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  1. Ohthatguy

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    It's all good. As long as you don't call it a Timber rattlesnake! I have kept a few of the AZ Blacks, Cerberus, and they do tend to be a bit on the cranky side. They are usually standing up glaring at me as I leave the area. I think they are oddly beautiful and the larger ones are quite impressive.
  2. Ohthatguy

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    Wow! If you run across one that big again, keep it. It's worth some $$$.
  3. A friend sent me a pic of this AZ Black rattlesnake the other day and it got me wondering, how big or old do they get before they darken up? I have never found one over 3' that wasn't very dark to totally black. She said it was a little over 3'. (She's been around LOTS of snakes so I believe her) It almost looks like it could be a female that recently dropped a litter. So, what's the biggest you have found prior to them darkening up?
  4. Ohthatguy


    Not unless Jimmy Choo makes work boots.
  5. Ohthatguy

    Mazaltan wilderness

    The area you mentioned gets hammered now. Five years ago it was a different story and I could spend an entire weekend in there without seeing a single person and it was one of my favorite places to go. Now it gets the overflow from Mt. Ord. and you will find a vehicle or two on every turn during archery season.
  6. Ohthatguy

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    He did my last deer and will be doing the next one too.
  7. Ohthatguy

    Tag Donation

    Based on what I saw earlier this week in 23S, some giants will be taken this year.
  8. Ohthatguy

    Window Replacement

    Good topic. Renewal by Andersen gave me a bid for 27,000.00 for 9 windows. Two of which were solid panes. So glad I didn't ask about the sliders or french doors. Still looking myself.
  9. Ohthatguy

    Woodbury Fire

    Well in that case..
  10. Ohthatguy

    Woodbury Fire

    Ruler? Nope. Didn't have to use my fingers either. Just pointing out that the object used for a visualization comparison is 400+% off. Sometimes size matters. Sorry if you've been told your whole life that it doesn't.
  11. Ohthatguy

    Woodbury Fire

  12. Ohthatguy

    Woodbury Fire

  13. Ohthatguy

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    Was that pic from this year? Heading out Saturday but figured it was still a bit early and figuring this cool week isn't going to help anything.
  14. Ohthatguy

    Sleeping bag

    Browning 20* bag on Camofire today for 45.00.. Not recommending it, just happen to see it. https://www.camofire.com/index.php/Deals/59
  15. Ohthatguy

    Mounting brackets for dual big eye spotter set ups

    Industrial Metal Supply in Phoenix has a great selection of aluminum stock..