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Found 25 results

  1. Thought some might like to see a few more antelope pictures on CWT.com while we wait for the success photos to come in! So for those who have tags or just enjoy looking at big bucks, here are some of the recent scouting pictures that I had on my phone. Lance
  2. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/50623-2013-tlo-mule-deer-season-pics/ See these great bucks and a dozen more!!!! Follow the link to our Blog page and see all the hunts we were blessed to be a part of during our 2013 Mule Deer Season! http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/50623-2013-tlo-mule-deer-season-pics/ Thank you for looking, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Lance
  3. Another Great Bull Down! Ted Carlson and Timberland Outfitters are counting our Bison Blessings once again! Ted was able to make a great one shot kill at 45 yards to take this great P&Y record class bull! This bull may also be a B&C record. But for sure he is the biggest bodied bull we have ever taken! Good thing he was still skinny from the winter, handling him was tough enough as it was! Ted and I are not small men and usually if I have a half way sized or strong man with me, we can always stand up even the biggest bulls for pictures. We tried our hardest to prop him up and we never even began to come close! I took some measurements on this bulls 6' tall at the shoulder body because I could see his body and bone structure was huge. For comparison, Most big bulls are around 5'5"+ and will have a hump plate that is 15 to 17 inches tall. I don't think I have ever seen one over 17". This bull was 19"! I found this bulls awesome track and tried to hide my excitement from Ted, but he could tell I knew it was something special. I tracked this bull back and forth for quite a while and noticed an awesome pattern that he had done twice and about every couple of days! I felt there was a good chance he would do it again and that the time for him to do it if he was going to do it would be that day or the next! I had high hopes! I set up some cameras just in case the bull came through at night. It was about noon that day when I settled on a place to set up and take our chances to wait for the bull for the next couple of days. It was cold and we were freezing but since I figured the bull was in the part of his pattern that would be on the park the only thing we could do if we wanted this bull was to wait. So, at 6:20 that evening here comes the huge bull!!! I turn on the video camera and get great video as Ted makes a great 45 yard shot! The bull took a while to expire but only went 40 yards!!! It Was Awesome and we took our time enjoying the night with no hurry to be anywhere. Once I put a knife to him It took us 2hrs and 20min to break down the buffalo into quarters and pieces. And with all the meat, hides and head back in camp it was 1:30 am when I finally crawled into bed! Considering our day started at 4:AM the morning before we were excited to sleep in a little! Felling blessed indeed! Hope you enjoy! Lance. Below is a trail cam picture of the bull shortly before the bull was taken! Below is a picture off of the video at point of arrow impact!!! Check out how that 2000lb animal is already trying to string jump the arrow!
  4. http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/2013-az-trophy-antelope-hunts-recap-tlo.html Thank you everyone for all your support! Once again we were very blessed to be able to be a part of some amazing AZ trophy antelope hunts with some wonderful people! These are our hunters with a few live scouting pictures of their bucks. Hope you enjoy all the pictures! Thanks again! Lance and Carrie Crowther http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/2013-az-trophy-antelope-hunts-recap-tlo.html
  5. http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/tlo-2013-elk-season-recap.html Here are a few pictures from some of our 2013 elk hunts that we were blessed to be a part of. Once again there were many wonderful memories made with some amazing people! Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Lance Crowther Timberland Outfitters Making Memories. http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/tlo-2013-elk-season-recap.html
  6. Lance


