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  1. JLW

    Cold Storage or Processor Near Young?

    old cowboy showed me a trick when day temps are high but night temps are low. Hung the quarters at night with temps in 30's day temps in the 70's and in the morning he wrapped them in a sleeping bag for insulation and put them in his tool box in his truck parked in the shade . If your driving all over make sure the seal is tight to keep dust out. We were hunting from camp. worked great for a few days! meat was super cold when we got home! james
  2. JLW

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    reminds me of the bleach bottle story. what a piece of $hit M F james
  3. JLW


    wanted to root for Lamb to do well but with Escobar exceeding everyone's expectation he is the odd man out. needed a good showing from him to get some trade value. He's no Arenado! Get Him outta here! Marte locked thru 2024 (rocking a 7 WAR) with a manageable contract. Fix the bp and keep the has been closers away! james
  4. JLW


    I know! I wish torrey was more consistant at the plate. or better yet bring his era down when he starts and not give up sooo many home runs or blown saves! with this roster being 12th in offense and take away a handful of the blown saves and we are in. with the grenke trade, bringing the salary down around 116 mil vs boston 227 mil. should be able to add some key bullpen pitchers next season. did a heck of a lot better than I thought after not retaining some key players last season. and we got the better end of the goldshmidt trade. so from Boston perspective how pissed would you be if your team had the highest payroll and didn't make the playoffs? be .... heck they only have 2 more wins than the DBACKS! now pick a back up team who is in it and root for the dodgers to blow it for the 8th straight year!!! james
  5. JLW

    6B Arizona Mule Deer hunt

    coues taste waaaay better! like filet mignon vs rump roast with no fat! besides you get another crack at em with your bow come January (rut time) if you kill now. James
  6. I have a brand new never shot mission mxr with factory accessories RH draw specific cams. chart says D mods is set at 28" 70 lb. limbs ibo speed up to 324@ 29.5" 30" axle to axle comes with drop away rest QAD Ultra rest needs tied into cable also has a small stab and Apex arrow quiver. only need a peep sight and some arrows. I'll even throw in an old release if someone is in need if you need different mods they are like 40$ $425 no trades please text james 480-two 1 two 36seven0
  7. JLW

    WTB Bow Package

    sent a pm james
  8. JLW

    11M Elk a Nuisance

    i'm slow I re read about 5 times...and yep lol ed funny chit there but if there ever was a gay cat figured it would come from flagstaff James
  9. JLW

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    seen quite a few in 23 the greenbacks and around bar x. several of the ones we encountered over the last decade were an olive green and a couple the green hue was quite bright. Won a bet with someone claiming it was a Mohave. walking in hip high grass going to check cams and a tank by the hippie ranch, the rattling at my feet sent shivers up my leg and if I'm not mistaken I was gay for about a minute or so....at least the scream I let out sounded that way. I really need some snake guards! Also several black tail rattlers around the bar x. james
  10. JLW

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    saw this on the web interesting even if not true http://apachecountyatv.org/Outlaw_History.html http://www.ancestorpages.com/fr_fred.html james
  11. JLW

    Raffle bull

    https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/units/pinetop/4b/ read the unit info on game and fish website. I find most of the time they are spot on with starting points and helpful tips. scouting the areas to learn roads, terrain, ect. will be a must so you're not wondering aimlessly. good luck! james
  12. JLW

    WTB Elite Impulse 34

    modules are like 40-50$ I have a 6 arrow elite quiver in max 1 I'll let go for $80 james
  13. JLW

    WTB Elite Impulse 34

    on camofire right now $499 BB https://www.camofire.com/index.php/Deals/41 love my elite!
  14. JLW

    Another where I Am!!!

    close to some big azz whitetail