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  1. bigsky2

    Unit 31 Info

    Well I don't want to be one of those guys that asks for info and then you never hear from them again. Thanks to all of you who offered up some advice. I had a great hunt and can't wait to go back.
  2. bigsky2

    Coues in the Oaks

    Cool video
  3. bigsky2

    Unit 31 Info

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll be sure to report back on how my hunt goes.
  4. bigsky2

    Unit 31 Info

    I lucked out and drew the late December tag in 31 as a non resident. I have yet to break the news to the family and girlfriend that I’ll be spending my Christmas in the desert of Arizona chasing Coues haha. Im really looking forward to it though and I’m trying to get some general info on the unit. A few questions I have are - Is there good deer distribution throughout the unit, or are they more concentrated in certain areas? It sounds like it has some really rugged country. Would it be advantageous to do a backpack hunt, or can a guy have a good hunt just hiking from the truck each day? I know Flatline Maps doesn’t have a map for 31, any suggestions on a company that makes a good map of the unit? My best friend drew the late tag in 32, so it would be really cool to camp with him if there’s a place that would put us in close proximity to good hunting in both units. Does anyone know if there is such a place? Camping with him isn’t as big of a priority as having a good hunt. I live in Montana and would be more than happy to exchange info on hunting up here if someone wants to PM me.
  5. I knew the rut wouldn’t be going and I figured the Arizona hunts are better. I am applying in Arizona too. I was mainly wondering if the New Mexico units hold decent populations of Coues or if it’s tough to find them, and if there’s anything else I should know about these hunts before I apply. Are Coues spread out in these units or are they just in pockets? What is the terrain like? Are they fairly glassable or are they really thick?
  6. I recently hunted Arizona OTC archery coues and now I've got the bug in a bad way. I live in Montana and am wanting more opportunites to hunt coues with reasonable chance at success on a nice buck. I have been exploring the December hunts in New Mexico since they take place after our seasons close here in Montana. I was hoping someone who is familiar with coues hunting in New Mexico can give me some general info and tell me if these are quality hunts. Feel free to PM me.
  7. bigsky2


    Where can you usually get the best exchange rate? I read on some sites that banks sometimes take several days to get you pesos, is that the case with Bank of America too?
  8. bigsky2


    I am heading to Sonora next week and crossing the border at Nogales. Is there somewhere on the US side where I can exchange US dollars for pesos? I understand I may need some for toll booths and things like that. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. bigsky2

    Technology and Animal Quality

    I'm a non-resident and have only been hunting Arizona for two years, so take my opinion for what its worth. Technology is playing into hunting more and more in my home state of Montana too but I would say its way behind Arizona from what I have seen. I had a Kaibab archery tag this fall and I couldn't believe the number of trail cams I saw. I spend a lot of time hiking around popular hunting areas in Montana and I have yet to see another trail camera other than my own. Talking to other hunters during my Kaibab hunt I heard several stories of people shooting bucks at 80-100 yards. It is no secret that long range rifles and radios have killed a lot of elk and Coues deer in Arizona. When I first started hunting here I couldn't believe that its legal to use radios to guide hunters in on animals. It is illegal in most other states. Every year the distance that animals are being taken is being stretched further and further. The truth is the decrease in quality animals is probably a result of several factors. I think AZGFD managing for more opportunity is a big part of it, but there's no denying that advances in technology aren't helping. Most people are using these devices though so they would rather point fingers at predators or increased tag numbers.
  10. bigsky2

    First timer

    My friends want to bring a couple little propane bottles for a grill and also some of the little fuel cans for a Jet Boil/backpacking stove. Does anyone know if I will have any issues getting these across the border or where I could find out?
  11. bigsky2

    First timer

    Sorry, I should have clarified. I know I will get a permit from the outfitter to bring my guns into Mexico, but I was meaning the form for getting the guns back into the US. It sounds like that is what I use the 4457 form for.
  12. bigsky2

    First timer

    Thanks for the help guys. So the 4457 form is the gun permit? Its not real specific....do you need to put serial #'s down and all that? Someone mentioned putting spotting scopes and other valuable items on there. Can you list a bunch of stuff on one form or do you need separate forms for each piece of gear?
  13. bigsky2

    First timer

    This will also be my first time hunting in Sonora. What is the "Only Sonora" permit and where can I get one? I will be crossing at Nogales, it sounds like I can pick up a permit for bringing guns back into the US at the US customs office when I am crossing the border into Mexico? We plan on getting beer and some food in Mexico, will we need to get Mexican currency or do some of the stores take cards? I hear there might be some toll roads, I'm assuming I will need Mexican currency for that? If so, how much will I need for the toll roads? Thanks for any help.
  14. bigsky2


    If you read my original post asking for info on the Kaibab I made sure to get back to everyone and report how my hunt went.
  15. bigsky2

    Kaibab Archery

    Well I don't want to be one of those guys to ask for info and then you never hear from them again, so I'll let you know how my hunt went. We got down to the Kaibab on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend and the place was a zoo. Not being used to hunting in areas with so many roads, it took a while to adjust to. You keep thinking, "there wouldn't be a big buck there because there's a road right there". Well we finally got it through our heads that there are roads everywhere, so its inevitable that there will be big bucks living right next to roads. We seemed to spend the first few days doing a lot of driving around looking for spots, not that we are road hunters but when you have never been to an area and aren't seeing bucks off the road and cant glass much then its kind of hard to know where to start going for walks in the timber. I had got a lot of recommendations for water holes to check out beforehand, but it rained every day we were down there except for the first day. There were puddles everywhere so hunting water was a waste of time. Out of curiosity we did check out some guzzlers the first few days (we don't have them in MT so I wanted to see how they worked). I had heard the stories of trail cameras but it didn't really hit me until I saw them at every guzzler and trick tank we checked. I had actually never seen a trail camera in the field (besides my own) so it was crazy to see them everywhere down there. It was really green with feed everywhere so the deer didn't have to move much. We talked to the game warden for about an hour and he said the conditions are about as tough as they get. He said harvest success will be down this year and if it continued to rain the early rifle success would be way down as well. After people started clearing out after the holiday weekend we started seeing more deer. On Monday evening my dad spotted two big bucks together, one a 185+ buck and the other a big 3 point that was 30" wide, around 170. I looked for them for a few days but we couldn't turn them up again. I ended up seeing 32 bucks in that drainage with a couple I would shoot. I had some close calls but couldn't seal the deal. We never saw the same bucks twice. It seemed they would only come out in the open every once in a while and spent the majority of their time in the new growth aspen where you couldn't see them. Even with all the hunters driving around, I only saw one other person when I was off the road. Unfortunately it was on my last morning to hunt, and he ended up blowing out the bucks I was hunting. Even with the hunting being so tough, I look forward to drawing the tag again. A guy just needs more than a week if he's never been to the area. At least I will have an idea where to start next time, and hopefully the conditions will be a little better. I still had a good time, the Kaibab is a special place. Its really cool that AZ has places they manage for mule deer, I wish MT cared about our mule deer the way AZ does. Thanks again to everyone who was willing to share info with me. P.S. The food at Jacob Lake was just as good as everyone said!