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  1. CouesBuckhunter

    FS Hunting Boots.

  2. CouesBuckhunter

    FS Hunting Boots.

    For sale.
  3. CouesBuckhunter

    First Ever Hunt

    He got a bad case of the allergies and then scratched his eye
  4. CouesBuckhunter

    First Ever Hunt

  5. CouesBuckhunter

    First Ever Hunt

    Yes sir. 10/22 Ruger.
  6. CouesBuckhunter

    First Ever Hunt

    My bud had never been hunting before and was very interested in going. We finally synced our schedules up yesterday evening and made it out. 9 minutes into the first stand I spot this burly male trotting down the hill to us. A minute later and he was 20 yards across the cut from us. Dan made an excellent shot so the Fox expired immediately. What an awesome first trip for Dan. I just finished the hunt footage up so it should be up on YouTube monday!
  7. CouesBuckhunter

    Couple Recent Predator Hunts

    I don't think so if my memory is correct.
  8. A couple hunts we were able to capture on film. Predator hunting never gets old! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MqE02Rj6eQI https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YuBxRgcLltw
  9. CouesBuckhunter

    First Crossbow Fox

    Hahaha that is awesome ^^^
  10. CouesBuckhunter

    First Crossbow Fox

    Ohh. That is the bolt striking the fox. You can barely see the last bit of the fletches. A bit grainy because of the low light conditions.
  11. CouesBuckhunter

    First Crossbow Fox

    I'm working on editing the video. It should be on the AZ Extreme Hunting youtube channel soon. The second to last image is the bolt+Swhacker sticking up out of the fox.
  12. CouesBuckhunter

    First Crossbow Fox

    Went out the other day to set a quick fox stand with some heavy storms looming. On the way to the first stand the wind started picking up bad. Fortunately a big male only took 4 minutes to come in. He was so close all I could see in the scope was fur. Finally he stopped a little under 10 yards and I let'r rip. Fox dropped as soon as the bolt hit him. Swhacker did some damage. Glad my buddy came with me and filmed the whole thing.
  13. CouesBuckhunter

    nocturnal bucks what to do!

    Huntlines is right on the money to what I have seen.
  14. First and only stand of the season thus far. Was my buddy's first fox.
  15. CouesBuckhunter

    WTB Jim White Head

    Looking for Jim White head for sale.