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  1. JLW

    Background Problems

    https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/nics/delayed-firearm-transaction FFL only has to hold for 3 days if they don't get back to them they can let you pick it up but they don't have to. I would guess because they are a chain store maybe feel they can be held liable...IDK I know a guy the same thing happened and after 3 days they didn't hear back from feds and gun shop called him to pick it up. see link for reasons of possibilities. mushrooms are going to be leagal...? Right?.....lol! James
  2. JLW


    that firs dude is a beast! definitely can see how the extra rain helped their antlers! James
  3. find the big groups of cow elk and hang it there cause the bulls will certainly find them when its on! james
  4. JLW

    Sybil Part 2

    maybe try contacting someone that writes books on az history....? I found this guy on-line maybe he could point you in the right direction. https://www.roguecolumnist.com/rogue_columnist/2018/08/ghost-railroads-of-arizona.html james
  5. JLW

    Scratch those ears for me

    sorry man! I feel for you!!! Loss of a loyal one is sometimes the hardest thing! James
  6. did I read that right "50 tags ANY DEER (not any antlered) in the archery only draw for 11M not sure if I missed this discussion on why or ? mainly cause I'm tired of the empty thread on top...lol! james
  7. JLW

    Blood from a turnip lol

    try being a transportation company with 800 vehicles which we pay $68 tax per year per vehicle (which uber/lyft doesn't pay) on top of the $32 fee and all the out of state vehicles here that actually live here and pay registration to another state. 2016 says there were 2.4 million registered commercial and private vehicles. the fee is way too steep! remember when duchey runs for the senate!
  8. JLW

    Popcorn thread

    looks like documents say he has the same lawyer as the lady that embezzled 1.8 million from showlow fire district. what are fraudulent schemes? 2 different case # both have fraudulent schemes and 1 includes insurance fraud wasn't there a story submitted to a magazine? could this be the fraudulent both sides seem shady this is a weird deal
  9. JLW

    Trailer title - home built?

    Level 1 Inspections for Homemade Trailers Ayala Motor Vehicle Services is authorized to provide Level I inspection services at our Tempe, Arizona office location, or by appointment on-site at your location. If you need us to come to your location for an inspection on your homemade trailer, Contact us to schedule your appointment. A level I inspection is required when titling and/or registering a homemade trailer for the first time. A homemade trailer requires an Arizona Serial Number, which is an identification number issued by the state of Arizona, and becomes the VIN for that vehicle. The serial number can be obtained from any MVD office or an Authorized Third Party provider, like Ayala Motor Vehicle Services. Arizona defines a homemade trailer as not shop made or mass produced by a manufacturer, but constructed by an individual from various materials, for example: • Scrap iron or tubing • Scrap wood (for floor or siding) • Used axle or homemade axle All components used to construct the trailer must be listed on the AZ Special Serial Number Application. The total value of the trailer, and the weight (plus it's load) of the trailer must be provided by the customer. It is recommended to keep all receipts for materials used to construct the trailer, at least until the customer has titled and/or registered it. Homemade trailers with a value exceeding $1000.00 must provide receipts for the materials used to construct it. Required equipment for homemade trailers must be present on the trailer to pass inspection. The following items are considered required equipment: • Stop light (see ARS 28-927 for details) • Tail light (ARS 28-925) • The tail lights cannot be lower than 15 inches and cannot be higher than 60 inches from the ground. • Clearance lights or reflectors (ARS 28-926C & 28-928A) • Clearance lights or reflectors cannot be mounted higher than 60 inches and cannot be mounted lower than 20 inches from the ground. • The front reflectors must be amber or yellow and the rear reflectors must be red. Both areas are mounted on either side of the trailer. If the trailer is less than 24 inches, the reflectors will be mounted as high as that part of the permanent structure permits. *NOTE* Any time a measurement is required for head lights, tail lights or reflectors, always measure from the ground to the center of the light. • White license plate light (ARS 28-925C) • The whie license plate light must illuminate the license plate only. • Safety chain • Brakes, if over 3000 lbs. (ARS 28-952) • Trailers and semi-trailers less than 3,000 lbs do not require brakes to be installed. • Trailers and semi-trailers less than 6,000 lbs must have brakes on both wheels and one axle. • Trailer size: • Total outside width of a trailer cannot exceed 8 feet 6 inches (ARS 28-1093) • Maximum height of a trailer cannot exceed 13 feet 6 inches (ARS 28-1094) • Maximum length of a trailer cannot exceed 40 feet including front and rear bumpers (ARS 28-1095) • Mud flaps or splash guards (ARS 28-958.01) • The mud flaps or splash guards must extend to a length of not more than 8 inches from the ground. • They need to be wide enough to cover the full tread(s) of the tires being protected. • A single axle trailer with fenders wide enough to cover the full tread(s) of the tires being protected and that extend to a length of not more than 14 inches from the ground is exempt. • Bill of Sale & Dismantle Permit • Bill of Sale(s) for pipe, steel, wood, etc. or dismantling permits for the frame or other parts of a dismantled vehicle (such as a truck bed), axles, or other vehicle parts.
  10. JLW

    Guess the score

    this was funny
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    Guess the score

  12. JLW

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

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    Pm sent