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Found 28 results

  1. mrcommons

    The peaks tag

    Hi all - long time follower of the site, first time posting because I FINALLY drew an elk tag. I wanted an elk tag this year before my wife and I have kids so I put in for the peaks and 6A early season rifle bull. My credit card hit and I am 99% certain its the peaks. I am in very good shape however I know I will need to step up my workouts for this hunt. I usually OTC deer hunt in 7E so I know the neighboring terrain. I scouted it last year in late august. Saw more bulls than cows, saw a bachelor herd of rag horns with a respectable 6x6 and caught a beautiful 5x5 on game camera. My questions are: is there a recent burn area in the peaks? Does calling in early October work? I see the archery bull and the rifle cow will encompass their first 3 weeks and the neighboring unit 7E, will also have had their archery bull hunt in September as well. Will this drive the elk up the timberline 10-11k feet? I've watched all of Randy's videos on the hunt. Seems like a true old school hunt, no vehicle access, hiking in and out, which I love to do. I get the feeling that people who are desperate (including me) to get an elk tag put in for this unit but turn back when they actually see the work involved. Any advice or information will be awesome, I love hunting, dreamed of elk hunting with my dad since I was a young boy. Now I got the chance and would love to make it good, memorable hunt with him, and I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
  2. Tight Guy

    Montana General Elk Tag

    This isn't another of those " tell me where the new World Record Elk is tied to a tree at " questions. Just looking for suggestions from people who have done this trip before. All my life I have wanted to go to Montana to do a Combo general Deer and Elk hunt. And since I have more time on my hands now days have decided that this fall will be the right time. That being said I have never hunted Montana before and am looking for any and all help that you guys can give regarding where I might start. I plan on going and doing the Archery elk hunt in late Sept for about a week to 10 days. And if not successful come back for the rifle season. I hunt by camping out and hunting by just walking out of camp or driving to a nearby area and hunting on foot. I can also add that I can still get around in the mountains, But can't do areas that aren't steep and deep anymore. Where unit do you suggest for the bow hunt?? Just looking for a spot where I can camp and if I do my part get into some elk to play the calling game with. Not a trophy hunter anymore and any bull will do. Just want to go Elk Hunting. For the rifle season does anybody have a suggestion for a unit where both bulls and cows are legal?? Again not looking for a monster just want to hunt and maybe bring a cow home for the freezer if the bulls don't cooperate. Again not looking for anyone's honey hole just a place you have hunted that might fit the hunt im looking for. Thanks in advance for the info
  3. Tight Guy

    Elk Draw Progress

    So we had 11 people apply as individuals and only have 1 tag based on CC hits. The GFD website shows that they are 60% progress on the payment processing. So are we screwed or is their still a chance. Seems to me the draw was a 2-3 day process and we are 8 days in. Anybody have a answer??
  4. AzRaised08

    Late Season Unit 1

    Hello everyone, I am a first time DIY elk hunter. My father-in-law and I are heading out to Unit 1 for a late season bull hunt. I did not grow up hunting but have done a little over the past few years. All of my hunts have been DIY based on lots of reading and trial and error. We were able to spend the Thanksgiving weekend (Fri-Sun) scouting & glassing sun up to sun down but were unable to locate many elk. I was hoping that some of you would be gracious enough to share some advice about hunting late season elk in Unit 1 Arizona. Are most still up at higher elevations? Are bulls still generally sticking to secluded areas this long after the rut? Is it beneficial to still use calls occasionally? I have done quite a bit of research, but nothing beats picking the brains of an expert. Any advice/help you could give is much appreciated! John
  5. SirRoyal

    Low life Camera thiefs

    A message to the 2 low life camera thiefs. When you steal all the cameras in at least 6 spots in a given area here in Northern Az. You not just hurting the outfitters you are hurting the average Joe hunter who is not an outfitter and has limited resources. People that love to see elk and deer and lions and bears on Trail cameras. People who take their kids and friends out for a fun weekend! Im thinking you must be a low life liberal hunter ( ya they exist) without a moral compass. I have teamed up with most of the guys that you stole cameras from we are gonna nail you! We know alot more about you than you do about us! Its just a matter of time before your caught red handed. So beware your messing with a grizzly bear and his pals! You must have a tag, so your one of how many tags are in this unit. Hmm odds are against you. We will catch you ! We know the equipment your using to steal the 40+ cameras. I myself would never want to encounter an angry grizzly bear in the middle of the night. Just saying! Im the nicest guy in the world till Im not! Like God I believe in warning before judgement! SirRoyal
  6. KS2005

