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  1. I'm selling the following items, if you have any questions or want to see additional pictures please PM me. Vortex Razor HD Spotting scope 20-60x85mm (angled). This is only a couple years old and has only been on a few hunts, it is in perfect condition. Asking $700.00. Swarovski Booster 2X (doubler). I've had this for many years, the overall condition is good, but the glass is in perfect, it fits both SLC and EL binoculors.. asking $200.00 OBO
  2. NitroAZ

    2017 HR Bull

    Tikka T3 chambered in .300WSM, 180gr Berger VLD
  3. NitroAZ

    2017 HR Bull

    Here are some pictures of my House Rock Bison. On day 13 and after 160 hours in the blind I was able to connect on this incredible bull. Due to the monsoons this hunt was incredibly challenging, the Bison didn't come off the park until the last 2 days of the hunt, which allowed 2 of us to tag out. The bull was roughly scored in the mid 120's. Thanks to Brian and Chad for helping me to get this beast out of the woods. If you are looking to have the absolute best chance of harvesting your once in a lifetime AZ Bison contact Russ Jacoby with Mossback AZ, he and Brian Meyers live and breathe bison hunting and know the House Rock herd better than anyone. Keith
  4. NitroAZ

    2018 Bison changes

    I'll post some pics here shortly
  5. NitroAZ

    PSE EVO, Swaro Doubler, Vortex Spotter

    Desert.. I sent you a PM
  6. I'm selling the following Items, everything has been taken well care of and is in excellent working condition. I live in Tucson, but don't mind shipping any of the items. If you have any questions or want to see additional photos let me know PSE EVO Max – Right Hand 70#, 27” – 30” draw – few scratches but looks great and the cables and strings are in great shape as well. Come with PSE Quiver and Vibracheck quiver - $350.00 Swarovski Booster, 2x Doubler for SLC – $200.00 Vortex RZR-50S1 Razor HD 11-33x50 Straight Spotter – Like new condition $450.00
  7. NitroAZ

    2017 AZ Bear

    Here is another pic.. Obviously the paw isn't quite as massive as it looks, but it was pretty large nonetheless.
  8. NitroAZ

    2017 AZ Bear

    The hide was in excellent condition, they normally are this time of year. He was just a good looking bear all the way around. I wish I would have made time to dust him off, but I was in such a rush trying to get a few pictures before dark.
  9. NitroAZ

    2017 AZ Bear

    I believe Keith said 18 6/8th or something like that. No Little Bryan, I said 18-3/4 or did I say 18-12/16, why is math so difficult Go kill a bear!!
  10. I just wanted to share a picture of the boar I shot over the weekend in So AZ. Over the last week there has been three bears actively visiting this area. This guy came in in around 6:20p, as he worked his way down the hill I realized he wasn't a regular and I was relieved it wasn't the dink. Once he cleared the last tree I stopped him and he gave me a perfect 17 yard shot. I've been very fortunate to shoot a hand full of bears during these spring/summer hunts, but none of them this early in the season or in such mild temps. This was the 4th bear checked in within the last week (all boars I was told), with all of the sign I saw, reports from other hunters and all of the encounters with problem bears I'm sure there will be a lot harvested in the next couple weeks leading into the full moon.
  11. NitroAZ

    Buffalo tag

    Elkman, I sent you a PM
  12. NitroAZ

    2017 Bison Tag

    Rambo, I left you a PM
  13. NitroAZ

    December Coues tag filled

    Not the best photo but it does give you a better view and detail of the antler and tine growth.