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    WTB Kowa 554

    Maybe Doug at CameraLand has an open box or demo. Worth a call.
  2. A recent phototrip with a couple of friends from Colorado had us in remote areas in northern Arizona. The first evening had us overlooking a beautiful section of the Painted Desert with its colored Chinle formation. The next evening was spent in a pinnacle-filled filled valley surrounded by walls of Moenave sandstone. The colors and striations of the sandstone are beautiful. A gallery of the images from the trip may be viewed on my website. https://www.plateaulightphotography.com/New-Work/Navajo-High-Desert/ There were a pair of feral llamas that the Navajos had used to protect their sheep from coyotes. Wonderful colors and markings in the sandstone.
  3. Clover once again procured all the hunting permits this year for quail and grouse, as her gun bearer was unlucky in the draws for elk, deer, sheep, turkey. I hope the monsoon rains are good this summer to enable some decent Mearns hatches and grass growth. It was a dry spring here in NoAZ, so I doubt the Gambels around Sedona will be good.
  4. Red Rabbit

    Draw results

    Even after the leftover draw, seems there were Kaibab turkey tags to purchase at the regional offices in previous years. I will be up there for grouse though come September.
  5. Red Rabbit

    Draw results

    Interesting that there are no leftover fall turkey tags on the Kaibab.
  6. Red Rabbit

    Rank the best spotting scopes

    Here is a head to head comparison of 19 spotting scopes: https://backwoodspursuit.com/best-spotting-scope-for-hunting/
  7. Red Rabbit

    Case stuck in chamber- Help!!

    Glad you got it out easily. Check your headspace so that you are only setting the shoulder back about 0.002" when resizing
  8. Red Rabbit

    Scammer is Back? - Strausburg, CO

    He may have been posting on 24Hr too as tbt250602.. One post said he was an ffl in Strasburg CO. Only posted for one day https://www.24hourcampfire.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/ubb/userposts/id/80520
  9. Red Rabbit

    Draw results

    Well, it's official. Clover drew the Governor's Quail tag and I drew squat.
  10. Red Rabbit

    Bulls and Bolts

    With the summer rains and thunderstorms starting, I went up to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days to photograph some lightning and elk. The lightning was often evasive to me, mostly off in the distance or hidden behind the clouds. One six point bull did oblige as it munched on the oak leaves.
  11. Red Rabbit

    Quail 2022

    I see recent FB posts with plenty of new gambel chicks, but have to wonder if those are around the houses and golf courses. Have your sighting been out in the desert?
  12. Red Rabbit

    Tick Tock

    I was watching a pot of water yesterday. It took forever to come to boil 😉
  13. Red Rabbit

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    most memorable I've had in Flagstaff has been at Proper Meats where Freddy's Grand Canyon Cafe used to be. Diablo Burger has a good rep, but, although good, I found it did not live up to the hype.
  14. Red Rabbit

    Peterson 6.5prc brass in stock

    those did not last long
  15. I recently picked up a pair of new 10x42's so am looking for a bino chest pack. I am considering the Marsupial non-magnetic full closure pack. Are there any better options to consider?
  16. Red Rabbit

    Stanley this is off Twitter

  17. Red Rabbit

    Bino Chest Pack Recommendations

    What in particular did you like about the Kuiu? What 3 others did you try and why not like?
  18. Red Rabbit

    26 Nosler

    I would say to put up multiple pics of the rifle with target groups and price, and quit beating around the bush. Great coues and antelope cartridge.
  19. Red Rabbit

    Fear the Fork ???

    I found a cap better than the ASU slogan. 😁
  20. Red Rabbit

    6A early archery bull timing

    If the elk have been dropping their calves the past two weeks, that would indicate that the breeding/peak of the rut was around October 1. http://www.cervidsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/ELK-Gestation-Table.pdf
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  22. Red Rabbit

    Painted Desert and Moenave Valley

    Notags- I will be at a few art shows in Pinetop this summer which being held at the In Bloom Nursery. Dates are June 17-19, Aug 19-21 and Sept 16-18.
  23. Red Rabbit

    Painted Desert and Moenave Valley

    They were there four years ago also. Beats me where they get any water.
  24. Red Rabbit

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    Maybe increase another 35%, $1.50, but some say unlikely. https://money.com/gas-prices-forecast-summer-2022/ https://investorplace.com/2022/05/gas-price-predictions-how-high-will-gas-prices-go-in-2022/ https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/commodities/gas-prices-outlook-6-gallon-fuel-demand-summer-driving-season-2022-5?op=1
  25. Red Rabbit

    Night Over Sedona

    In this image, the milky way arches over Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Lee Mountain, Gibraltar, and Twin Buttes near Sedona. I had been wanting to make this night panorama for a few years, and finally spent a few hours in the dark. This is a blend of about 9 images for the starry sky, and about 9 exposures for the mountains taken about 45 minutes after sunset so some detail could be captured with less noise. The native file is about 27x54" without any enlargement. After a series of images to stitch into a long panorama was shot, the night was ended with this single exposure. The light on Courthouse Butte is due to the lights of the Village of Oak Creek Nikon D810, 24mm, f/2.8, ISO 6400, 20 sec.