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  1. JLW


  2. JLW

    You Find Treasure

    friend sent me this. Thought it was kind of cool. IDK maybe I'm bored. 1st vid is an intro following vids are clues. looks as though someone has found the ones clues were put out.
  3. JLW

    Help Save Apache Trail

    Didn't see this posted yet so thought I'd share https://www.azbackroads.com/apache-trail/ jlw
  4. JLW

    2022 draw question

    here's to some luck! jlw
  5. JLW

    2022 draw question

    it does thank you! jlw
  6. JLW

    2022 draw question

    Got a question on the up coming draw. If I read this right, 6 people with 10 group bonus points; all residents drew the 3A/3C October tag. My wife and I have 10bp each. What are the chances we draw this tag in the bonus pass? Will there be a point creep? I know it's early, just trying to see if we need to think about alternate plans. Thanks, jlw
  7. JLW

    ammo recall

    maybe most already know but saw this last week. anyone stacking up 9mm ammo may want to check the lot numbers see links for info. https://winchester.com/Support/Customers/Winchester-9mm-Luger-115-gr-Recall https://winchester.com/support/customers/Herters-9mm-Luger-115-gr-Recall
  8. JLW

    Anyone like "Country" Music?

    listening to Sturgill Simpson, Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers. pop country sucks! Tyler Childers is a great singer song writer.... rare these days.
  9. My buddy was looking for some. I found these for him. He hasn't received them yet. He can't front sight focus without readers. LOL https://clicreaders.com/collections/readers Lots of other options tho jlw
  10. JLW

    Trail camera rule changes!

    actually science says.... hahaha https://www.sciencealert.com/swearing-is-a-sign-of-more-intelligence-not-less-say-scientists so ya fuk your English lit teacher
  11. JLW

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    yep only flatlanders start fires up there. no local chain draggers or idiot lady broke down on her quad or sancarlos guy out of work.... yep all valley folks
  12. JLW

    Mask Requirements

    watch the dr at the end
  13. After researching a bit I did see this and have decided not to go limbdriven, which right now I shoot a smackdown pro limbdriven rest, I had an issue when I drew back and was a bit tired and didn't look at my arrow when I finally struggled to break it over and lined up the shot and squeezed the trigger. My arrow went about 15yd down into the ground. It took like 15 minutes to figure out what happened. somehow when I drew back my arrow came off the cradle and whe the fork went up it missed my arrow shaft and I din't notice it so total bonehead dumbass thing I did. I think now I'd like to be able to cock it in the upright so looking at the LOK and the max...limbdriven is kinda secondary now. Thanks for the offer! James
  14. ok waited til after the draw deadline... just curious...... who put in for 5b December archery tag. that could be a fun hunt if access isnt restricted! I did not because I have toooo many points waiting for 3a3c tag james