    Don't miss this Complete A to Z Elk hunting Seminar! This will be a very personal seminar covering everything elk hunting for all seasons and hunts! This Seminar will be given by Lance Crowther of Timberland Outfitters and held at Sprague's Sports on Saturday March 22nd from 10am to 4pm. A Wonderful lunch will be served! Come and learn about elk and all aspects of elk hunting in a whole new light and never look at elk hunting the same way again! Pre Registration is Required! For more info or to register please call or text Lance at (928) 607-9380 or email at info@tlohunting.com If you can't make this seminar, there will be a couple more held around the state before next hunting season so please inquire and let us know where you are. Thank you. Lance and Carrie Crowther and Family http://timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2014/03/ultimate-to-z-elk-hunting-seminar.html
  7. Family is Everything!!! I Love Our Kids! Like so many of you, I am a very proud parent and have to brag on my precious children! This year has been busy and I haven't kept up on pictures. But I,d like to share some of our 4 kids pictures from this year. They were very blessed to be able to draw some fun tags and we had some very fun hunts. Some included the whole family and some they did on their own! First off this year was Javelina season! My oldest son Ty, 16 at the time, took another archery javelina! He has taken 4-5 others with a bow but this time he and his little brother Weston, 14 at the time, went down to 6A by their selves and glassed up and stalked and killed this pig and brought it home and skinned it and quartered it and everything all by their selves. How many 16 year olds can you trust to take your truck and his little brother by their selves to go on a successful archery hunt hours from home? If you know Ty and Weston, or have ever hunted with them, its not a big deal. but Im very proud of them just the same! Next was Our just barely 10 year old daughter Rachel on her very first big game hunt! She used the 7mm-08 to take her pig on the Junior hunt in 6A. So proud of her! Just her and I in the field that day. Next was our 12 year old daughter Aimee with her second 6A jr hunt pig! She shot it across a canyon with the 7mm-08. Her Brother Weston was there helping us that day. Pretty proud of her too! The last kid with a tag was our 14 year old Weston with a 6A Ham tag. He wanted to use a pistol and did! his older brother Ty was with us that day. Weston used his voice to call a herd of javelina out of the rocks and he shot this one on the run with the revolver in a blinding snow storm! Lethal boy! Next was archery deer! My to boys Ty now age 17 and Weston age 15 went to the Kaibab by their selves cause I was busy guiding clients. They camped with their cousins. They have both hunted and helped me guide in the Kaibab many times and while Weston was out hunting with Ty Weston was able to take his first Archery deer. Way to go boys and way to get it done on a great buck! Next up was Ty. Ty actually missed his big bucks in the Kaibab, and found out his sight had gotten loose and moved. but by then they had to come home and go to school. So Ty sighted in his bow again and went out around Flagstaff with us and shot the first buck that gave him a shot. This is Ty's second archery deer in a row! Next was 10 year old Rachel with her unit 7 jr deer tag. I got to hunt with all the kids and our friend Melissa. Aimee had a deer tag also and Weston had an elk tag the same week! We had a great adventurous opening day covering lots of country and seeing 40 bucks and over 100 elk! Rachel took this, her first buck, on the evening of opening day with everyone there to help us pack it out! She shot it after a spot and stalk at 50 yards with the 7mm-08. Next was now 13 year old Aimee with her 7jr tag on the second day of the hunt! Aimee Had shot at this buck the day before with the 243 and hit it in the horn. she was only using the 243 cause our other guns were being used by her siblings but still, it was very unlike her to miss like that. The next day she took our 7mm RUM and her brother Ty and hiked back in there 3 miles and they glassed up the same buck and this time she hammered him down! They cut it up and packed it out with the help of Melissa who hiked in, all while I was hunting elsewhere. So Proud of them! Again, How many teen age kids can you trust to back pack 3 miles back into the mountains with guns and knives and find, kill and pack out their own deer? Again, if you've ever met them you'd understand. Next up that week was Weston with his "Peaks Only" bull tag! We hunted realy hard and passed on lots of little bulls. We were able to hunt with my son Ty and my Brother Blair on the day that Weston got his bull. Weston made a 537 yard heart shot with the 7mm RUM to take his cool bull at 10420 ft elivation! I thought I would brag on Weston a little more as he recently called in (with his voice) and took this nice bobcat with a open sight lever action 22! Way to go son! I'll say it again... I Love My Lethal Kids! The Family That Hunts Together Stays Together! Lance
  8. I've been very blessed to have taken another great Kaibab Buck. A fUn spot and stalk ended with a 50-yard heart shot! The big Kaibab Buck went 40 yards, stopped to look back, and dropped dead. he never knew what hit him. Lance Crowther Timberland Outfitters
  9. Lance

    KAIBAB Unit 12 Bucks!

