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  1. culpritz

    20B Youth Hunt Help

    20b is tough this year hunted it for years definitely the worst I’ve scene it my daughter and I were out for 3 days saw probably 60 does 2 spikes and a button buck. I think the moon had a lot to do with it.
  2. culpritz

    Son got it done again.

    Nice bull congrats to JR. I need to get him in touch with my nephew he’s up in flag now.
  3. dang lost my phone been wanting to post on here about Travis junior. I had the opportunity to meet with Travis he help me out tremendously on my hunt and are now friends kids a super hard worker and has heart and a true passion for the outdoors. I can honestly say it's nice to meet such a good kid and respectful.if he was down in the valley he would be running a crew for me in a heart beat.
  4. culpritz

    Sons late rifle bull.

    You guys are savages bro. Awesome job.
  5. culpritz

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    PM sent but I'm pretty sure I know the guy that shot the bull we can match up his arrow and broadhead
  6. culpritz

    Hunting Pain Relief?

    Eat an edible
  7. culpritz

    Archery 6b bull. Who has a tag next week

    I have it I'm heading up wensday after work
  8. culpritz

    North valley LANDSCAPE COMPANY irrigation issues

    Sending you a pm
  9. culpritz

    20 a road closures

    They were supposed to have reopened I havent been back up there to check but I believe they are I was told beginning of oct
  10. culpritz

    Bucks vs does

    Good deal glad to help and it was a very nice buck post the pics up congrats to your daughter again
  11. culpritz

    Bucks vs does

    Pm sent
  12. culpritz

    Landscaping Co.

    Pm sent
  13. culpritz

    Cva optima v2 50 cal. 300.00 $

    Guy never showed up still up for sale
  14. culpritz

    Cva optima v2 50 cal. 300.00 $

    I believe it's sold at this point I will let you guys know