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Found 7 results

  1. I think about the hunts I've been on in the past and of course they were all a lot of fun wether we filled a tag or not. But some really stick out and I seem to reflect on them more often then others. One that sticks out was with just my dad and I. We drew 19A Archery Antelope in 1998. I was 13. We had an absolute blast! I remember trying to shoot at camp the weekend before the hunt and my release would give about half way through my draw cycle and my dad was just cussing like crazy "keep your dang finger off the trigger" finally I say here dad you try and the same thing lol! We had to tighten and loc tight the set screw behind the trigger. I found a small white mulie shed from the road heading out of camp. We had an old single cab bench seat Chevy and picked up a couple hitch hiking girls on 89 later to realize the signs say don't pick up hitch hikers, the Mingus girls camp was right above camp. We had to search for our fold up toilet seat about a half mile from camp because a huge storm came in and washed it down stream. We stood on a ridge off of fain ranch road and watched antelope from all different directions run right past us, I shot at a big buck we called Jim, and my dad laughed so hard when I shot because that buck seemed to turn and duck right before the arrow got to him and it stuck in the mud. We flung a lot of arrows and never connected but for so many reasons that one sticks out as one of the best hunts I've ever had. What's your most memorable hunt story as we prepare for another hunting season?
  2. muley224

    positive outlook

    I really liked the post by murfys69law in " Cards Hit. Lets post some of our kids fishing photo's. Cant be anything negative in this thread !
  3. slowandsteady

    Family fishing experiences

    I absolutely love to spend time with my family. My wife and kids are such a blessing to me. I wanted to share some of our passed experiences together. I hope that everyone can spend time with their kids doing the things they love to do like I have been able.
  4. AmericanThunder

    Meeting the In-Laws.....

    This is an article that I found to be an interesting read. Every family has or will eventually meet the person that their son/daughter has chosen to be with and this has proven to be very polarizing in some cases. I have always found the topic of religion to be fascinating and enjoy talking to people about it. I have experienced this issue first hand and would like to know what other peoples take on it are. What do you think? Is atheism something that you would regard as unacceptable in your family, or to each their own? http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2014/06/24/all-in-the-family-not-for-atheists/
  5. Family is Everything!!! I Love Our Kids! Like so many of you, I am a very proud parent and have to brag on my precious children! This year has been busy and I haven't kept up on pictures. But I,d like to share some of our 4 kids pictures from this year. They were very blessed to be able to draw some fun tags and we had some very fun hunts. Some included the whole family and some they did on their own! First off this year was Javelina season! My oldest son Ty, 16 at the time, took another archery javelina! He has taken 4-5 others with a bow but this time he and his little brother Weston, 14 at the time, went down to 6A by their selves and glassed up and stalked and killed this pig and brought it home and skinned it and quartered it and everything all by their selves. How many 16 year olds can you trust to take your truck and his little brother by their selves to go on a successful archery hunt hours from home? If you know Ty and Weston, or have ever hunted with them, its not a big deal. but Im very proud of them just the same! Next was Our just barely 10 year old daughter Rachel on her very first big game hunt! She used the 7mm-08 to take her pig on the Junior hunt in 6A. So proud of her! Just her and I in the field that day. Next was our 12 year old daughter Aimee with her second 6A jr hunt pig! She shot it across a canyon with the 7mm-08. Her Brother Weston was there helping us that day. Pretty proud of her too! The last kid with a tag was our 14 year old Weston with a 6A Ham tag. He wanted to use a pistol and did! his older brother Ty was with us that day. Weston used his voice to call a herd of javelina out of the rocks and he shot this one on the run with the revolver in a blinding snow storm! Lethal boy! Next was archery deer! My to boys Ty now age 17 and Weston age 15 went to the Kaibab by their selves cause I was busy guiding clients. They camped with their cousins. They have both hunted and helped me guide in the Kaibab many times and while Weston was out hunting with Ty Weston was able to take his first Archery deer. Way to go boys and way to get it done on a great buck! Next up was Ty. Ty actually missed his big bucks in the Kaibab, and found out his sight had gotten loose and moved. but by then they had to come home and go to school. So Ty sighted in his bow again and went out around Flagstaff with us and shot the first buck that gave him a shot. This is Ty's second archery deer in a row! Next was 10 year old Rachel with her unit 7 jr deer tag. I got to hunt with all the kids and our friend Melissa. Aimee had a deer tag also and Weston had an elk tag the same week! We had a great adventurous opening day covering lots of country and seeing 40 bucks and over 100 elk! Rachel took this, her first buck, on the evening of opening day with everyone there to help us pack it out! She shot it after a spot and stalk at 50 yards with the 7mm-08. Next was now 13 year old Aimee with her 7jr tag on the second day of the hunt! Aimee Had shot at this buck the day before with the 243 and hit it in the horn. she was only using the 243 cause our other guns were being used by her siblings but still, it was very unlike her to miss like that. The next day she took our 7mm RUM and her brother Ty and hiked back in there 3 miles and they glassed up the same buck and this time she hammered him down! They cut it up and packed it out with the help of Melissa who hiked in, all while I was hunting elsewhere. So Proud of them! Again, How many teen age kids can you trust to back pack 3 miles back into the mountains with guns and knives and find, kill and pack out their own deer? Again, if you've ever met them you'd understand. Next up that week was Weston with his "Peaks Only" bull tag! We hunted realy hard and passed on lots of little bulls. We were able to hunt with my son Ty and my Brother Blair on the day that Weston got his bull. Weston made a 537 yard heart shot with the 7mm RUM to take his cool bull at 10420 ft elivation! I thought I would brag on Weston a little more as he recently called in (with his voice) and took this nice bobcat with a open sight lever action 22! Way to go son! I'll say it again... I Love My Lethal Kids! The Family That Hunts Together Stays Together! Lance
  6. Coach

    Back from Utah

    We are back from another Utah adventure. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. We did Negro Bill/Morning Glory, The Corona arch, Little Wild Horse and Ding and Dang. Can't wait to get back to Upper Chute, Babtist and lower Chute and Crack.
  7. If any one needs or knows anyone who needs a reliable family vehicle that has never seen a dirt road then look no further. My wife bought this Tahoe new in 05. Features 4.8 V-8 160,000 miles (all pavement) 4x4 power everything cloth interior 3rd row seats almost new tires.\ SORT OF CUSTOM WHEELS NON SMOKING Minor nicks and scratches She was meticulous about maintenance and knew to never let me drive it !! Asking $10,600.00 OBO Located in Flagstaff James @ 928-606-6101