    In light of the recent draw results being processed, I thought I would share a handful of unit 12 Kaibab bucks from recent years TLO hunts. These are just a few of them. For more Kaibab bucks (and buffalo!)and bucks from all around Arizona check out our Website Mule Deer Photo Gallery at http://www.tlohunting.com/gallery/cat.php?cat=2 Its full of fun and priceless memories! We are looking forward to making some more memories with you all real soon! Good luck in getting the tags you want! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Lance Crowther Timberland Outfitters http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html
  10. I Though i would Share This Teaser Picture From One Of Our Resent Spring Hunts On The Kaibab TLO Was Blessed To Be Able To Hunt With Brent Morrison Of Hunters Headquarters In Flagstaff. We Had An Awesome Hunt Full Of Adventure And On The 13th Day Brent Sent An Arrow Through This Awesome Old P&Y Bull While I Vedeoed Over His Shoulder! Keep A Look Out FOr The Story And Video!
  11. Lance

    Score this buck!!!

    What do you think this buck gross scores? I have seen this buck for three years now. We call him "Private Spread". He can fit his own piece of personal real estate between those wide horns! lol! I have my ideas of what I think he scores but thought you all would enjoy looking at a cool buck and have fun making some guesses. So what do ya think? Lance http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html
  12. TLO Outdoor Interactive Seminar and class by Lance Crowther on... LETHAL HUNTING AND SHOOTING TACTICS FOR THE WESTERN STYLE BIG GAME HUNTER! This is a day long interactive seminar and class (BBQ lunch include!) given by Lance Crowther, owner of Arizona's Timberland Outfitters. This interactive seminar will be full of personal insight and hands-on learning. It will cover everything a western hunter needs to know from the big game application process to delicious meat on the table and how to be lethal everywhere in between. Lance will share personal experience and knowledge of what does and does not work that he has learned from a life of hunting and literally hundreds of successful big game hunts! For more information and details click on the blog link below. Thank you. http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html
  13. Thought I would share a couple of velvet group photos from Last month in June. Lance http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html
  14. Here it is! Our 5B buffalo hunt Video! Thanks goes out to Jake "Tines" for putting up with my pickiness and getting the footage together for us! He did a great job once again! Congrats again Brady and thanks for letting us be a part of your awesome adventure! Hope you all enjoy the video. Lance http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html
  15. Lance

    Big 5B Bull Down!!!