    Unit 10 Archery Bull Hunt

    Hello All, I got the miracle phone call last week and landed a Unit 10 Archery Bull Tag (#19). I'm super excited but have never hunted 10. It took 11 points to get this tag. I'm looking for any info/guidance regarding hunting this unit. I'm not necessarily after "What latitude and longitude should I be to kill a 400" bull opening morning?" Rather, general areas to focus on. How it hunts/tips for hunting 10. Calling effectiveness. Midday hunting tips for this area. How frequently do you see 300" bulls on average? 350" bulls? Are the boquillas the way to go? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Red Sparky

    Oh No!

    43 days to my archery elk hunt and this happens. I guess I should be happy it was not closer to season but will be fun sighting in my broad heads. At work today my hand got slammed in a wrought iron gate and broke my trigger finger on the bone where a ring would sit ( between hand knuckle and middle knuckle). Black and blue and swollen four times normal. I can't bend it so will see how long it takes to be able to move it. The other great news I got is the new, one and only Cabelas for NM, is having it's grand opening when I am gone. I guess I will have to kill an elk to make up for it.
  8. cflores


  9. BigBucks23

    VORTEX RAZOR HD 16-48X65

    $1065 Brand new VORTEX RAZOR HD STRAIGHT 16-48X65, this scope has not been used and comes with 2 cases. This scope retails in stores for $1250 for this set up plus tax (about $80), so this is saves you about $265 from the store price. If interested in this scope or any other great deals on Vortex items please contact me at aflguides@gmail.com or 435-6six8-eight06three Kory
  10. jgraffaz

    Elk in Unit 22 South

    To my surprise I drew my second choice which is a Late Archery bull tag in unit 22S. I plan on scouting HARD and learn the unit very well with a scouting trip planned in 2 weeks....After reading some different things some people say that elk "winter" in the south and spend the the summer in the north out of the unit boundary? Any information or tips on the unit and or late archery hunt would help, thanks!
  11. backwoodsjeeper

    Fraud on my account...

    While out in mexico my father and I where discussing the elk hunt well sure enough I check my account and boom!!!! Best fraud ever 🍻🍺
  12. High Point Outfitters

    New Archery Elk Video 2014

    Come along with first time archery hunter Ben Nielsen and HPO on an Arizona elk hunt. Watch over the shoulder video of bull after bull getting called into archery range. Feel the relief of a first time archery elk hunter finally putting his tag on a well-deserved archery bull elk. Give us a call to enjoy a hunt just like Ben’s! http://youtu.be/1i-2EoJy1CY
  13. High Point Outfitters

    New Arizona Elk Video from 2014 HPO Season

    Come along with HPO and Heather on her first ever elk hunt. Watch her light up the world with her big smile when she makes a perfect shot an a bull called up close. Watch over the shoulder video of the bull going down. Come and enjoy a hunt just like this with us this year. Get an Arizona elk tag and give us a call! http://youtu.be/DVorSufY3-c
  14. Strange deal this season, while glassing for bedded Bulls all I saw were horns! Standing in one spot I glassed 3 sheds 300 yds apart off 3 different Bulls. See if you can see 2 of them in the next two pics. And the hunters with our bounty.
  15. Shedhunteraz

