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  3. NMMuledeer777


    Accubow for sale $110 shipped fully functional no damage.
  4. NMMuledeer777

    SlickTrick Broadheads

  5. NMMuledeer777

    SlickTrick Broadheads

    Two 3packs of Slicktrick Wicked Tricks 100grain. Brand new never used. 35$ a piece or both for 60$
  6. NMMuledeer777

    ISO Kuiu Chugach Rain Jacket

    Looking for a Medium Chugach Rain Jacket. Any of the camo patterns Thank you
  7. NMMuledeer777


    Ill take them
  8. NMMuledeer777


    Great buck! Congratulations!
  9. NMMuledeer777

    Buck Officially Scored 200 0/8" gross 197 4/8" net

    No Definitely not the same guy. I Unfortunately have the same numbers in my username though, couldnt figure out how to edit my username if that is even possible. I did figure someone would ask that question at somepoint. I dont know the guy or anyone involved.
  10. NMMuledeer777

    Buck Officially Scored 200 0/8" gross 197 4/8" net

    Like I mentioned above I am not trying to stir the pot. I just barely found out about the entire story yesterday and was unable to find any more information about it. A simple "No nothing happened no conviction yet" or a "Yes he was charged" was all i was lookin for
  11. NMMuledeer777

    STOLEN HEADS!! Please look

    Congrats on finding these again! And what an awesome buck. Glad they are back where they belong.
  12. NMMuledeer777

    Buck Officially Scored 200 0/8" gross 197 4/8" net

    Any updates on this??? Such an awesome deer sad to hear it was poached if thats the case Read through the 60page popcorn post but didnt get anything out of that. Has there been any conviction as of yet? Not trying to stir the pot, just curious as to what, if anything has happened yet
  13. NMMuledeer777

    outdoorsman pan head

    This might set a record for the longest time taken to sell a Outdoorsmans Pan head lol. Usually they are gone immediately, especially at such a great price. Glad to see it finally sold
  14. NMMuledeer777

    Looking For

    If you end up going the new route, i suggest looking into the Bergara B14 Ridge. I just purchased a 6.5 and absolutely love it so far. Very good price point also.
  15. NMMuledeer777

    FOR SALE - Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Bump for good deal!