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Found 10 results

  1. "I have a skinned out female Bobcat pelt" make me an offer... also open to trading for guns or anything related.
  2. StraightTequilaNight

    Some fall pics - Unit 31

    Nice variety.
  3. slowandsteady

    Trail Cam

    I am a day late dollar short on posting these photos from my 2012 Coues Hunt. I hope you enjoy.
  4. slowandsteady

    My Taxidermist

    My brother is pretty amazing! He decided years ago to take it upon himself to ask one of the best taxidermist in the industry if he could apprentice under him. After learning the trade he has since then got his license and continues to do some amazing work. Jones Wildlife Taxidermy.
  5. Few more mounts finished up...... Color Phase San Carlos Bear, wall pedestal mount... Female Bobcat lifesize... Male Bobcat, table pedestal, with snow.... Bugling Elk.... Rio Turkey....
  6. We had some boys in town from Missouri for a predator calling trip. I asked them if they'd like to go after coyotes, fox, bobcat or a lion. Of course they said they'd like to get a lion while they were here (as if it's that easy). Then - one of them jokingly said "hey, let's get one of each". I said, that's a tall order in 2.5 days - let's get rolling pronto.... Well - we got 3 of the 4. Started out on day one with a coyote on the opening stand. A mix of coyote vocals and small prey distress closed the deal: Picked up and hauled butt for a place to get a fox with thick fur and lots of red in the coat. Found the right one on day two: Stayed in generally the same area and called the deep wooded cuts for a bobcat. As day 2 was coming to a close - bam - here he comes to a mix of young female coyote vocals, rodents, birds, a rabbits and - boom - down he goes: Evidently the half day we had left just wasn't enough time for me to get a mountain lion called up too. Oh well. It certainly wasn't for a lack of effort. All were called with a Wildlife Technologies Might Atom 21 electronic call. All were shot with DPMS Compact Hunter rifles. It probably goes without saying - yes - those are items we stock at HEALY. And, if you've never heard a Mighty Atom e-caller - do yourself a favor and come on in for a demo. Please bring your current caller with you for comparison's sake. It's time to hear what your predators have been missing.
  7. Coues Stew

    A little of everything

    Intended for this to be a new elk spot but wouldnt you know!
  8. Gary I


    **Unbelievable response! All are spoken for now. Thanks so much for the response.** I have some newly cleaned/whitened skulls that I really don't need. These skulls were from a local taxidermist: they weren't wanted when the animals were brought in to be mounted. He was going to throw them away. Since I clean skulls, I hated to see them go to waste. So I took them, cleaned them and would like to sell, trade or even donate them to a school or other worthy cause. I didn't take them to make a profit; even though I have time and some money in them, I just didn't want to see them wasted. They are professionally cleaned, odor-free and ready to go. There are five bears, three javelina, two mountain lions and three bobcats. Make me an offer, let's talk trade or tell me who needs them. Top of my wishlist: an early '70s, original, gold single-mantle Coleman lantern. Call Gary at 928-978-2627, PM me or email me at antlerfinder@hotmail.com
  9. lionhunter

    Bobcat by chance

    My good friend Dave, his son Cole, and I ran out for a quick morning archery hunt this weekend. We glassed some super good country for the first hour of daylight. Three coyotes were all that we glassed up. Then my phone rings with Dave saying "I have a cat glassed up laying on a rock about 800 yards out, do you think he will stay there long enough for me to run back the mile or so to my truck?" I told him probably not, but try it any way! At any rate he ran to the truck and back into 225 yards. Dave made a difficult shot on the cat; all he could see was the cats head... Enjoy the pic... Bad morning deer hunting but turned out ok Side not.... Dave is going to make an old school quiver out of the hide Whitey
  10. CouesBuckhunter

    Bobcat by Bow

    I took my second Bobcat with my bow the other day. It was a spot n' stalk, I had my PSE BowMadness XL in my hand as I followed behind her. I followed her for awhile until I got a shot opportunity that I felt comfortable with. I released an arrow and hit her hard. When she finally gained her feet she only made it 35 yards before hitting the dirt again. There was blood everywhere, the cut was outstanding. That Swhacker 125gr. surely did its job, and in a quickly manner. It was probably the collest spot n' stalk I've ever done; hands down the collest Bobcat hunt I've had.