    I was contacted by Brady who had drawn a Population Management buffalo tag for unit 5A and 5B through the hunter pool draw. Brady wasnt interested in a typical Ramond Ranch hunt where you are accompanied by the Ranch Game and Fish warden and told what animal to shoot. But Brady had learned that the buffalo they wanted taken out were bulls that roamed free off of the ranch and were seldom seen throughout miles of country. This interested Brady and this interested me as well! There were rumors of old bulls that had been roaming free and wild for many years and the chance of a trophy and more importantaly the chance of a real trophy adventure!!! When Brady contacted me it was 2 days before his hunt was to start. I got to work right away and started scouting and gathering every bit of information I could from the Game and Fish, local ranchers and past hunters. Soon I knew where to start and the type of targets we were after. There were for sure at least 8 bulls roaming as free and wild as they please. These bulls were last seen at least 15-20 miles from the ranch and one had been seen alone. We were very interested in the lone bull and wanted to see what kind of bull he was. There was also the main herd of 45 cows, calves and young bulls that were much easier to find. And although they spent most of their time on the ranch they too roamed free as they pleased and these pictures of the herd were taken a couple miles outside the ranch. I met with Brady the evening before the hunt and showed him the herd of cows to get his blood flowing! On day one we knew the area the herd of bulls were in but we decided to look for the loaner bull first. Another bull was taken from the group of bulls but wasn't a bull we were interested in. This spooked the group and they left the country. We knew where their tracks led but we wanted to continue to look for the mysterious loan bull just in case he was bigger, nothing else was found that day. As we continued to look the next day we found where the other bulls had gone. They had moved about 20 miles! We stalked in on them and looked them over carefully. We decided that the biggest bull in the group was a great bull and had bigger horns than the other bull that was taken. On the hunt before, a hunter had taken a bull out of the herd and said that there was a bull bigger than the one he shot still in the herd. We thought this might be the loan bull that was missing. We had a month to hunt and I told Brady we should pass on this bull and since we were the only hunters we had time to look for the other bull while keeping this good bull in our back pocket. So we left them and continued to to look. As we continued to look we were able to keep track of the herd of bulls movements. We talked to Steve, the warden, on the evening of the third day and he informed us of two things that made up our mind. Steve had gotten a close look at the bulls shortly after we did and he said that the bigger bull in the herd was bigger than the one the other hunter had taken on the hunt before. This meant that the bull we had passed up was probably the biggest bull left. But we were still going to keep him in our back pocket because we had a month to ourselves. But then Steve told us that they were likely going to issue another tag to start the next Friday..... so all of a sudden we didn't have time to keep this bull in our back pocket but it seemed that he was the bigger bull we were looking for anyway. So with that info Brady and I decided that he would be our target bull and the hunt was on! Day 4 started with covering ground and glassing and trying to cut tracks. Late in the morning we finally cut the tracks of the herd of six bulls. We grabbed our gear and began the tracking job. We had tracked them for about a mile and found where they had spent the night. We continued on their trail and after a while I discovered that they had looped downwind of us and had spooked and left the country without us even knowing. It was pretty awesome hunting these wild bulls that were not going to make it easy! I was familiar with the movement of buffalo in that country so we took a short cut and found their tracks again! We continued to circle and cut their tracks over and over throughout the day and several hours of tracking and about 9-10 miles later we finally caught up to them! At this point they were about 30 miles from where they had started the first day! It was truly turning into an awesome and epic free ranging and wild hunt!! I glassed them up out in front of us way out in the flat cedar pushes. There wasn't much cover so a careful stalk was made into about 230 yards. At this point most of the bulls were laying down resting. After a while they all got up to feed again and I looked them over carefully to find the one we wanted. The bull was located and the video was running while Brady placed 3 great shots in his chest from my 7MM RUM and his big once in a lifetime Arizona buffalo was down! We took lots of pictures and then we got to cutting! It took Brady and I two-hours and 20-min to cut the bull up and we were very blessed to be able to drive the truck right to him! This hunt turned out to be an awesome hunting adventure and everything we hoped a free range hunt would be! We hunted hard all day every day and tracked bulls over 30 miles of country and covered many many miles more! It was truly an epic hunt with highs and lows and everything in between! Thank you Brady for allowing TLO to be a part of your once in a lifetime adventure! Lance
  16. TLO Was Blessed to be able to accompany Stan during his Spring Buffalo hunt on Arizona's North Kaibab. On his second day of hunting we tracked down this Big bull with another one. After 3 miles of zig zagging through big canyons we jumped them in a thicket at 30 yards!!!!! I got them stopped at about 120 yards out and Stan's first shot was a perfect double lung! But the bull kept getting up and needed several more shots to keep him down! It was really exciting and nerve racking! Stan's bull was a huge old B&C bull!! And after 6 big rounds from the 338 the big old bull prooved he was the man of the woods!!! With two broken leggs he showed his sheer strangth by getting back up twice and muscling his way toward the park line!!! I tried to stay calm... but talk about heart pounding excitement that will make me grow old fast!!!! My hats off to this impressive 2000 lb mass of muscle and determination!!! A final shot to the back of the head put him down for good 23 yards from the park line!!!!!! Stan and I got to work on the bull while My brother Blair hiked back to get a quad. By the time Blair got back I had it all cut up and ready to go. We were thankful that It was a beautiful day with beautiful weather unlike the day before. Another beautiful bull and loads of priceless memories! Thank you Stan for choosing TLO to make those memories with you! Congrats again on your monster bull! Lance Crowther I will be posting more memorable pictures of the hunt on our blog page soon! Stan staring in amazement at the size of the bull as he walked up. We measured this bull and figured he would stand at least 5' 9" at the shoulder. from R to L Blair, Stan and me. That is just the head setting on a Handa 500! I also have great video of this hunt so be watching for that to come out this summer!!
  17. TLO was blessed to be able to hunt with Ron Wood during his unit 7 Rifle hunt and we were able to take this great tall and heavy buck! Ron shot this buck in his bed with my 7mmRUM at 642 yards while I videoed! Congrats on a great buck Ron! Glad we could make some memories with you!
  18. hntnIwlgo

