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  1. Born2hunt

    Win 9mm 500 rounds

    Pm sent
  2. Born2hunt

    Found Cow Elk Montana Decoy

    Sorry I stopped checking this thread. Was’t there though sorry.
  3. Born2hunt

    Need some info help on Unit 1 in AZ

    Similar to other posts, you can camp just about anywhere. The post about picking what vegetation you want to hunt (pines, firs, aspen, juniper) then camping there is solid advice. Elk are everywhere up there and You can park a trailer near any place you want to hunt. Good luck!
  4. Born2hunt

    Found Cow Elk Montana Decoy

    Went looking for sheds and found a Montana cow elk decoy. Looks like someone left it stuck in the ground and it blew down over the winter. If you left your decoy out and this is it I’ll get it back to you. If so let me know what unit you left it in and we can go from there to see if it’s yours. I’m not sure how to do this without someone giving away their honey hole but I’ll want to be sure it belongs to someone before I give it to them (will eventually have to tell me the general area where it was).
  5. Born2hunt

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Watched a bedded buck get up to check a doe, then left. Central AZ units don’t seem to have any rut going for me yet. Lots of does though. Good luck on your muzzy tag!
  6. Born2hunt

    Chest Freezer 9 Cubic Feet $175

    Just sent a PM and text
  7. Born2hunt

    Rutting 2020

    Nothing I’ve seen yet. All does I’ve seen are without bucks. Jumped what I thought was a buck at last light yesterday and he sounded alone. Central AZ.
  8. Born2hunt


    That’s pretty cool. I’ve had it happen once before but they weren’t quite that close. Probably 100 yards away from each other.
  9. Thanks! I’ve seen that method online but I think I need bigger adjustments than what they seem to make in those videos. I’ll give them a call thanks!
  10. Anyone have a recommendation for fitting a stock? Thanks!
  11. Born2hunt

    32 year hiatus ends! 2019 Hunt

    I loved this story - really neat way to have a repeat of your first buck. I’m missing a WT hunt that my brother is on right now and it’s killing me. Glad you got to go together.
  12. Born2hunt

    Looking for a shotgun

    This was posted earlier
  13. Does anyone know a good stock fitter in the Phoenix area? I’ve looked online and I might try to stop at magnum mikes today but I don’t know if they’re open. I don’t have shims but I think I need to make some adjustments and check my form too.
  14. The best way I’ve found for making them tender is to skin and cool them quickly and put them in a brine for a day. My first was cooked over fire and not brined and it was like leather. I learned to skin and cool them quickly then let them soak in salt water. Totally different and they taste great
  15. Born2hunt

    Kimber Pro Raptor II

    Thanks hope the other guy likes it. My loss for waiting...