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  1. jcarter

    Card Hits!

    Just got a hit 10 min ago! Don't give up hope!
  2. jcarter

    Found binos

  3. jcarter

    Bargain vortex binos

    I have a few of these . Not bad actually
  4. jcarter

    Help with San Carlos MX charter

    Thanks, I'll look into those.
  5. jcarter

    Help with San Carlos MX charter

    Headed down next week for 7 days, would like to charter a boat for fishing. Anyone have recommendations they could pass along? Andy
  6. jcarter


    Good deal
  7. jcarter

    If found- bull elk 5b south

    I had a friend lose a bull in 5bs. Anyway to contact this member? Thanks
  8. jcarter

    Sedona inexpensive place to stay???

    You could aways camp?
  9. jcarter


    Same story for me. Still have it.
  10. Great fish finder. With side view Works as it should . Comes with mounting brackets and all wires. Garmin transducer cv52hw-tm Andy. $350
  11. jcarter

    Danner boots size 15 for sale

    I'll take them if it falls through
  12. jcarter

    Help with cost of building a shop/garage

    Awesome thanks guys
  13. jcarter

    Cabelas Bighorn 3 tent with Vestibule.

    Awesome, great tents!
  14. We are looking at building a detached RV and car garage in Pima county. Metal building is not an option so it will have to be stucco with a flat roof. Half of it will be 14ft walls. Approximately 1200 square ft. I have quotes for approx $85 a sqft. I will be subbing the work out myself just wondering if anyone has recently gone through the process themselves. Looking for what it is running a square ft. Ballpark. Thanks Andy