    Finally got it done late season bull

    Well finally got it done yesterday morning. First elk with a bow. Hunt started off on the 12th for myself and my buddy tim and had a another buddy dave to help us out with glassing and communication. We knew this would be an extremely hard hunt to begin with but i'm always up for the challenge. First day saw about 8 bulls in which tim and i both bailed off a huge rim to go in after them. My bull disappeared and tim was on his elk. Had one coming across the ridge on my way back, and that turned into three nice 6x's scream down the hill at me. Got on the radio to dave but he was helping tim on his stalk. Bulls came within 40 yds i drew back and didn't have a lane, shifted a foot or so and the wind shifted and they were gone. Tim ended up missing on his so we met back up mid hill and the dreaded hike back out of the canyon. So the next few days brought several bulls but not for archery. Rifle no problem. And the weather moved in with cold and very windy conditions. We hunted till weds the 19th in the am and then tim had to tend to family matters at home. My wife shot up on monday night and i hunted with her for the next few days till we left on weds. I missed her and the kids so i decided to head back down the hill weds night. I thought i was done for the rest of the hunt but she talked me into going back up. So i headed back up on friday afternoon and her and the kids followed up that night. We discussed a game plan and i took her advice and went to her spot. After all this woman spends a ton of time in the field every year. So i listened to my wife and went on. Granted right in every way, she told me the night before you will get your bull tomorrow. So i went and sat my spot and i knew they moved form 730 till 8. About 755 i was ready to move and asked the good lord just please give me some sign. Sure as that i hear a branch break to my left. Im up a ridge and draw back i hear breathing and see antlers pop around the corner and about peed my pants. didnt have a chance to range but i had ranged a spot at 40 and he was way closer than that. Set my 30 pin on bottom of his stomach and let it fly. Heard and saw the smack, i thought dang i hit him high. He doesn't run. Walks off about 10 yds, stopped and started to do the death wobble takes two more steps hits the tree flips over on his back antlers down and all 4s in the air. Heard the moan and he was dead. From the time i shot it was no more than a minute and half and he was dead. I lucked out. I immediately called my wife, she was on the other side of the unit shed hunting of course and she was on her way. When everyone finally got to him i saw i hit him almost perfect for being at a slight incline. Missed the shoulder blade and right into the heart. Found the broke shaft and the broad head when i finished taking off the shoulder.This is a bull of a lifetime. I cannot thank and praise my wife enough. I love this woman more than life itself and just love being in the field with her. Just for putting up with my addiction and for being my best friend and being excited about me getting my first archery bull. You are the best holly. Pics dont do this bull justice but does give it some insight. He ended up being a 6x7, broke g2 on right side. has tons of character with his missing g3 wrapped under his ear. This bull carried so much mass is was ridiculous. Took him to dale at wild heritage and he is doing our mount and scored him for us. He ended up being a non-typical scoring 345 2/8. Truly a bull of a lifetime. Enjoy everyone, i think I'm still in shock
  16. muley224

    2014 Early Rifle Bulls

    A couple of great Bulls taken by 2 friends of mine. AEO guided. Awesome Bulls. 391 and 409. Great job Doug and Rob !!
  17. I'm a first time elk hunter and got drawn for a late season Unit 23 hunt this year. I grew up in Kentucky whitetail hunting but it's a completely different ballgame back home. There we generally have to keep the deer out of our fruit trees and backyard, but here I've barely seen enough to constitute a small herd! Does anyone have any pointers on how to start scouting this huge area and what kind of preparations I need to start looking into well before season. I'm a student so guides are probably a no go because of funding, and I'm a subsistence hunter as well so kind of defeats the purpose if I pay a few thousand to get the meat. I've never done this type of pack in hunting before and it looks like I'll probably be back country camping for the short season since I live in Tucson and commuting is just stupid at that range. Any and all pointers are appreciated!
  18. http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/tlo-2013-elk-season-recap.html Here are a few pictures from some of our 2013 elk hunts that we were blessed to be a part of. Once again there were many wonderful memories made with some amazing people! Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Lance Crowther Timberland Outfitters Making Memories. http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/tlo-2013-elk-season-recap.html
  19. High Point Outfitters

    Elk Shed Video

    For all of you shed hunters out burning time picking up bone this video is for you! Now can we hurry and get the draw results posted AG&F come on! The hits on the CC are driving us crazy! Let us know what you think of the shed video.
  20. Lance


    Don't miss this Complete A to Z Elk hunting Seminar! This will be a very personal seminar covering everything elk hunting for all seasons and hunts! This Seminar will be given by Lance Crowther of Timberland Outfitters and held at Sprague's Sports on Saturday March 22nd from 10am to 4pm. A Wonderful lunch will be served! Come and learn about elk and all aspects of elk hunting in a whole new light and never look at elk hunting the same way again! Pre Registration is Required! For more info or to register please call or text Lance at (928) 607-9380 or email at info@tlohunting.com If you can't make this seminar, there will be a couple more held around the state before next hunting season so please inquire and let us know where you are. Thank you. Lance and Carrie Crowther and Family http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/ultimate-to-z-elk-hunting-seminar.html
  21. High Point Outfitters

