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  1. Christian2

    WTS 26 nosler

    I am located in northern Arizona but willing to meet if necessary !
  2. Christian2

    WTS 26 nosler

    I have a 26 Nosler that I am looking to sell. Weatherby action, McMillan stock, Vortex Razor Hd 3-15 scope. Open to offers just no longer have a use for it! Bipod not included
  3. Christian2

    26 Nosler

    Just seeing if there is any Interest in a 26 Nosler. Looking to part ways with it!
  4. Christian2

    Swarovski STS 20-60x80

    I have a STS 80 for sale in great condition that I am looking to sell. Is there any interest out there? Been kept in the neoprene case it’s whole life!
  5. Christian2

    ISO Coues Deer Cape

    I will have my buddy give you a call thanks!
  6. Christian2

    ISO Coues Deer Cape

    In need of a coues deer cape! If anyone has one and would like to part ways with it let me know! Thank you!
  7. Christian2


    Still available?
  8. Christian2

    Looking for Swarovski Binos

    Looking for Swarovski 10s or 12s ! Let me know thank you!
  9. Christian2

    Kodiak Canvas

    Tent is sold
  10. Christian2

    Kodiak Canvas

    Tent is SPF
  11. Christian2

    Kodiak Canvas

    I have a like brand new Kodiak 10x14 flex bow VX tent I would like to sell. It has only been used on 3 hunts. Just don’t need it anymore. Asking 650 or obo! Pm for pics and any questions ! Thanks!
  12. Christian2

    Swaro 12x50

    Just checking to see if anyone is willing to part way with some 12s?
  13. Christian2

    Wyoming antelope

    Would you be able to send me a Pm have some questions
  14. Christian2

    Wyoming antelope

    My dad and I drew antelope tags in unit 19 in Wyoming on accident thinking I was applying elsewhere. I was reading that the access is pretty poor. Does anyone have experience with this unit? Christian
  15. Christian2

    BRAND NEW Vortex HST 6-24x50