.com/shop/brands/athlon-optics/athlon-optics-ares-15-45x65-uhd-straight-angle-spotting-scope/1d6646d0-f999-0137-81e0-00163ecd2826?variation=2075673 Side by side review of spotting scopes: https://backwoodspursuit.com/best-spotting-scope-for-hunting/
  11. I would put both your Maven 12x42 and the Vulture 15x on tripods and see which has the better resolution using a USAF 1951 chart. Run with the better. If the Maven is best, don't carry the weight of the 15s. If the 15s are best, then get a good pair of 10x. The Athlon Cronus UHD 10x got a real good review and won't break the bank. Contact Doug at CameraLandNY for these. https://backwoodspursuit.com/26-best-binoculars-for-hunting/ Or maybe you can find a pair of used Leica Duovid 10+15. I used these as primary glass for many years.
  12. Red Rabbit

    2021 AZ archery bull *story added*

    sehr gut!
  13. Red Rabbit

    Grand Falls

    Here is the gauging station on the LCR near Winslow. It takes about 24 hours for the water to reach Grand Falls from the station. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/az/nwis/uv/?site_no=09400350&PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060
  14. Red Rabbit

    Fire aftermath

    Coconino NF posted about 70 pics from Fossil Creek. It will remain closed into 2022.
  15. Red Rabbit

    Nomad Lite Travel Trailer - SOLD