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  1. JLW

    Trail camera rule changes!

    actually science says.... hahaha https://www.sciencealert.com/swearing-is-a-sign-of-more-intelligence-not-less-say-scientists so ya fuk your English lit teacher
  2. JLW

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    yep only flatlanders start fires up there. no local chain draggers or idiot lady broke down on her quad or sancarlos guy out of work.... yep all valley folks
  3. JLW

    Mask Requirements

    watch the dr at the end
  4. After researching a bit I did see this and have decided not to go limbdriven, which right now I shoot a smackdown pro limbdriven rest, I had an issue when I drew back and was a bit tired and didn't look at my arrow when I finally struggled to break it over and lined up the shot and squeezed the trigger. My arrow went about 15yd down into the ground. It took like 15 minutes to figure out what happened. somehow when I drew back my arrow came off the cradle and whe the fork went up it missed my arrow shaft and I din't notice it so total bonehead dumbass thing I did. I think now I'd like to be able to cock it in the upright so looking at the LOK and the max...limbdriven is kinda secondary now. Thanks for the offer! James
  5. ok waited til after the draw deadline... just curious...... who put in for 5b December archery tag. that could be a fun hunt if access isnt restricted! I did not because I have toooo many points waiting for 3a3c tag james
  6. JLW

    Kuiu Attack pants

    thats my old size..lol since end of october I've lost 54lbs and about 4.5 inches on the waist... mostly my arse
  7. JLW

    Kuiu Attack pants

    just curious.... do they fit like true 34 w ? or do they run small/ never worn kuiu but heard their shirts run a bit small. james
  8. JLW

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    3 hours ago iciweb reported fire was 3/4 mile from 188 and just north of 3bar cabin fr 445 dang...... james
  9. Right? more like poaching 6 animals and getting charged 17,000$ .... kinda like a hooker with the clap and no condom
  10. JLW

    Outlaw bc777

    brother knows he's a poacher....knew it the whole time. you can tell the truth now that its over. for him to bash others for poaching knowing the whole time he's typing that he's a pos poacher. just running is neck to throw people off the trail. a lot of things he posted about... go back and read some of it. how narcissistic to poach a deer and aply for pope and young and the eastmans journal contest... what a loser! have fun poaching. james
  11. JLW

    Outlaw bc777

    anyone notice the other guy was from heber also?
  12. this is a couple years old. find the popcorn thread to see the irony in the quoted text part james
  13. JLW

    Heber back yard buck

    is this the 6x6?
  14. And this dude had to pay 30k in fines. That's the biggest thing I don't agree with is the punishment. Dudes go blast stuff without tags at all and don't get punishment near as severe. But move there, get the tag, and pay for it and don't live there a few more months to really prove you're a resident let's hang the guy. What a dirty low life scoundrel pulling a stunt like that. funny right there!
  15. JLW

    Get those apps in

    op take your bug spray and spray into your mouth! james