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  1. Elmacho

    22 Points

    why not 3A/C with the rifle going first this year?
  2. Elmacho

    Monday morning success

    Congratulations. Really nice bull and great pics!
  3. Elmacho

    Unit 6 Muzz Anyone?

    Thanks to everyone for sending your advice. I am looking forward to it. You are always welcome to PM me if with any other info if you good luck in the draws and season! Mark
  4. Elmacho

    Unit 1 Trophy Bull

    The rare, elusive 11 point...
  5. Elmacho

    Unit 6 Muzz Anyone?

    Hello everyone, I am a lucky non-res who drew this tag, though I didn't think I would. I will learn as much about the unit as possible as I have time to scout and prefer to not hire a guide at this time. I am planning to scout the roads/access at the end of the month...and again in Oct. for some good bulls. Any suggestions welcome, I know its a big area and I cant hunt it all. just trying to narrow it down a bit so I ain't running all over. trying to narrow it down to half or quarter of the unit, if thats an option... Thanks and good luck in the deer/sheep draws
  6. Elmacho


    Just throwing this out there...... If you hit a buck and do not recover him, did you burn your tag......or go hunt for a second buck? .....The ethical/moral dilemna................ If I don't have proof the buck is going to live...like seeing the arrow skim his back or brisket...no blood, my tag is done! Yes....its painful as heck.... My point is....that if hunters keep hunting on a second, third etc deer, the harvest objective may be continually exceeded if the number of dead deer reported is less than actual. (I frequently read about all the "lost bucks"...what about the second buck harvested?) We all owe it to the animals to police ourselves if we are going to call hunters the "stewards of wildlife" Hopefully the buck makes it....
  7. Elmacho

    Expert Opinion

    Thanks For the Help! Good luck to you guys in the draws!
  8. Elmacho

    Expert Opinion

    Happy New Year! With the draws coming up, I pose this question! 19 Points as a resident ready for Early Rifle in a premier central AZ unit. What do you all think of the Early Rifle season being moved back a week? I realize 19 might not get it, but what if? El-
  9. Elmacho

    Regs out for deer

    Once I put in for a tag, when do the results come out? (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  10. ......Only Hunter!.......He's a beast!. Nice job guys on some beautiful bucks! Well done! Mark
  11. Elmacho

    Rifle went haywire!

    Thanks to all of you! AFter getting a new mcmillan stock to fit me, bedding it, sending scope to leupold, nothing worked. Changed the Talley Rings for new ones, guess what? 2 fouling shots as normal Next shot dead nuts and the next 5 same place.. 6 shot group covered by a quarter......priceless...... it was so darnn frusterating trying to get this figured out.....1.5 years of PITA and she is back to the good ole days.... BTW....Nosler Trophy grade 140 accubond.....right combo! Thanks for all your imput, I definitely learned a bot from you all! Mark
  12. Elmacho

    Rifle went haywire!

    ok. so I went thru it again. Changed ammo, it is definitely part of the problem. This verified something is wrong too. Groups are showing horizontal variance. 100 yd groups are 1 inch tall x 2.75 inches wide. Before I sent the scope back to leupold, I was having issues with 1" tall x 7" wide groups. So, I have concluded that some of the ammunition is at fault when they go all over the place, but have deduced that when the ammo is good, I still have a left-right issue. Gun is free floated and pillar bedded. What else causes this issue. Also, spoke with Talley about the rings....they told me they can wear out? REALLY???? never heard of that before....does that happen? again, appx 400 rds in the gun... Thanks, Mark
  13. Elmacho

    Rifle went haywire!

    BustedKnuckle...thanks, I just ordered some Nosler loads....I have a hunch it may be the loads changed....especially since the barnes cartridges treated mevery well for so long. I found that the Blue-boxed federals were super accurate too, but upon shooting a coues with them last year, not impressed....pencil hole damage thru and thru for two shots....luckily it knicked an artery or it would have been a rodeo...we'll see how the Nosler cartridges work.. I also went ahead and did a doulde regimine of JB Bore Paste today.....with a brass brush....more dirty than anticipated....lets hope this was it ...period! (I looked with a magnifier and flash light down the bore from the crown and could see some bright red copper smiling at me........) Will go check the bottom metal too. Thanks again!
  14. Elmacho

    Rifle went haywire!

    I see no visible damage to the crown with a 10x magnifing glass, but I am no expert. Definitely going to have it looked at. My cleaning routine is this: 2 patches of shooters choice copper remover, wait 5 minutes, scrub 10 laps with nylon brush, flush with gun scrubber, dry patch, repeat 3 times, or until clean patches, 2 oiled patches, 1 dry patch a few minutes later. I did a JB bore paste treatment 40 rounds ago....no effect Any names of really good smiths in upper phoenix, one that will also test loads through it? Very frusterating spedning more time trying to tinker with the gun than actually hunting or practicing.... Thanks guys!
  15. Guys,....and Gals... I have a rifle that was shooting .7 groups for 5 years straight, with factory ammo....about 350 rds total. Barnes Vor-tx 140 grain was the key. I cant find another ammo that works. All of a sudden, it all went to heck. 3 inch groups. I went thru the gun, sent the scope back to leupold....all clear, put it on a mcmillan stock, reassembled it all and it is no good. WHO WOULD YOU ALL RECOMMEND TO TAKE THE RIFLE TO TO GO THRU IT, SHOOT IT AND AND GET IT BACK TO "NORMAL"? I have spent a ton of time and 1.5 years later cannot figure it out on my own. It is a Rem 700 CDL, 270WSM. Scope is a VX-3 4-14. Timney trigger at 3.0lbs.