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  1. Sky Islands

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Ttt! Nice binos and a fair price!!
  2. Sky Islands

    Issues with outdoorsman stud installed on 10x42el’s

    Thanks, Jimmer, PRDATR, and azelkhunter2 for the info it’s has been helpful. I’m gonna go with it and have it installed. I just had a friend tell me that it sometimes knocks the collimation off and Swarovski has to fix it. I think he said that because his buddy is making bino adaptors for the models of binos that you can’t thread the stud into. Thank you so much and Good luck on your season!! God bless!
  3. Greetings everyone, I’m posting this to ask if anyone has had any issues or heard of any issues with the outdoorsman stud being installed on the Swarovski el’s. I have used the outdoorsman adaptor on 15s for 14 years but just sold them and got 10x42s. Can you share with me what you guys know or have experience with your els having the stud installed. Thank you and God bless!!!
  4. Sky Islands

    Kowa twin spotters adapter plate?

    Yes, I have a guy in tucson that’s makes them for Swarovski and kowas. Pm me and I will give you contact info.
  5. I’m looking for a sts 65mm spotter or just and eyepiece that is 25-50x wide angle eyepiece. I’m buying these to set up the dual spotters. I already have the plate/adapter and one spotting scope. Just need the other spotter. Thanks!!! Pm me please
  6. I would like to buy a Swarovski eyepiece for a sts spotting scope. The one I need is the 25-50x wide angle. If you have one or know any friends or family that wants to sell there’s please PM me and I will give contact information. Or a spotting scope with that eyepiece. Setting up the dual spotters, all I need is one more spotting scope and eyepiece. Thanks
  7. For sell or trade. Bought before last hunting season. Used for scouting and on backcountry deer hunt. I carried my Swarovski 15x56 slc in this bino pack to make more room in my backpack. The design on this harness is amazing, the pockets are so nice to carry those extra things you need out there. $90 for face to face. If I have to ship you can PayPal +3, Venmo, etc. + shipping cost. I live in Thatcher, Az. Will trade for another bino harness to hold 10x42s.
  8. I’m interested in the 10x42s I will text you in the morning.
  9. Sky Islands

    STS 65 HD $1800