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  1. slowandsteady

    Pup's first pheasant hunt

    Congats brother! I am glad you were able to get out and get after it. Looking forward to seeing some Mearns here shortly.
  2. slowandsteady

    Thank You Millers Meat Processing

    Southwest meat is amazing! I recommend the peppered jerky sticks. Just saying...
  3. slowandsteady

    Nice Tom on Cam

    Here kitty kitty
  4. slowandsteady

    2013 Coues Hunt in 35A

    Thanks Matt Meyer. My brother in law is taking his wife on that hunt this year. I will be leaving in less than 2 week s to help a young man on his first coues hunt. Love this time of year.
  5. slowandsteady

    Trail Cam

    Unit 32 m77.
  6. slowandsteady

    Unit 24B Coues help!

    Best advice for you besides what was said above is stick to the ocotillos. I find most of my coues that way. Good luck.
  7. slowandsteady

    Family fishing experiences

    Sorry Mulepackhunter! I love me some fish tacos too! The trick to the mango salsa is a little bit of orange juice. Makes everything so much more flavorful. I'm going fishing this weekend. We will see how I fair.
  8. slowandsteady

    2013 Coues Hunt in 35A

    It was a blast! I am helping a young man in my church on his first deer hunt in a couple of weeks. He has the choice of any antlered deer, but he wants a Coues. I told him, "that a boy".
  9. slowandsteady

    Dad's Bear

    Exciting! This is my first year buying a tag. Still hopeful!!!
  10. slowandsteady

    Family fishing experiences

    Thank you all for your comments. I am looking forwarding to more fishing in the next two weeks. Have a smallmouth trip planned this weekend and a trout fishing trip the following weekend. Pics will follow.
  11. slowandsteady

    2013 Coues Hunt in 35A

    PJM, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Only advice I can give is find a remote canyon that drains into a water source. Good Luck!
  12. slowandsteady

    2013 Coues Hunt in 35A

    Thanks m77. My same brother in law and his wife are hunting there in December. It should be a blast. I will be in 7East helping out on a Cow Elk tag.
  13. slowandsteady

    *Monster Goat in the Dirt* 2014 Antelope Hunt

    Bro! This was one of the funnest hunts I have ever been on. You joys are my joys. Congrats.
  14. slowandsteady

    Family fishing experiences

    Thanks TJ. I really am blessed. Went camping two weekends ago with the family and we are going again in two weeks. Instill good values while they are young and those values will continue for generations to come.
  15. slowandsteady

    2013 Coues Hunt in 35A

    Thanks BOB. I am grateful for pics mostly because you almost relive that memory everytime you look at the photo. Hush is the word on 35A coues assassin.