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  1. shooterpar

    13b HornPorn

    Thought I’d share some of our success in 13b this year. It was a phenomenal year for antler growth and we’re sure looking forward to the rifle hunts. Good luck to all with tags this year.
  2. The big 3 was a BIG buck!! Seen him plenty of times and plenty of video. Hope that’s how it ends!
  3. Looking forward to reading the conclusion. And for everyone asking about the deer density, he hunted the two places with the highest deer density on 13b. Go anywhere else and it gets tough to turn bucks. Not saying it’s a bad thing because we hunt the same stuff from time to time. Just saying Black Rock and Dellenbaugh have a ton of deer. Now back to the show!
  4. Looks like hanging meat! The hunters that GRIND with a good attitude will always be the most successful. Congrats
  5. AZ420, who hasn’t tagged with 5 clients? Didn’t know anyone up there that had that many. What a phenomenal year to have a tag. Wish IdGAF the best of luck as the season winds down. We had 4 tags up there, killed 3 bucks 215-240 and the last guy stuck a 220+ in the shoulder. The best year 13b will ever see.
  6. shooterpar

    Dream Buck

    Congrats again Rob!! What a fun 4 days that was!! It was a pleasure having you in camp. -CatNip, TallHat, SweetTea and RonJeremy
  7. shooterpar

    Unit 1 early archery

    I had a NR put in for it with 18pts and no luck. There was some serious point creep this year.
  8. shooterpar

    12 points...now what?

    I’ll be willing to bet it took 16pts this year to draw 10 as a Res in the bonus pass. Maybe even 17.
  9. shooterpar

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    Sent ya a PM
  10. shooterpar

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    The biggest question I think is how many points do you have RimCountry350?
  11. shooterpar

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Here’s a couple of the bucks we shot in 13b this year. Had a fantastic 2018 despite the poor drought conditions. Happy Hunting
  12. shooterpar

    My wife just got a surrender 13B tag!

    Pm sent. Hope to hear from ya.
  13. Congrats on the tag! I’m up here now and have been for over a week and will be till we kill something. Hopefully all these storms stop for you, been raining every day. Lots of water in most all the ponds, everything is green and beautiful. The bucks are down from most years. Find a buck ya like and torch him!! Best of luck happy hunting
  14. shooterpar

    Zeiss 10x45 RFs PRICE DROP

    1100$ OBO