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  1. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    I really love it. Really good and expensive investment. They came out with a new model. But I read some reviews recently and exo and Stone glacier are the best with SG having better reviews with heavy loads and the waist belt not slipping down. But I definitely stand by this exo pack as being amazing and it will not disappoint.
  2. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    The pack is an Exo Mountain Gear 3500. We put multiple slots on the case for compression straps on different packs. Thanks man, it’s such a real relief having a case to put them in. The material is water resistant and it has a water resistant zipper.
  3. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    Here is the dual spotter case for the Swarovski 65mm. The price is $250+ shipping. I know the price is expensive. To defend the price this case is custom. If you would like to buy one, message me and we can talk about the details. Thanks, Gabriel *I don’t know the exact dimensions of the dual kowa 64mm spotters. Once we get our hands on one, we can make sure for a snug fit in a case.
  4. Sky Islands


    Pm sent
  5. Sky Islands

    Free Desert Camouflage - Youth

    Yes I will pm my number and can you text me back pin or address where I need to go. Thanks
  6. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    Bowunter sent you pm
  7. Sky Islands

    Free Desert Camouflage - Youth

    Will K, sent you a pm.
  8. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    rcdinaz sent you pm
  9. Sky Islands

    Free Desert Camouflage - Youth

    Sent pm
  10. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    Ya a buddy has those too and I just put them in the case....
  11. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    A friend has a pair of kowas and they fit. The objective slide tubes on his don’t not slide all the way back so looks like case could be little shorter if they slide tight against rings on the new bracket.
  12. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    Thanks for the ideals. Let me know when the safford thatcher guy gets his. I live in thatcher, or get me his contact info. I will make arrangements with the guy who made mine and talk about your ideals and any others and tell him to come up with a price. Thanks
  13. Sky Islands

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    I recently set these up and never heard of a soft case that has been made for them. Didn’t want to wrap them up in a towel, jacket, or shirt. I definitely want to protect them when hunting. This big eyes case was a quick build and just a trial run and is not perfect, but I’m real happy with what my friend put together. Would like to make another that is different color and with the zipper on the top rim of the case. There is handle on each side as shown in the picture and the extra little straps were placed were my compression straps are on the outside of my backpack so I can strap it to to the outside if I need to free up space on the inside of my pack. Wanted to share this with anyone who has a pair and would be interested in having one put together for there set up. Here’s pics and please share any suggestions that you may think would make the case better.
  14. Sky Islands

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Ttt! Nice binos and a fair price!!
  15. Sky Islands

    Issues with outdoorsman stud installed on 10x42el’s

    Thanks, Jimmer, PRDATR, and azelkhunter2 for the info it’s has been helpful. I’m gonna go with it and have it installed. I just had a friend tell me that it sometimes knocks the collimation off and Swarovski has to fix it. I think he said that because his buddy is making bino adaptors for the models of binos that you can’t thread the stud into. Thank you so much and Good luck on your season!! God bless!