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  1. Born2hunt

    Unit 27 packing help?

    Saw this sign in alpine recently. I’ve never talked to them but should be a good start. Good luck on her hunt!
  2. Born2hunt

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    I should have clarified the savage should only be bought with the accu trigger. The standard trigger shouldn’t even be an option in my opinion.
  3. Born2hunt

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    Agreed seems there’s lots of hype for the Tikka and their MOA guarantee. But it seems every Savage I’ve shot tends to be 1/2 MOA. I’ve been really impressed with Savage. Will your grandson get to shoulder it before buying? Seems with youth the most important thing is that they like it.
  4. Born2hunt

    Savage Model 111 7MM Mag *Price Drop*

    I saw your post about the savage. Where are you located and would you be open to him meeting you at a range to fire before purchase? Also what’s a good number to call you? I sent you a PM also. Thanks.
  5. Born2hunt


    Most outfitters were from out of state. It seems like the only in state one I saw was from the Apache res. Definitely a lot about RVs and boats. Less about hunting and fishing. Of those two fishing dominated the scene. The taxidermy was neat neat to see though. A buddy of mine won a blue ribbon for his first ever water fowl.
  6. Born2hunt

    Archery lessons

    I’ve been bow hunting for years and yesterday I realized when I’m drawing my bow back I think I’m using too much arm and not enough back. I figure I should make sure I’m doing it right. Is there anyone you all would recommend for lessons? I shoot well at distance and I’ve had success with the bow, just want to make sure I’m doing it right for the long run.
  7. Born2hunt

    recoil fear

    I’ve run into similar issues with my daughters shooting centerfire rifles. I’ve found 3 things that were game changers for them - 1 - double up on hearing protection. I know this isn’t recoil but it does add to the PERCEIVED recoil. Don’t ask me why but changing this has been huge. 2 - got a limb saver slip on pad and put it over the pad already on the stock. It cushions the recoil a lot and that’s what has allows my kids to start (and enjoy) hunting. Totally worth the cost I never would have guessed it would help that much. 3 - if you handload, you can do severely reduced loads with h4895 for a centerfire rifle. Loading the lightest bullet I can find with a reduced load has been a dream. They’ll shoot non stop for hours without fear of recoil. I know it’s not black powder but you could use that to work up to it, or use the same thought process with BP. Lightest projectile you can find with a light target load. Also the last time we went shooting before my daughters elk tag last year she shot and freaked out because it recoiled. A quick and calm discussion about how yes the rifle will recoil, but if you pay attention it doesn’t actually hurt. If you expect it to move you and let it sway you back that helped her a lot. Good luck. That would be a shame of a tag to give back, but maybe she could draw rifle later and find something lighter to shoot.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input, especially with elk results taking attention today! Found out my bro drew the late rifle bull tag in 22. I’ll be living through him this fall... Sounds like I’m generally hearing Accubond, TTSX, Berger and ELD X. I think I’ll pick up some of each and see how the loads develop. Sounds like terminal performance for each should be pretty good for smaller game. I shot a cow elk once from 28 yards with a Sierra Game King and it did the job, but it didn’t hold together too well and left no blood - I found her by walking tight circles until I almost stepped on her (thick country). I know that’s a lot to ask of a bullet but if I ever draw another elk tag I’ll be sure to load partitions or something solid. Thanks everyone and happy hunting
  9. I’m thinking I’ll develop some loads with these bullets and see how they do at different ranges, thinking each should have similar on game results - 150 grain .308 TTSX 165 partition 178 grain ELD x
  10. Loading up for a .308 I should have said that before. What I’m reading online is that the TTSX should expand down to 1800 FPS (per Hornady) but people in the field tend to need 2000 FPS for consistent expansion. I could step down to a 130 or 150 grain bullet but that would still drop under 2000 FPS at 450 yards. Thanks!
  11. Well no elk tag so I figured I’d get my mind off of it by working up a new load for deer/antelope sized critters and I’m trying to decide what bullets to try. I like two holes so I’ve always shot partitions or Barnes but I’m thinking of extending my range a little to maybe 400 or 500 yards. I planned to use the TTSX since they shoot so well, but I won’t have enough velocity beyond about 350 yards to know for certain that I’ll get good expansion. Partitions don’t group as well for me at the longer distances. After doing some reading and researching I’m finding good info on the Hornady ELD X and Berger. Sounds like Bergers generally explode on impact which gives great results if you hit in the ribs, but less consistent results if you’re a little far forward into the shoulder. The ELD X is pretty new so I mostly find info about accuracy, but not a lot of detail about performance on game. Although what I have found about on game performance has been mostly very positive. Do any of you have recommendations for a solid performer for these conditions? I might have enough points in the next year or two to hunt the strip which was another reason I was thinking about Barnes but I’d want something that I know will expand as the velocity drops off. If it performed well on elk that would be nice, but not my main focus right now. Another plus to the ELDX is they cost about the same as standard rounds so I could afford to practice with my actual hunting load. Thanks for any input!
  12. Born2hunt

    CZ550 American 6.5x55 SE

    I’ve hunted with one before in 30-06 awesome rifle. Shot well and felt perfect on the carry, off hand or off a bench. For those interested. Wish i needed. 6.5 x 55 it’s tempting.
  13. Born2hunt

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    This is the first I’ve heard of a rule to ban archery hunting within any distance of a building (firearms aren’t allowed I know). What rule just passed this is news to me?
  14. Born2hunt

    Deer hit, broken arrow question

    The front of the arrow was about 20 yards uphill behind a boulder so we didn’t see it yesterday. The tip of the Broadhead looked blunted and there were some dulled edges on the blades. The thing I don’t get is he said the impact sounded like a punch in the stomach, not like an arrow hitting a rock. Also can’t figure out what the clear liquid could have been that was on the arrow. Thanks again everyone.