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  1. Red Rabbit

    late archery strategies

    As dry as it is, I think water will be key. Consider putting a cam on the water if you are sitting during the hunt, and check if/when elk are coming in. I stopped in an outfitter friend's camp several years ago. Their cams showed the bulls were watering at noon, but their late archery hunters wanted to be in camp eating lunch (weird choice). Regarding the bow, friend's wife double lunged with complete penetration her bull with a 45 pound bow.
  2. Red Rabbit

    Clover's First Elk

    On my cow hunt two years ago, I saw more feral horses than elk, and only 2 cow elk at that.
  3. Red Rabbit

    Bipod Height for Southern Units

    Another option that I have been thinking about is to have a mini barricade bag with lightweight fill (like this: https://wiebad.com/whiskey-charlie-mini-fortune-cookie/ ) that one can rest atop the tripod, log, rock, or pack and have a consistent rest.
  4. Red Rabbit

    Bipod Height for Southern Units

    I often have the 27" Harris attached. I find the extra 2" over the common 25" handy when sitting. A set of crossed sticks under the rifle butt really helps with steadiness too. https://www.harrisbipods.com/HB25CS.php?
  5. Red Rabbit

    Clover's First Elk

    Rica had some good hunting adventures with us. Hope Clover can fill those shoes.
  6. Red Rabbit

    Clover's First Elk

    Like Rica was, Clover has been a 24/7 companion. Her next hunts will be for quail.
  7. Red Rabbit

    AGFD -- Quail Season Outlook

    I am hoping to find a few of those Mearns that hold for point as opposed to the flushing devil's quail.
  8. Red Rabbit

    AGFD -- Quail Season Outlook

    The quail outlook seems incongruous with the dry spring and summer. I usually hunt in the Sedona area. Hope we get some moisture so Clover can sniff them out better. This will be her first quail season.
  9. Red Rabbit

    Clover's First Elk

    Her teats were hard and dry, and mammary glands empty. I hope the meat is tender though. I shot a lead cow once that was pretty tough.
  10. Red Rabbit

    Clover's First Elk

    I did not know how Clover would do on a big game hunt as this was her first. Would she whine, bark, jump around when game was seen? They introduced an "Absolute Hammer" bullet with a narrower ogive. They are getting muzzle velocities 200-300 fps faster than regular bullets of the same weight. Since the reduced diameter ogive reduces the pressure, one handloads more of a faster burning powder. That would be a possibility to give more speed to a 260 Rem. https://hammerbullets.com/product-tag/264-6-5mm/ https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/introducing-the-absolute-hammer.248519/
  11. Red Rabbit

    Clover's First Elk

    Clover drew her first elk permit for a mid-October rifle cow in northern Arizona. She made a few trips to the range to test handloads and sight in the rifle over the summer. We arrived in the unit a couple of days before the hunt to check range conditions and water sources. Feed looked rather brown and crispy, only one earthen tank had water, and that left only the trick tanks with water that had been hauled by various critter groups. Our driest summer on record had its effects. The plan was to still hunt and sit various draws and ridges in hopes of catching the elk moving to and from water. No sense in battling the other permit holders for sitting within rifle distance of water. The morning’s hunt plan went out the window on the night before the opener as bulls were bugling all around camp the entire night. So Clover led the way walking from camp the next morning in hopes of zeroing in on a bugling bull and his harem. After seeing a six point bull cross a small opening into the thick pinyon-juniper, we followed to see a couple of small bulls but no cows. This was her first time to see elk at under 20 yards. The bulls became silent at about 7:30 AM. The first evening of the hunt was spent watching a well-trodden trail though the thick P-J leading to a water source a quarter mile away, but all that was noticed was the tromping of hooves of presumably feral horses, of which there are more of each year in the hunt unit. That night, the bulls were bugling around camp again, so Clover walked a mile from camp to sit an opening in hopes of catching some elk crossing towards their bedding area. About 15 minutes after sunrise, a cow and her calf ran across behind some small pines about 300 yards away, but no shot opportunity arose. Several minutes later, another cow entered the clearing and was angling towards us. While waiting for her to clear a small cluster of pines, another single cow appeared much closer about 100 yards away. As she walked into an opening between two trees, a quick cow vocalization stopped her which allowed for a quick shot behind the shoulder. The cow ran about 40 yards before circling and dropping. After gathering up the gun and pack and heading to the elk, Clover got to supervise the field dressing of her first elk. The 124 grain Hammer hunter bullet from the 6.5 WSM entered through some muscle on the back of the shoulder, though an onside rib, though an offside rib and scapula, and exited. Meat loss was minimal around the bullet path. One of the petals of the all copper bullet was found under the far side hide. As the gutless method of dressing was used, the internal trauma was not checked. (Clover is my 1 1/2 year old GWP).
  12. problem solved https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/outland-living-fire-bowl
  13. Red Rabbit

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    My nephew has total hearing loss in one ear because his hunting buddy fired his muzzle braked rifle right beside his head.
  14. Red Rabbit

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    Depends on how well one can shoot a lighter rifle that has heavier recoil when one may be breathing heavy from climbing/hustling to get in position, excited/buck fever, and in a field position. Weight may be a real good friend. Sprint 100 yards, set up your rifle in a field position (not on a bench), shoot at a 400 yard target in a limited time frame, and see how it goes.
  15. Red Rabbit

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    Based on internet and gun shop reports, you might also consider a Christensen Arms or Bergara too. Look at stock configuration to help mitigate felt recoil. Get a suppressor.