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  1. jcarter

    Finding Ammo

    Few weeks ago bass pro had a ton
  2. jcarter

    WTB kid ATV or dirtbike

    Looking for a used 50-100cc ATV or dirt bike. Any year make or model. Andy
  3. jcarter

    WTB MEC Loaders

    I have a 12g jr600 for sale if someone interested
  4. jcarter

    Gun safe recommendations

    I can't find it, what the deal?
  5. jcarter

    Dirt bike questions

    Sounds like you need a quad.
  6. jcarter

    Want to buy .243 reloading dies.

    Thanks guys, I got one from a member on here.
  7. jcarter

    MEC SM77 shotgun reloader

    Turns and presses smoothly. $150
  8. Hopefully someone has a set they don't use anymore. Andy
  9. jcarter

    870 youth 20g

    Slick gun.
  10. jcarter

    Johnson 8HP outboard

  11. jcarter

    Johnson 8HP outboard

    1996 2 stroke 8hp, long shaft tiller motor. This motor runs perfect. Starts on first or second pull when cold. . No issues. $1000
  12. jcarter

    WTT .22Lr rounds for 270 (.277) projectiles

    I reload myself . I need just the projectiles Want to trade for just that. Not loaded rounds
  13. jcarter

    WTT .22Lr rounds for 270 (.277) projectiles

    Obviously not round for round!
  14. Seeing if anyone wants to trade federal 22 rounds for 270 bullets. Perfer nosler accubond in 130g but will look at others. Located in Tucson/sahuarita
  15. jcarter

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    It will be fine leave it in the cooler it will still be hot