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  1. The best way I’ve found for making them tender is to skin and cool them quickly and put them in a brine for a day. My first was cooked over fire and not brined and it was like leather. I learned to skin and cool them quickly then let them soak in salt water. Totally different and they taste great
  2. Born2hunt

    Kimber Pro Raptor II

    Thanks hope the other guy likes it. My loss for waiting...
  3. Born2hunt

    Kimber Pro Raptor II

    Thanks hope the other guy likes it. My loss for waiting...
  4. Born2hunt

    Kimber Pro Raptor II

    Sent a pm
  5. Born2hunt

    Horn Hunter Bino Pack - $40

    Sad I just bought one of these at full retail. The new one is different I wanted this one I like how it holds the range finder good luck with the sale.
  6. Born2hunt


    Message sent
  7. Born2hunt

    Credit Card Hit

    I was billed for the youth tags after 11 last night and before 7 this morning. Good luck to everyone still waiting..
  8. Born2hunt

    Need help fast

    It looks like it’s not too late. Here’s a screen shot of the email from AZGFD. You may need a portal account to get some of the info I don’t know. Good luck.
  9. Born2hunt

    Cheap Trail Cams

    How well do they function? Good quality pics? If they still take reliable and good pictures I’d be interested
  10. I saw a few comments on here about cameras. To be clear, this proposal would ban all hunting within 100 yards of natural or man made water sources. Anything that holds water. That would eliminate a lot of ground. Not sure what he’s trying to accomplish has anyone heard why he’s proposing this or what he’s trying to solve? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it..
  11. I noticed the same problem with the iPhone X this season. I ended up just taking video zoomed in, then screen shot to get a still pic but that was it. After I got home I played around with it and it seems like if you zoom in, then move the phone so it’s not looking down the Binos anymore, then slide it back in line with the Binos it works. I don’t phone skope I just hold my phone to the Binos. Hopefully this helps. I wish I’d known before so I could have some nice pics of some deer now...
  12. Born2hunt

    Unit 27 packing help?

    Saw this sign in alpine recently. I’ve never talked to them but should be a good start. Good luck on her hunt!
  13. Born2hunt

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    I should have clarified the savage should only be bought with the accu trigger. The standard trigger shouldn’t even be an option in my opinion.
  14. Born2hunt

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    Agreed seems there’s lots of hype for the Tikka and their MOA guarantee. But it seems every Savage I’ve shot tends to be 1/2 MOA. I’ve been really impressed with Savage. Will your grandson get to shoulder it before buying? Seems with youth the most important thing is that they like it.