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  1. chase_christopher

    NM Rifle Bull Video

    Check it out guys. https://youtu.be/ZzM1-Wvhvms <div style="position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.25%"><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZzM1-Wvhvms?ecver=2" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" style="position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
  2. chase_christopher


    In this video Kevin shows his way of cooking Javelina and other less desirable cuts of meat. Take a look. Do you use this method of cooking? -----> https://youtu.be/8tKj-p6rWPw <-----
  3. chase_christopher

    Chainsawing Coolers!

    Agreed. We thought about it after the fact..
  4. chase_christopher

    Chainsawing Coolers!

    Call us if you need those pants cut with a chainsaw. We'd be happy to help!!!
  5. chase_christopher

    Chainsawing Coolers!

    Everyone has done ice retention videos. This one gets the results as planned ;-)
  6. chase_christopher

    Chainsawing Coolers!

    You can always count on ruffled feathers in the forum world! I usually stop by once a month for the entertainment value.
  7. chase_christopher

    Chainsawing Coolers!

    Cutting a Yeti and a Canyon in half with a chainsaw. Watch here - https://youtu.be/cHUJmfipkoY
  8. chase_christopher

    Aoudad Sheep Video

    Check out our latest video! 5 DIY tags in the mountains of west Texas https://youtu.be/qhwT6gMAYTw Thanks for watching! If anyone knows how to post the video link in picture form please let me know.
  9. chase_christopher

    Range Day video

  10. chase_christopher

    Trekking Poles

    Here's a few tips on how to get the most out of your Trekking Poles. https://youtu.be/SLJtp6mJEGM
  11. chase_christopher

    Brittany's first bull

    Haha! Kevin is a kisser, so if you book with him don't be surprised!
  12. chase_christopher

    Brittany's first bull

    Check out the video of Britt's first archery elk hunt! >>----WATCH HERE ---->>>> https://youtu.be/OtrcAvamFJM <<<<<----WATCH HERE----<< *if someone knows how to embed the video where it shows in this thread, please let me know!*
  13. chase_christopher

    Elk Rut Action!

  14. chase_christopher

    Elk Rut Action!

    Sitting next to a pine tree
  15. chase_christopher

    Elk Rut Action!

    Using a Sony FS7