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  1. srfrost45

    AZ outfitter murdered

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friend s during this difficult time. Does anyone have contact with the family? Is there anything we can do as fellow hunters to help his kids? I am willing to help in any way.
  2. srfrost45

    Game Cam

    See your point but I don't think putting one lag bolt barely into the tree to hold its spot is gonna kill the tree. I don't use lags that are 3-4 inches. I guess a better description of what I use is a screw. You bring up a good point though. We wouldn't have to worry about any of this if people were just honest and left other peoples stuff alone. Can I get an amen! Lol
  3. srfrost45

    Game Cam

    Just had a camera stole that was lag bolted with a security box and a master lock alligator lock around the tree. These punks just cut the tree down to get to it. My advice is save your money or get way back in the woods. The hunting is usually better there anyway.
  4. My Buddy Hunter DeWitt invited me on a Bear hunt up on the reservation. First day I shot this color phased from about 150 yards +/-. Fun hunt. Bear was right at 6 foot. Cant wait to get the rug back from Badlands Custom Taxidermy!
  5. srfrost45

    Got My "First" Bear

    Great Job! That will make a nice rug!
  6. srfrost45

    Gotta vent!

    I never touch other peoples stuff as I hate going to where I have equipment and know people have been messing with it. With that said use it as it has been stated this is a first come first serve state. If you dont like the other guys blind put yours next to it. I always try to take pics of the blinds so I have record of when they are up and for how long. If you can prove that it has been abandoned contact AZGFD and they might move it for you or tell you to move it.
  7. srfrost45

    Hunting out of a blind

    Tried to set up my blind a few weeks early but as luck would have it some dirt bags stole my blind! I had it all tied down and staked as well. When I went back to check on it and my camera someone had cut the lines. This makes me furious. As hunters we should learn to respect each others stuff. If I was in your spot too bad I got there first. I always check for other blinds and cameras so I don't encroach on others territories. As far as I'm concerned these thieves rank right up there with people that would steal from their mothers. On another note look for my post labeled "Unit 22 thieves". Got a nice pic of some redneck and his lady with their ugly dog stealing my camera. These morons cut down a tree to steal my camera. I had it lag bolted to a tree as well as a security box around it and then alligator locked. These idiots couldn't leave well enough alone and didn't check for other cameras in the area and I got them. Let me know if you recognize these punks. If you know them get the word out that I would like my stuff back. If I don't get it back I am going to plaster the Payson area with there picks so everyone can see what upstanding citizens they are. I have looked at water holes that had cameras on them but I was respectful and didn't touch other peoples gear nor walk all over their site but these great people took the time to cut down a tree to STEAL. I guess they were home schooled and didn't learn what public land meant.
  8. srfrost45

    Prescott area lion hunters?

    Call Donny Randall. Hunted with him myself and is known to have some off the best dogs in the country. He works along with Jim Bedlion who knows every nook and cranny of the state. Real life rock stars. Shoot me a pm and I will give you his cell. He is located in Prescott/Pine. We'll worth the time!
  9. srfrost45

    Lion Rug Mounting

    I put mine on the wall with the head angled down a little. Mine also had eyelets sewn into the felt so I could hang it at any angle. I assure you everyone will touch it as soon as they see it so if you want to keep it looking nice for years put it high enough so only taller people can get to it. I have 3 little ones and if they coudl reach it my lioon would be covered in Ketchup and who knows what else. Great looking rug BTW!
  10. srfrost45

    Who's Ready?

    I have never really shed hunted either but was told the following. Please let me know if this is accurate. 1. Find where the deer/Elk are wintering at 2. First look around water or fences if there are any. The jolting from jumping and hitting the ground some times loosens the antlers up. 3. look for rubs. Just like Deer/Elk like to rub to get velvet off they like to do they same to shed antlers. Please let me know if this is true. Again never been but would love to take my little ones to go on a fun hike to explore.
  11. srfrost45

    Hunting out of a blind

    I hunted with a guy who setup the same morning he shot a deer. There are allot of variables that go into this. If you have done enough pre-season scouting you should be okay to set up a day or two ahead of time if you have the time. Scent control is probably the main thing. In addition, location is important. You dont want to block a trail or stand out. if you dont want to or dont have time to brush your blind make sure you arent sky linned. Make sure you have some trees or brush behind you to help out. The guy I hunted with literally set his blind up 2 hrs before light, sprayed it down and the first deer to the water hole was a buck and he smoked it (this hunt I am talking about was not duting the rut). I understand that this is not typical but setting up near a food source or water always increases the chances. Some people dont like to sit water during the rut becasue even though the does will drink the bucks I have seen never really come in to drink in the day light hours. Again this has been my experience.
  12. srfrost45

    calling in the rut

    I have the Knight and Hale call and it works great. I used it 2 weeks ago and got bucks to stop and come to me. I used it on the does as well to ee how they would respond and they responded better to the grunt versus the estrous bleep. I like the Knight and Hale call becasue it gives great instruction with the call like how long to grunt or bleep as well as how often. To me when Spot and stalking the key is the movement that makes it realistic. Deer do not stay in one place and grunt or bleep. They move around so grunting occasionally while moving to different locations is key becuase you are simulating a buck on the look out for a hot doe. This also increases your chances of getting into a dominant bucks territory and he will definately be challenging another big in his area. As far as rattling I like to use the rattle bags by Primos. This minimizes my movement as well as it is easier to pack around. If you dont have great cover this is key.
  13. srfrost45

    Unit 25m Mulley's ? McDowell Mountain Preserve?

    I know you can hunt the Mcdowell Sonoran Preserve as well as a section of the Mcdowell Mountain Rec Park. I drove around there yesterday. The main point of enterance is through Golden Eagel BlVD and then you have to walk through a trail head where hikers and bikers go but you can hunt anywhere back there. I spoke to several of the people working the park and they said they see hunters with bows all the time. if you go to the gat there is a parking lot next to it and they have maps for your reference. There are allot of bowls and ditches to glass. You can get back there pretty far if you want to jike. I fyou want to get to the higher elevation go in through the north enterance/scotssdale thompson parkway entrance. If you do a search for the park names themselves they ill actually show you the boundaries and entrance points. As far as the AZGFD website they offer no starting points for these units/parks. All they say is that they are open for archery.
  14. srfrost45

    Legal/Useful Scent

    I called azgfd and they said synthetics are okay to use. As mentioned above any natural cervid urine is prohibited
  15. srfrost45

    Healy Arms, Awesome Store Thanks!

    Been in there a few times and they love to talk hunting. Check out some of the deer on the wall. Mark is definitely an accomplished hunter and has some of the nicest coues mounts I have seen. Great store and even better people!