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  1. JLW


    https://blogs.wsj.com/canadarealtime/2013/02/27/who-knew-canada-is-no-3-in-global-horse-meat-export-trade/ canada is no 3 in export of horse meat. pretty sure the machaca the mexicans at my work bring back from sonora is burro meat. tastes good tho James
  2. JLW

    big lake/crescent?

    Arizona State Highways 261 & 273 opening April 12 https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/asnf/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD575870 not sure about coming in the other way... james
  3. JLW

    Desert Recluse

    hope you heal up well! A guy from work army ranger vet was bit on his foot..... did the normal tough guy thing not going to the Dr. A week later he dropped a spare tire on his foot and somehow made the infection spread quickly and after removing part of the flesh from his foot the infection persisted and the ended up amputating about 1/2 of his foot! Brown recluse bites = no joke! James
  4. JLW

    WTB 28.5” RH Bow Fully set up

    Needs to be set up but has everything you need except peep. Rest not tied in jlw
  5. JLW

    WTB 28.5” RH Bow Fully set up

    Mission by Mathews 28” cams I believe.
  6. JLW

    cwd article

    article on cwd in Wyoming 50% rate in some MD herds sounds really high https://trib.com/outdoors/wyoming-group-finalizes-recommendations-to-combat-fatal-deer-elk-and/article_8876da04-87f7-5185-974b-9f0f9080e9b4.html
  7. https://www.paysonroundup.com/news/azgfd-open-house-in-payson-a-passionate-affair/article_afb0ca9f-0ce4-5e70-b45b-f8635f83e862.html
  8. JLW

    Rifle seasons.

    First second third fourth etc are only referring to wt hunts since they have multiple hunts in certain unit. Archery is otc if you have a tag it’s good for all 3 hunts as long as you only bag 1 per season. The problem lies with the service. We have our own mathematicians here. Look at the actual reg book and you will get their lingo
  9. JLW

    Rifle seasons.

    I can’t believe I’m reading this!!! so you concerned about the date or number of hunts in a unit ? you’re making it too complicated! They separate whitetail from md and all units are in chronological order if there is 4 wt hunts in a unit they will be in order early to late I don’t think wt rifle hunts overlap each other maybe late wt and archery run together.in the archery hunt they even black out the columns when there is no hunt for that date no the youth hunt isn’t counted in 1st 2nd 3rd 4th. Doesn’t matter how many hunts in what month the dates determine which is first second third etc.
  10. JLW

    Muley deadhead

    sweet finds for sure! after rotating you have to save them if done on a computer it saves after you rotate in photo viewer or whatever anyone uses james
  11. JLW

    What do u see

    didn't know I needed my 15s at work james
  12. JLW

    WAR in Kentucky!

    eff this bs typed a reply wouldn't allow me to post it didn't even mean to quote this dude....wtf
  13. JLW

    Boots need new soles

    someone a few years back recommended JRs http://jrsshoesandboots.com/ ended up buying a new pair but they are authorized for quite a few brands.... worth the look james
  14. JLW

    Pennsylvania Bull

    and kentucky from az central Hunting and ranching had killed off the Southwest’s native Merriam’s elk by 1906. A decade later Arizona received its first shipment of Rocky Mountain elk from Yellowstone. Those elk and subsequent transplants grew by the thousands during the second half of the 20th century, and after the turn of this century, Arizona donated some of them to Kentucky. James