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  1. StraightTequilaNight

    Interesting Buck Part 2.....

    Stud buck! Crazy growth!
  2. StraightTequilaNight

    Starting to check cams...

    I don't think so... getting lots of bucks in that area w/ spots like that... some the size of golf balls. Some on the face, others on the body.
  3. StraightTequilaNight

    No tag soup for me!

    Nothin like the first... congrats!!!
  4. StraightTequilaNight

    Part 1-Jr tag filled

    Memories neither of you will forget.... congrats!
  5. StraightTequilaNight

    Sydney's Buck

  6. Was out calling varmints in a canyon. Saw a gray fox across the canyon heading my way. Didn't have a gun... just a camera. Before I reached for the camera, I saw what I assumed to be a hawk coming over my head from behind me. Nothing new to have a hawk come to a call, but this one seemed big. I looked up & realized it was a VERY large Golden Eagle. I had never had one respond to a call, so I was interested to see what he was going to do. As he got closer to the call, I realized he wasn't going for the call, he was going for the fox! He dove for the fox & narrowly missed it as it dove down into a wash. The eagle circled a little bit & then perched in a tree & waited. Fox never re-appeared & the eagle left. I was so fascinated by the whole thing that I never thought to take out my camera!
  7. StraightTequilaNight

    A few to share

  8. StraightTequilaNight

    A few coues

    Thought I'd share a few...
  9. StraightTequilaNight


    Awesome. Thx for sharing!
  10. StraightTequilaNight

    Buck of a lifetime!!

  11. StraightTequilaNight

    Opening Day buck

    Awesome buck. Congrats.
  12. StraightTequilaNight

    The drought is over

    Nice buck, nice work, thanks for sharing the story.
  13. StraightTequilaNight

    First archery buck!

    Stud buck! Congrats!
  14. StraightTequilaNight

    Backup Bow Saves January

    Thanks for taking the time to share... awesome!