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  1. Elmacho

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    Dustin25, You are correct. I wasn't trying to say radios are wrong or unethical...... I learned to stalk through trial and error, lots of it.... the successes are sooooo sweet! My buddy was watching from above,just because he happened to be there when I spotted and decided to stalk the bucks--both times. Using the radio was not even part of the consideration. After the shot, on the way back up the hill, I pulled the radio outta the pack cussing myself for missing and he said, "WTF are you talking about?, you drilled him and he crashed over the ridge from you!" I did't even think I hit the buck (in the end it wasnt a great hit, so it took a while longer than normal)......so....very lucky on that one. On another, I lost sight of the arrow flight in the shadows and the mule deer bounded away looking unhit..bounded a couple hundred yards until outta sight-he never looked sick. We yelled back and forth up the canyon---he was 100yds behind me with binos, and couldnt here eachother....oh hey...let me try the radio......he tells me I smoked him.....next couple hours on my hands and knees tracking- drip here, drip there blood.....found him 350 yards away with arrow entering last rib, stuck in front collarbone. So, yes...a crutch of sorts, but not planned that way....
  2. Elmacho

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    I think to truly learn the craft of stalking game, you need to ditch the radio. Your hunting senses and patience will grow as a result. The sense of wind direction will become second nature, picking out the bush the deer is under will become better, stalking skills increase....etc......you will adapt and the feeling of accomplishment will multiply exponentially. Having someone to guide you to the animal creates a crutch.....your relying upon directions instead of your own brain to figure it out. You are smart enough to grow the senses on your own. Does it mean you may not make a kill for a couple years? Maybe, but that's just part of it....(the painful part) I do however like to have a spotter for after the shot if possible......I have recovered two animals that would have been worm bait if my buddy had not seen where he went from up high above us. One was a clean shot and he still ran 250 yards and disappeared from my view, the other was a not so great shot and he went 1/2 mile, but my buddy saw it all from above. My radio was off until after the shots, then I called with a WTF just happened? Best of luck
  3. Two Words: DREAM BUCK Congratulations! (guess thats three words)
  4. Elmacho

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Thats a great way to start!
  5. Elmacho

    Last Day Bull (pics)

    Way to utilize 14 days of your life!!! The hunt itself is priceless. Nice bull to close out the hunt! Did you see/have close calls with any other interesting specimens?
  6. Elmacho

    22S Last Night

    Trophyhunter I knew that would get a response! ha.....your funny as heck, love reading your reactions to posts. I was just making a reference to the decaying morals of society and them spilling over into hunting......no issues here thank goodness. good luck this season
  7. Elmacho

    22S Last Night

    I think I will head that direction and drive around until I find the ravens buzzing around like mosquito on the 4th of july..... Probably bring a trailer, dont think I could fit half dozen "skulls" with antlers in my pickup. This is the distasteful part of life.....ethics/morals be damned.......like a multi-time cheating spouse- shoplifters, - theives...etc......just part of the population I guess
  8. Thanks for sharing the adventure....was checking in 2x a day to keep up. You had one heck of a hunt. May the draw gods shine on you again.
  9. Elmacho

    California Becomes First State To Ban Fur Trapping

    It is an all out assault on guns and hunting from all fronts in CA. Everything is becoming a horror story......I hope to leave in the near future, but in the meantime, dont let this happen in your state....fight it all you can..... Internet orders require an FFL-----but none want the headache. Cant bring ammo purchased out of state Retailers that do carry ammo are charging "a bit more" than they used to or available on-line-------good for business, bad for keeping shooting sports alive Ammo purchases require a backround check---like buying a firearm---everytime you purchase All hunting must be done with non-tox bullets and shot. Stores hardly carry any non-tox ammo minimal infractions result in MAJOR penalties... Anything public land that has any water, elevation, feed or cover has been declared a wilderness or off-limits Rant over- Good luck this season
  10. May the force be with you, Idgaf! Whack a beast!
  11. I haven't had a tag there, but watching this post is dang good. Keep at it and whack a good one. Thank you for sharing your ride with us!
  12. Elmacho

    22 Points

    why not 3A/C with the rifle going first this year?
  13. Elmacho

    Monday morning success

    Congratulations. Really nice bull and great pics!
  14. Elmacho

    Unit 6 Muzz Anyone?

    Thanks to everyone for sending your advice. I am looking forward to it. You are always welcome to PM me if with any other info if you good luck in the draws and season! Mark
  15. Elmacho

    Unit 1 Trophy Bull

    The rare, elusive 11 point...