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  1. Born2hunt

    Unopened Kaibab 18x56HD

  2. Born2hunt

    Unopened Kaibab 18x56HD

    I just received a replacement set of 18x56 HD Kaibabs from vortex, but I found a good deal on some swaros so I don’t need the kaibabs anymore. I’m asking $1,000 since they’re brand new and never used (in store is is $1150 plus tax). I’m in central Phoenix area.
  3. Born2hunt

    ***sold*** Swarovski 12X50 ELs for sale

    Sorry, I can’t after all. Good luck with the sale I’m sure you’ll do well.
  4. Born2hunt

    ***sold*** Swarovski 12X50 ELs for sale

    Is this still available? If so I may be interested.
  5. Born2hunt


    PM sent
  6. I borrowed a buddy’s tripod and while using it the handle broke. Outdoorsman’s doesn’t sell a handle for this older version anymore. I may drill out the original or make one. By any chance does anyone have an old handle like this I could buy?
  7. Born2hunt

    Swarovski 15x56 NIB

    I just sent you a PM if they’re still available
  8. Born2hunt

    Swaro 15x56 SLC HD

    I just sent you a PM. Definitely interested
  9. Born2hunt

    SITKA rain suit price lowered

    Sending you a PM
  10. Born2hunt

    Weatherby Vanguard 300 Win Mag NEW!!!

    Do these have stainless barrels and cerakote?
  11. Born2hunt


    That’s a cruddy situation and I’m glad you owned up to it. Its really cool of you to air it out in front of everyone with the intent that others won’t make the same mistake. Especially knowing that you’ll get some criticism. Thanks for that.
  12. Born2hunt

    Hunting with glasses

    I just wear glasses and is no problem. When behind 15s I take them off. For what it’s worth.
  13. Born2hunt

    Road to Big Lake?

    Yep, just thinking with the snow not being too crazy this winter maybe there’s a chance…
  14. Born2hunt

    Road to Big Lake?

    Does anyone know when the road to Big Lake will open (or if it already is)? Headed thereabouts in a few weeks and hoping to get the boat on the water.
  15. Born2hunt

    Rogan kills Triceratops

    That’s insanely funny! Wish I could forward but I don’t do Twitter. Thanks for sharing!