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  1. kidso

    AK Grizzly

    Sweet! I hope to do the same in five weeks!! What unit did you hunt? Did you fly in with an air taxi, or what kind of access did you have? Did you glass him in the berries or hit him on a salmon run? Some details please!😁
  2. Used this scope this past summer in Alaska. I Bush whacked hours on end through the alders with it. It is NOT a safe Queen, but a good reliable scope with all it's scratches and Nick's. The glass, however, is scratch free. Includes a set of Warne rings and a Butler scope cap for the eye-piece end, not the 50mm end. Contact Keith 480-231-4654. $200 price.
  3. kidso

    Color phase changes

    I am a believer in genetics. The underfur will shed each year, but I think the hair will stay. In my opinion, such hair color alleles interact co-dominantly and each of those unique colors will be displayed (similar to a paint pony, dalmation dog, or black and white pattered cow). In the last example, the black and white pattered cow will always be black and white. It's hair alleles will maintain that co-dominance relationship, as opposed to a completely dominant relationship where the cow turns completely black or an incompletely dominant one where the alleles mix to produce a grey cow. Genetics 101. I hope that helps.
  4. Sweet color-phase brute, Devan! What age did Fish and Game predict for your boar?
  5. kidso

    Bear Opener

    Did you have a chance to tag the lion?
  6. kidso

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    Grizzly or color-phase black bear? I bet that plenty of people would swear they spotted a grizz it they saw this particular AZ black bear moving through the woods.😁
  7. kidso

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200 Pack Adjustment

    Here is a brief unbiased review. Over the past three weeks, I have gone out five times for day hunts to chase a 7-foot boar I glassed up. He is a beast of a bear. The pack is comfortable on my hips and now it is on my shoulders too. On my first hunt, shoulder straps we're about six inches above my shoulders as I couldn't figure out how to lower my shoulder straps until hunt two. Up here in Alaska, alders are the devil, and they suck!! Alder thickets are like our Arizona manzanita thickets on steroids. I mention this because I have logged 9 total hours tearing through alders after this bear. My shins are bruised, knees and arms cut up and scratched, gloves and shirt have tears in them, BUT my pack is tear-free!! I read one review somewhere where a guy complained that the bottom of his pack ripped just setting it down on the rocks. Well, I have abused my pack in the alders and on rocks and it is holding up! Hopefully, I bag this bear and see how it handles 100 pounds packing!! I included a picture of the alder fields; unforgiving and of course...trail-free! Big bear was above the second rock face near the little snow patch. Took two hours of busting alders to get within range, but he had skunked off back into the alders.
  8. This is my third summer in AK. Before coming here, I thought there was a grizzly in every alder patch. I carried my friend's 454 Casull in a chest holster and my Glock .40 on my belt when cutting through the woods to Walmart. Lots of locals carry a .44 mag. A few carry a .454. Their philosophy is the .44 mag will cover 90% of the bears you might meet, while that .454 gives you the insurance just in case you meet one of the other 10%. I carry that .454 whenever I hike, fish, or hunt in AK. It is heavy, but that is the insurance price I am willing to pay. Last summer a guy was killed by a brownie in Eagle River where I stay and the next day two searchers were attacked while the bear protected the kill. My wife carries bear spray, but she loves the fact that I pack bullets.
  9. kidso

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200 Pack Adjustment

    I haven't been able to use it yet, but I will do a write up after I tag my next animal. Hopefully an archery spring bear in the next month.
  10. kidso

    Jeep Cherokee XJ 1996

    Thanks for the comments! Jeep sold two hours ago. Sad to see her go!
  11. kidso

    Jeep Cherokee XJ 1996

    This has been my hunting rig for the last year, and I put 6,000 miles on it. It has very low miles, at only 98K. I have owned this Jeep for one year, but have moved on to another Jeep. The 4x4 on this Jeep is incredible and had taken me to areas where Razors and quads are the norm. Engine and tranny are strong. No oil or fluid leaks. No interior rips or holes in seats. Interior has some carpet stains that came with the Jeep when I bought it, but they never bothered me. Likewise, the hood and driver's side front quarter panel are from another Jeep, as they have red pin stripes on them. Again, this never bothered me in a hunting rig. The lower interior trim underneath the steering wheel is cracked, as they are in most Cherokees. My ONLY concern is that it runs warmer than my other Jeeps and I can't get over that! I put a grand into my Jeep last summer with a new CSF 3-row radiator, radiator hoses, thermostat, water pump, and temp sensor. I put in an aftermarket electric fan and a more robust ZJ clutch fan to bring in even more air into the engine, and still no temperature change. In spit of that, it has never overheated in the summer, and I have driven it to Rocky Point twice and up to Payson and south to Santa Rita's bear hunting a dozen times...hence the 6,000 miles I have driven and it has NEVER failed me. In the winter, the engine temp is fine and I can drive all day and never hit 190. November elk and January javelina trips have not raised an eyebrow with me. However, in the summer, it has risen as high as 230, but I never stopped or had anything other than my own panic attack over watching the temp creep up past vertical. That being said, it is a great Jeep with super low miles that perhaps someone with more wrench knowledge than I can cure the "summer time warming" that I have experienced. I would keep at it this summer, but Alaska calls! Feel free to call with any questions. I am straight up and honest. For sale on Craigslist for $4500, but $4000 for a fellow hunter on CWT. Keith 480-231-4654.
  12. I bought a Kuiu 5200 Icon Pro Backpack and it just arrived. I am not used to such a fancy system. If anyone on the east side has an Icon system and can help me adjust mine to fit my body, I would appreciate it. I am just a Kuiu pack newbie and the fitting directions are a bit unclear. Near the Chandler Fashion Center off the 101 and 202 intersection. Thanks! Keith 480-231-4654.
  13. kidso

    WTB KUIU Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

    Are they wind and water proof?
  14. Alright Creek Hunter, let's go get some grizz!
  15. Coastal brownies, the 10-footers, go $20-$30k, while the salmon-less interior grizz are typically 7-8 footers...but much more beautiful in color ( my opinion of course)! Inland grizz hunts can be had for $10-15k. This is a half-off sale opportunity.