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  1. Ohthatguy

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Just for fun...
  2. Ohthatguy

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Looks like G&F agrees with you. One of the many times I have seen them flying.... below me... And yes I confirmed it was G&F.. They own the plane. (Or at least did)
  3. Ohthatguy

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    From 2010, by Amanda
  4. Ohthatguy

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Counting "more animals" is completely missing the point.. And FWIW, I usually go to the highest point possible when glassing for animals. Where do you typically sit with your 18/56's?
  5. Ohthatguy

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    The problem with data is... Garbage in, garbage out... Many hunters will provide total crap when asked for info. (I wonder how many elk hunters would say they wounded 5 bulls and tagged none) Weather, bullets, lions, cars, bears, wolves, disease, starvation, yotes and arrows all kill deer. G&F can see how many made it through each year, roughly, without any input from anyone. As I see it, their job is to tweak the knobs on the controls that they can to try and maintain the populations they want. All the while, trying to please 15 different groups at the same time.
  6. Ohthatguy

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Coati's are not listed under the Predatory & Fur-bearing Mammals. They are under Other Birds & Mammals. Commission Order 14
  7. Ohthatguy

    Technologically Challenged

    Well that sucks. Not an urban legend. lol In the last 3 months, I set up 2 Lowrance 12Ti2 units and 2 Garmin 93SV UHD units on the table and I had to hold the negative lead on all of them to get them to work.
  8. Ohthatguy

    Technologically Challenged

    If that is a touch screen and it's out of the boat, touch the negative battery terminal while touching the screen...
  9. Ohthatguy

    Leftover tag question

    If you can, go check your emails for an email from G&F several months ago. There was a link in it that will take you to the new one they created for you. (Not sure how long they allow that link to remain active though)
  10. Ohthatguy

    Assault weapon ban

    Sounds like you were listening to Kamala Harris' niece...
  11. Ohthatguy

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    This thread can make you feel like you're up at hunting camp after a long day's hunt, talking sheit around the....... Well, there ya go... After all, it's not the "scone slicing, pinky raising tea party" thread...
  12. Ohthatguy

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

    Well that's cool. I always thought you lost the Loyalty BP when you drew a tag. Very good to know..
  13. Ohthatguy

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

    In this scenario, how would the guy with 0 BPs have a loyalty point? Without it, I don't see how you get to 12.
  14. Ohthatguy

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    I'm definitely going elk hunting, just not to fill my tag. I just think it's so funny that even when the draw finally begins, it's not good enough for some people. Almost as bad as the people that injure a shoulder and THEN go before the commission to try to be allowed to buy point guard a week before the hunt. Congrats to all who drew.
  15. Ohthatguy

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    This is 2021, the second someone is drawn, G&F should be able to send someone to the address listed on the app, ask them to update their CC info if needed, perhaps drive them to the bank if needed, process the card, throw them a little party and do a happy dance for the successful draw, go to vehicle, print out the tag, walk back up to them, hand it to them and then provide a map or GPS for tracking collars on the biggest animal in that unit. Maybe then everyone would be happy.