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  1. Tines


    A little bit of the history I have with him. I originally glassed this buck up in 2013. I've managed to keep tabs on him since then, believe it or not. In 2016 he was certainly the caliber of buck I wanted to take, but my hunting partner had the same tag with a much bigger buck to hunt in a different area. So it was a no brainer for us to go after his buck opening weekend. We were lucky to kill his buck opening weekend in 2016. Due to other obligations, I couldn't get back out into the field for my own tag until that Monday. Even then, I didn't have the time to get in and hunt this particular buck so that Monday was just a day hunt in a different area. That day Mark and I found a buck I just couldn't let go. So I filled my tag that day and wasn't able to hunt this buck. In 2017 I was fully committed to taking this buck, as I was pleasantly surprised he was still alive. I scouted and hunted him hard, to no avail. Then 2018 came and as luck would have it, he was STILL there and just as special as he was the previous two years. VERY fortunate to follow a buck this long and given ALL of the odds working against me and him during those 5yrs, I got him. My summer and pre-season scouting paid off..
  2. Tines


    Thanks everyone! I honestly didn’t mean the “days being numbered” comment to sound too dramatic. 🤣🤣. I realize I’m not over the hill and these little deer keep me far too excited to give up too soon! Poorly chosen words. What I meant was I have no idea how long I can keep this lucky streak going, combined with the caliber of buck(s) I love to hunt. Glad I could share..........😉
  3. I'm not as active as I used to be on CWT. But I still linger and have always had a tremendous amount of respect for what Amanda built from the beginning. So if I can contribute to her and the rest of you Coues deer fanatics I will! I finally caught up with this buck after he eluded me last year. He's an old buck (and I'm not very smart) so I honestly couldn't be happier. It's always special when you can follow an animal this long. And for those who've done it, it can be very bitter/sweet also. I especially feel that way as I feel like I linger closer to my Coues deer hunting days being numbered. Enjoy.
  4. Whats your number?
  5. Tines

    Opening Day buck

    Makes me want to brave the heat and bugs and huntvvet sometimes. Congrats!
  6. Tines

    Buck of a lifetime!!

    Huge congrats! Thanks for sharing and love to hear the story!
  7. Tines

    Lets see your best

    You forgot to mention how a3 helped you kill that buck.... 😂😂
  8. Tines

    Lets see your best

    I don't get to play on here much anymore. 2009
  9. Tines

    Lets see your best

    best mustache to date!!
  10. Tines

    Lets see your best

  11. 132"+ 9-pointer DOWN!!! 😜😜
  12. Tines

    Gavin's javelina hunt

    Gavin turned 10 this year. He and I were able to sneak out for a morning this week and we found this boar all by himself. He made a well placed shot at 170yds. This is his 3rd big game animal in 6 weeks. This kid's had a pretty good year and I'm officially jealous. .
  13. Tines

    Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly $175

    Great pack for sure