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  1. Elmacho

    Thanks AZ...

    Way to go. Great way to piggy back tags too!!!
  2. Elmacho

    3B Tag Holders -

    Really nice buck and phoo! Congratulations!
  3. Elmacho

    Cabeza Sheep

    Unreal! GOAT!
  4. Elmacho

    NM muzzleloader coues

    Please consult blackhorn and CVA.....Blackhorn says 84 gr by weight is their max recommended, Make sure you dont blow yourself up. I bet you have a break on the gun? heck, your prolly good to 500yds plus with that load!
  5. Elmacho

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    Who you callin a Jack-a-lope??😂
  6. Elmacho

    Guess the score.

    Congratulations! Great Buck!....and great work ethic!
  7. Elmacho

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    Thats a Coues Shed!......
  8. Real easy: Keep your mouth shut about what you are seeing.....Bitch about how little you are seeing and how frustrated you are. I have seen everybit of the stuff mentioned above, albeit not on the strip, other places. I even had the single bull tule elk tag in the unit (CA)and discussed my plans with a couple guys with cow tags who appeared to be cool at the time. They did everything they could to screw my hunt, including driving their truck through the pasture I was hunting at night honking their horns and speeding around where the elk had been in the evenings prior to the hunt. (I watched this from 1/2 mile away on a hill while glassing).....people get crazy with this stuff. Best of luck! Enjoy!
  9. Elmacho

    Big Ram Down!!! New unit record

    I'd still rather shoot coues bucks.......haha That is one heck of a ram. Congratulations! About as purdy as they come!
  10. Elmacho

    Euro mount

    Very Nice Great job on that!
  11. Elmacho

    Desert Tortoise

    MMMMM..Tasty with garlic butter!....JK The govt was nice enough to build special fences in CA to keep them off the roads......we see a few here and there out bird hunting.
  12. Elmacho

    2020 Coues/2021 Javelina

    Great pics, great write-up!
  13. Elmacho

    Over the counter tags

    Sierra Vista and the SE part of the state gets a bit out of the way logistically.......Further away from our aging parents and siblings, barring that.....no prob. Aint easy finding someplace not to far from family, plenty of bird and big game hunting, not too hot, easy access to exiting to states north of AZ, good mexican food etc. We have time to think. Now, why missouri-----sound it out MIS-ER-Y....lol. I hear its nice and plenty of the bigger whitey to shoot