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  1. kidso

    WTB KUIU Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

    Are they wind and water proof?
  2. Alright Creek Hunter, let's go get some grizz!
  3. Coastal brownies, the 10-footers, go $20-$30k, while the salmon-less interior grizz are typically 7-8 footers...but much more beautiful in color ( my opinion of course)! Inland grizz hunts can be had for $10-15k. This is a half-off sale opportunity.
  4. I love bear hunting, and it is my favorite hunting passion of all time. I am super close to pulling the trigger on a 2x1 fully-guided 10-day grizzly hunt this October 7-16, which is over my fall school break. All I need is a hunting buddy to fill the second slot. Cost is $5,750 and with your non-resident license $180, tag ($1,000), and guide tip. ($1,000)...you are sitting just south of $8k. That is an incredible deal for such a hunt! PM me if grizzly is on your bucket list and you have $8k to burn! 😁
  5. kidso

    Here kitty kitty..

    Awesome adrenalain rush!
  6. kidso

    Calling in lions.

    I have been blessed to call in over a dozen lions in 20 years of bear calling. I was obviously targeting bears and used hand calls. I call incessantly, with lots of emotion, and only stop to catch my breath with nothing longer than a 30 second break. I typically call fir 40-60 minutes depending on the feelings I get...Lions appear out of nowhere! Quiet and s eaky, they have scared the heck out of me!! Good luck!
  7. I had a co-worker's husband hunt grizzly in Russia. Alaska grizzly are larger, in his opinion, and USA accommodations can not be beat! The main factor is PRICE!! Is a Russian grizzly hunt going to save you $8-10,000? If it is only a $2-3,000 difference, Alaska is a better bet. Just my own opinion. I am curious about Russian prices. Fully guided Alaskan grizzly hunts can be had one-on-one for $12k for interior grizzly and $17k for coastal brownies. Prices can double from those set points. How does Russia compare?
  8. kidso

    Late archery success

    Hats off to you. Finding huntable bulls is a chore!
  9. kidso

    Late archery bull

    Love your bull! Looks like plenty of meat for eating. Great job!
  10. kidso

    Kodiak Island Sitka Blacktail

    Any bears out? Glass any up or see any tracks on the beach?
  11. kidso

    Another bear ..

    This was my "proposal bear" from last October. I shot it while "camping" with my girl friend and proposed to her that evening. Our wedding rings were made out of it's leg bones!
  12. kidso

    San Carlos Bear

    Vowell is right! Give a full body pictures looking down so we can see it's back color pattern!
  13. kidso

    General OTC Bear

    Wow! That is a tough story to read! I was calling in a canyon perhaps ten years ago and had a bear come out of a thicket above me at a distance of perhaps 200 yards. Imagine my shock when at least one unseen hunter about 1,000 yards behind me on the ridgeline started shooting at it. Two missed shots were fired and that bear faded away back into the thicket. I had to wait almost two hours for the shooting light to fade before hiking out in the dark for fear of being shot at! I have not hunted 23 south since then! (However, I am always tempted...but never on the "Black Friday" of the opening weekend.)
  14. Very sweet cinny, and I Love the darkness around her eyes! I would rug her out. Lots of great taxidermists support this site. Congratulations!!