    Award Winning Elk Video

    We sure had a good time at the Hunt Expo in SLC this weekend. HPO won a Top Ten Award in the Outdoor Film Festival in SLC for an AZ Archery hunt out of all the videos entered. If you haven't seen it you better take a look at it below is the link. We also got to do some horn hunting for a few hours on the Kaibab on the way home. Perfect weekend, found some sheds and picked up an award in front of Dick Chaney and watched a guy pay $1.4 million on a tag, WOW! This great sport is in good hands with people like that around.
  22. High Point Outfitters

    New Elk Video

    HPO just posted a new elk video for you to take a look at. Subscribe to our new channel as we will post all the hunts from last year over the next few weeks.
  23. Please help me welcome our newest sponsor, High Point Outfitters! Check out their website and their Youtube channel. http://www.highpointoutfitters.net/ http://www.youtube.com/user/HighPointOutfitters?feature=watch High Point Outfitters is co-owned by Kevin Call, Blake Call and John Adams. They started their guiding business in 2008 and have had great success since then. They specialize in Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Coues Deer. They guide between 18-24 clients each year and had 20 hunters in 2013. They guide exclusively in Arizona (no Mexico or NM hunts). Because they live up in Flagstaff, they know the northern units very well. Although their focus the last several years have been on Elk, Antelope and Mule Deer, they now have on staff a couple Coues guides (Chris Barreras and Ben Sandall) who can provide great Coues hunts for units 6A, 6B, 8, 22 and 23. High Point Outfitters can provide whatever type of camp the hunter desires. Normally they use trailers and wall tents and have a great cook on staff. Owner Kevin Call said, "We provide both guide only hunts and fully outfitted hunts where the hunter can just bring their gun and sleeping bag. We pick them up at the Flagstaff airport and we take care of everything. Depending on the hunt we provide all transportation including Quads for some units. We stay in trailers and wall tents. We provide showers every day with warm comfortable accommodations so people can hunt hard every day. We provide first class meals that include our opening day Steaks and ice cream and Dutch oven cobbler. Hard to beat. We have been told by more than a few of our hunters that we provide a first class camp and the best they have ever stayed in. We believe in being comfortable." I called several of their past clients and these are the types of comments I heard about HPO service: "Highly professional!!" "Good family people!" "Great knowledge of the hunt unit!" "Very personable and professional!" "Highly recommended!" "Fantastic!" "Perfect hunt!" These guides are dedicated to making your hunt the best it can be. They work hard to try and get record book animals on every hunt. They guide archery and rifle hunters. When I asked about their success rate, here is what Kevin said, "I am a CPA by trade so I do keep stats. I think we need to have some basis for seeing how we are doing. With that said we do have some trophy hunters that would prefer to hunt the full hunt and not punch their tag without taking home the best animal that they have available to them. We have had 100% opportunity to harvest an animal on all of our hunts. Since 2008 we have had the following success: Rifle Antelope – 100% Archery Elk – 67% Early Rifle Elk – 100% Late Rife Elk – 54% Rifle Deer – 100% They also guide just about any type of hunter, from a novice to a true trophy hunter. They have been very successful at making first time hunters successful. And they have helped their clients take amazing animals. Give High Point Outfitters a call and check out their website. Find out what HPO can do for your next hunt! Here are some pics: Watch their highlight video from 2013
  24. High Point Outfitters

    New YouTube Video

    High Point Outfitters just posted a new highlight video from our 2013 season. Check it out at: Subscribe to our HPO TV channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/HighPointOutfitters to see the full hunts as they get posted over the next few months. More to come! Check it out and let us know what you think. HPO Team High Point Outfitters www.highpointoutfitters.net http://www.youtube.com/user/HighPointOutfitters www.facebook.com/#!/HighPointOutfitters
  25. So I've found out I drew unit 8 late season rifle bull! I'm really excited, my 1st bull tag! & Dad's 1st big game! Anyone with experience on this hunt that cpould give me some pointers & advice. Also I'm considering a scouting service (price range $300 or so) to increase our odds. Never hunted the unit and not lookin for trophys ( but I wont pass ) just want to get my 1st bull on the ground & more importantly see my Dad knock one out! Any help is always appreciated and best of luck to all you lucky elk hunters who also drew a tag!!!! May the elk flock to you like the swallows of Capastrano!