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  1. cdf06


    How old were your boys when they used the catchers gear? I have a 9 year old boy who needs some catchers gear.
  2. Please contact me on Monday and you get what is left.

    1. cdf06


      Sounds good. Thanks 

  3. cdf06

    ISO H1000 Powder

    I am located in Mesa. I will send you a pm. Thanks
  4. cdf06

    ISO H1000 Powder

    I am located in Mesa. I will send you a pm. Thanks
  5. cdf06

    ISO H1000 Powder

    I am looking for some Hodgdon H1000 powder and seeing if anyone has some extra they would like to sell? Located in Mesa. Thanks, Chase
  6. cdf06

    The Family Sheep Hunt - 2019 Ram

    Awesome story and congrats to your daughter.
  7. cdf06

    For Sale- Vortex Vulture HD 15x56

    These are sold.
  8. I have for sale a brand new pair of Vortex Vulture HD 15x56. They were taken out of the box, looked through and puts in its case. I haven’t taken them out in the field and have been sitting in my safe since. $400.00
  9. cdf06

    Map of 4B

    I know Archery Headquarters carries flatline maps. Call them and see if they have it.
  10. cdf06

    san carlos bear rug

    Congrats and a great bear and a beautiful rug.
  11. I would look at 3a3c for early archery(83% draw odds) or 23 late rifle(100% draw odds). If I were to have one AZ elk hunt, I would want to experience the rut, but that is if you feel confident with a bow. That 23 late rifle hunt can be some tough terrain but some great bulls. 3a3c archery jumped a couple points last year due to archery having the later dates but I would bet you would be in the bonus pass this year. Good luck in the draw!
  12. cdf06

    Mexico 2020

    Congrats on some awesome bucks! That food looks amazing.
  13. I have a slightly used Muley Freak bino harness for sale for 40.00. Harness is in great condition. I am located in East Mesa and work in Tempe.
  14. cdf06

    Fall on the Peaks

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for showing these.
  15. cdf06

    Finally got a good one...

    Congrats on a couple of great bucks!