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    Hooked on Shed Hunting and archery hunting big bugling bulls

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  1. Christian2

    Phoneskope Skopedvision

  2. Christian2

    Phoneskope Skopedvision

    Located in north Phoenix
  3. Christian2

    Phoneskope Skopedvision

    I have a brand new skopedvision for sale. Has only been taken on one trip but not taken out of case. Great condition. 40 bucks and it’s yours. Willing to send pics if need be
  4. Christian2

    OTC Winslow/Holbrook and verde valley hunt

    Or ranchers or land owners in the area that would be willing to let us hunt their land
  5. A buddy and I are looking to try to scout this area and are wanting to hunt in early this year. I was just wondering if anyone has hunted these areas and would be willing to share a few pointers. I understand its going to be a very difficult hunt and getting access to private land would be very beneficial. We are willing to put in work and are going to start scouting in January. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you ! Christian
  6. Christian2

    IQ 7 pin Bowsight

    I have a 7 pin IQ bowsight with retina lock that I am trying to sell. It has been used for one season but does have a little bit of where and tear. PM me for pictures or if you are interested and would like to get 100 OBO. Thanks in advance Christian
  7. Christian2


    Picked up a tool box full of broadheads and archery supplies on forest road 231 across from Rogers Lake. Hoping to get it to the right owner. If it's yours send me a PM with a description of what's in it and will gladly meet up with you! Christian
  8. Christian2

    Youth Turkey Camp in 6A

    Great experience. Great camp. I will be mentoring. Hope to see you there
  9. Christian2

    Compound Bow

    Bow is sold
  10. Christian2

    Compound Bow

    Pm sent
  11. Christian2

    Compound Bow

  12. Christian2

    Compound Bow

    I have a 2014 diamond infinite edge with a quiver and 5 arrows with a case and release. Great adjustability and a great bow. I am asking 300 obo. Am open to offers! Just need to sell it
  13. Christian2

    Cow elk in 6b

    PM sent
  14. Christian2

    tripod and head found in 21 near 7 springs

    With vortex bino adapter on it?