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  1. The road is closed from .25mi west of the falls to the top of Aztec peak to vehicle traffic due to erosion of the already sketchy bridge just west of the falls. (Except locals) https://ein.az.gov/emergency-information/emergency-bulletin/tonto-temporarily-closing-portion-workman-creek-road
  2. Ohthatguy

    Car transport

    Sorry, I should have clarified. As long as they can drive it up on or into a trailer, it makes it quick and easy for them to load.
  3. Ohthatguy

    Car transport

    Uship "can" be a great deal. If it runs and drives and you are flexible on the times/dates, someone will use it as a filler and do it fairly cheap. If you are on a tight schedule, I'd look elsewhere.
  4. Ohthatguy

    Good News

    It is and so glad to have it but it's just kind of shocking that all that rain only raised Rosey and the entire Salt System 1%.. Especially when the Tonto end was flowing at over 47,000% of normal and they lowered the output of Saguaro, I was expecting more.
  5. Ohthatguy

    Good News

    Great news!! Quitting and abandoning your buddies after years of dreams, massive amounts of money spent and hard training is now not only allowed but appreciated and applauded! And Rosey went up a whole 16" after all the rains.
  6. Ohthatguy

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    Like Kevin said, I'm glad I got to meet him and hear some of his stories. Man, he was a story telling dude. He stated several times that he would never be able to go on the ocean again and that clearly bothered him. Sorry that turned out to be the case. Good guy. RIP Lee...
  7. Wondering if bears that typically hit a reliable water source during dry conditions will continue to use it when water is everywhere just out of habit? Or do they up and vanish and utilize the available pools of water more like deer do?
  8. Ohthatguy

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    I wouldn't worry about it... Kevin doesn't get insulted that easily.
  9. Ohthatguy

    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    But wait..... There's more..... Insert "kicking the dead horse emoji here" Somehow ran across his name again and found some more recent stuff. This is not all of it, just what a quick search turned up. Real short story is: He didn't skate with a small fine and probation. Feds indicted him on 2018 after his initial AZ problems came to light. Defendant pled guilty in the predecessor case to one count of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. Defendant was sentenced in October 2019 to 46 months in prison. He is serving but has appealed. Appeals were denied on all counts on May, 20th, 2020 United States v. McReynolds Earlier case CR-18-08052 8 pending Federal charges Count 1. Possession of a firearm and ammo while a convicted felon Counts 2&3 killing or harassing wild burros Count 4 providing guiding services in violation of federal law Count 5 taking and transporting a mule deer from Grand Canyon National Park Count 6 taking and transporting elk antlers from Grand Canyon National Park Counts 7&8 structuring financial transactions at a financial institution to evade reporting requirements. https://www.casemine.com/judgement/us/5ed5dd5f4653d0348fdf7a6c https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/14543469/parties/united-states-v-mcreynolds/ Older AZ prison history https://www.publicpolicerecord.com/arizona/doc-prisoner/LOREN_MCREYNOLDS/190891
  10. Ohthatguy

    Public comments on hunt recommendations

    That would be the same 3 they currently have...
  11. Ohthatguy

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    If by fantasy league you mean imagining that I and my friends actually drew tags, count me in...
  12. Ohthatguy

    Miss me Bitches

    Interesting last thread he started recently. Things that make you go Hummmm... RIP
  13. Ohthatguy

    “Street legal” quad enforcement

    At the 4 peaks parking lot, GnF stopped my buddy from unloading due to a lack of a sticker. He told him to renew on line and just screenshot it. 10 mins later, we were headed up the road.
  14. Ohthatguy


    What about the F word??
  15. Ohthatguy

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    If she's not locked into the Raptor, the TRX is sweeeet! Expensive but nice.