    Last Day Elk

    Hunted all week with Lance of Timberland Outfitters. Had a fine time! This is how it went a number of times throughout the hunt. Lance would step over a log. I would CLIMB OVER the same log!!! Turned down about a dozen spikes and raghorns. Hunted high and hunted low but the big guys must have moved WAY UP INTO THE PEAKS because we just couldn't find them. The biggest bull we saw was a 6x6 at 900 something yards uphill. We hoped he and his cows would move down but they stayed up top and went up over the ridge. Bummer! At another time as we were driving to a new location we saw a bull at a tank with two cows. In getting out of truck I immediately tripped over a rock and fell right to the ground. I was fine but wasn't quick enough to get on the bull for any shot. On the last two days of the hunt I told Lance I would like to change over to hunt for meat so I would take a spike or a raghorn. That eve I took a shot at a bull and missed!!!! No excuse. Just missed. I was not very pleased with myself. It should have been an easy shot. The last morning I was ready to take whatever legal elk I saw first and believe me I was determined I would not miss given another opportunity. The photo shows my bull I downed at about 7am. We believe it was the same bull I missed the eve before. I downed him at 9918 ft. elevation!!! I could only see pieces of him between the trees at about 130-140 yards uphill as Lance told me to shoot him. It was exciting and a new kind of hunting for me. I want to thank Lance for the great hunt. We'll get a BIG guy next time but soon I'll have some good eating on my table. I also want to thank my number one hunting buddy, my husband-Sam, for all the help and support he provided me before, during and after the hunt. Though he did ask me to promise him I would never hunt the peaks again.
  19. Richard made a great shot, as you'll see in the video. Here's a few clips I threw together for everyone to see. Congrats again, Richard!!!! Enjoy! PS. You can see the shot much better in HD.. [media=] [/media]
  20. Here's a little video I threw together for Debbie and her great buck. Enjoy...
  21. Some of you might know or recognize Richard from the Antelope forum. Richard's had quite the season so far. If you haven't seen the buck he shot this year, go check it out. 87"+ Stud! http://www.coueswhit...ichard-sprague/ Richard was also lucky enough to draw an archery bull tag this year. Lance and Richard stalked into 40yds to this bull yesterday evening and Richard made a great shot. This super heavy bull with 62" of mass will look great in his shop next to his B&C Antelope buck. Congratulations, Richard!
  22. CouesWhitetail

    87 inch antelope! Richard Sprague

    Site Sponsor Timberland Outfitters has had an incredible week. They have helped their clients take two 87 inch antelope bucks in the last few days I don't want to post the pic of one of them because it's taken by my friend Debbie and I think she will want to post up the story and pics. But here is the buck taken by Richard Sprague, owner of Spragues Sports in Yuma. Wow, what a buck. They say it's 87+ inches. Congratulations Richard and TLO!
  23. hntnIwlgo


