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  1. Ohthatguy

    Truck tires and rims

    As long as we are just posting misc. stuff.....
  2. Ohthatguy

    Garmin Xero A1 need help

    I know 2 people that bought them and they both sold them within a month. They said they were very accurate but in real world hunting situations, they were not so great. Think of all the times that you have had any type of problems ranging with a range finder.. Now repeat those at full draw.. I know of one time it would likely have put a 30" buck on the ground for me but also can think of many times I'd be smashing it on a tree. I think your hunting style and what type of terrain you hunt in would determine if it would work for you..
  3. Ohthatguy

    Dirt bike questions

    If you really want to just put around, stick with a 4 stroke as you won't have to shift as much and it will last forever. Something like a WR250 will likely do anything you want it to do. If you think you may want to go nuts later, step up to a 450. Personally I love screaming through gears so I never got beyond the YZ.. The WR is a dual sport and is basically street legal out the door. FYI, a 250 two stroke is more comparable to a 450 four stroke so when asking about the 250 vs 450, make sure you are talking apples to apples.
  4. Ohthatguy

    Annual Cwt tuna trip

    Neither.. I was still on the bow dropping flatfalls trying to catch my own big fish.
  5. Ohthatguy

    Annual Cwt tuna trip

    Short version. Returned yesterday. 1.5 day on Pacifica. Didn't crash so yay! 90 miles out. It was either chase BF or hunt for YF. We chose BF. About 17 BF, (20-40#) 14 nice Yellow tail and some bottom stuff. No real fish on flatfalls, all flyline except the two on the kite at dusk. 196 and 214#.
  6. Ohthatguy

    Something like this ever happen to you?

    Is he another iteration of Desert Bull?
  7. Ohthatguy

    Wide angle trophy photos

    I guess since you have held both in your hands, you would know. Seriously? Arguably the most well known, respected and adored person known to this site that has NEVER EVEN POSTED on here...
  8. Ohthatguy

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Well Crap... This is between the dam at Rosey to just past the North end of the lake... PHOENIX – State Route 188 is closed in both directions near SR 88, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Weather-related debris is blocking the road between mileposts 246 and 255. There is no estimated time for the road to reopen.
  9. Ohthatguy

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Bring the boat and get ya some... Poor town getting hammered at every turn.. I hope my girl with the killer claws at the Burger House made it to work today..
  10. Ohthatguy

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Just now in Globe again.. In front of Wally World.. Urghh..
  11. Ohthatguy

    Any CWT want to do a SD fishing trip?

    26 days till mine.... If we blank for some reason, I'd be game.
  12. Ohthatguy

    Why we need Trail Cams

    Maybe kids and antis wouldn't think deer are so cute, fragile and sweet if they showed Faline stomping old Friend Owl to death. Even if it was to save lil' Thumper. Happy accident or irony, either way its funny that you used a pic from the scene where Thumper is teaching him the word "BIRD"..
  13. Ohthatguy

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Wally world has one similar for 20.00 Toonshare rain gauge
  14. Ohthatguy

    Range visit

    Found this guy a few weeks ago near Lake Pleasant on 74. 1st roadkill monster I've ever seen. Had me wondering if it follows the same rules as big game re picking up dead ones.. I never did look into it to see if I could have brought it home. Would make a cool European or skeletal mount.
  15. Ohthatguy

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Pretty awesome. Totals for the last 7 days.. A few 5+ inch totals..