    I want to first thank Lance Crowther, Jon Vance and Jake Lindsey of Timberland Outfitters for all your hard work in making my hunt such a success and my husband, Sam, for his 100% love and support. This year I drew an antelope and an October bull elk tag. What are the chances of that? With that, wouldn’t you think I wouldn’t have any luck left? Well whether it was luck, dedicated guides, supportive husband or my good shooting (ha,ha), it all came together just as Jon planned. My husband often asks me if I’m excited about something. Most of the time my honest response is “I’m looking forward to it but I can’t say I’m excited.” Well upon learning what tags I had drawn, I told Sam. “Okay this time I’m EXCITED!!!” The excitement has only been building since the release of the fall draw results. As Lance put it a couple of days before my hunt, I was “like a lil girl waiting for Christmas morning wondering what’s in those packages with my name on them!!” With all this excitement came nervous feelings. What if I get buck fever and miss the shot? What if I do something to mess it up, etc. etc. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Upon our arrival for the hunt Jon took us out to where he had been keeping daily watches on this antelope which Lance named Stumpy. We were to bed him down so we would know where to find him in the morning. Our look out was like FOUR MILES AWAY from where Stumpy and his does were, so good optics paid off. The most we saw that late afternoon were a couple of white butts within a lava flow. Rain set in and you couldn’t see much after that except the end of a rainbow. There went a little more of my luck. Jon was confident the antelope would be in about the same area in the morning. Remember my nervousness mentioned above? Well to add to my nerves, Jon shared that Lance believed Stumpy was the biggest buck in the unit and that Jake was coming up from Tucson to video tape my hunt. Can you imagine how nervous that could make someone? I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep a wink that night. Surprisingly I was able to sleep…a wink or two. The next morning we left camp around 4am. Sam and Jake were to stay at the spotting place to find where the antelope were that morning. Jon and I rode down to the low land to wait. If any other hunters were to come in we would start heading toward last night’s spot but if no other hunters came we would wait for Jake to join us. Once Jake spotted the antelope he would ride his quad down to join us and lead us to where he had seen the antelope. Sam would stay on the hill for the show. It was a cool cloudy morning and to be able to spot the antelope from such a distance you really needed some sun to pick up their white color. We did see other antelope; 3 bucks and about 10 does. Jon was very patient with me. He could tell without optics none of them were Stumpy but I’d ask him to check just to make sure. In all of his days of watching Stumpy, he had never spotted him outside of the lava flow as those other antelope were. After about three hours Jon glassed up an antelope in the lava flow. Jake too had spotted them and was on his way down to meet us. We drove a ways down the road and started the hike in. Our hike was about a mile and half in. We walked keeping piles of lava rock between us and the antelope. Thank goodness I was with Jon and Jake because once we got into the lava flow everything looked so different and I had no clue where the antelope were. As hunters do, we would stop very briefly to glass for heads, ears, horns, etc. and move on. When we got to the where Jon and Jake thought the antelope were we couldn’t locate them. Jon climbed up on a large mound of lava rock for a better look and immediately caught sight of a doe. He eased himself down and our final stalk began. We only walked about 50 yards and Jon stopped and told me to get ready. I could only see an antelope’s head moving behind the rocks. A quick thought ran through my head. “Oh no, I hope he doesn’t want me to shoot at a neck!” Then I remembered from my past experiences. He may be seeing more of the antelope than I am because of his height. I’m only 5’ tall. I told Jon I need to be higher. We needed to move up. I tried to quickly explain to him that because of his height he saw more of the antelope than I did. When all the antelope were behind rocks we moved a little higher up the mound. One by one the does presented themselves with full body view in an opening. The buck was next. I was ready, only he didn’t come up into full view as the does did. He stayed lower and all we saw of him was his head. He never presented a shot. The antelope were slowly making their way westward. Once they were out of sight. We were just about to make a move to another spot to try and get on them again when the antelope turned around and came right back up and were only about 75-80 yards away. First one doe passed through the opening. Two does followed behind her. They looked our way. We froze. I thought “We’re busted!” but I guess not. Next I knew would be the buck so I slowly eased my eye down to look through the scope. I saw horns! Jon whispered “Here he comes. There he is! When he stops shoot him.” He stopped. He was angled slightly toward us. So I took “a second” to decide on where I wanted to place the shot and I shot. Stumpy took off running and Jon and Jake were jumping up and down saying “Good shot! Nice shot! You got him!” The way Stumpy took off running I wasn’t as convinced as they were. I was confident I shot him but boy did he take off after the shot. I chambered another shell believing I was going to have to finish him off but no need. He ran about 50 yards an expired quickly. I have limited experience with antelope and honestly in the short time I saw Stumpy before the shot my only thought was on shot placement. It wasn’t until we walked over to where he expired that I noticed Stumpy’s horns. I kept repeating “Oh my word! Oh my word! Oh my Word! Look at the mass! Look at the mass! ” Jon and Jake checked him over and exchanged looks and comments which I interpreted to be pure amazement of what we had just downed. I guess they too were surprised by Stumpy’s mass. Jon, Jake and I exchanged more congratulatory hugs. I bent down to thank Stumpy for giving me the opportunity to take him. I also thanked God, St Francis, I'itoi, the antelope gods and said thank you to any other spiritual beings that had a hand in what had just taken place. Sam saw the whole show from our original spotting place. He said he knew when I took the shot because he saw all the antelope suddenly start running. It took a while for the sound of the shot to travel up to where he was. The shot sound just confirmed what he believed had just happened. Well whether it was luck, dedicated guides, supportive husband or my shooting (hard to miss at 75 yards)…it all came together, “exactly” as Jon planned. Great planning, Jon! Thank you to everyone involved in my hunt. What a wonderfully exciting time it was!
  24. CouesWhitetail

    200 inch archery mulie!

    Lance sent me this and thought you all might want to see it. He hasn't had time to post about team TLOs latest adventures but he says he hasn't had more than 4 hrs sleep in 3 days! Timberland Outfitters and their clients have taken two 87 inch antelope and this giant mulie in the last few days! The hunter's name is Ryan Sandall and it was an awesome team effort by all for an amazing 200" archery mule deer buck!!! SPOT and STALK with a bow!! AWESOME!