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  1. eom

    Number 17

  2. eom

    Mexico 2020

    Nice! Congrats!
  3. eom

    Lost a good friend

    Sorry about your friend.
  4. eom

    1st Archery Kill.

    Nice! Love chasing them with the bow!
  5. eom

    First one!

    Thanks man! I was shooting a 6.5
  6. eom

    First one!

    Man this whole hunt was crazy, I’m fairly new to hunting didn’t grow up hunting my dad never hunted I seen a hunting show on tv while flipping channels and was instantly hooked! So I live in 37a and always hunted that area and I’ve been wanting to learn some new country, my cousin convinced me to put for a unit his buddies hunt and could help out well I put in for the wrong unit got the numbers crossed and drew 24a ( I was supposed to put in for 24b) we hunted an area we had seen does in while scouting, never could find a buck only mullies, I only had the weekend after Christmas left to get it done and my cousins buddy offered to help me out Saturday, we got up there early am and it was snowing like crazy and it was extremely foggy, sat in the truck until for about an hour and it wasent letting up we decided to pull out of the area and drop a little elevation to try and get out of the fog, on the way down I take a wrong road and no one says anything until we are about a mile up I couldn’t find a spot to turn around and ended up taking it down about 1/2 mile where it dead ends and there was no fog so we get out and find a Spot to glass the sun finally comes out and my buddy finds this guy standing on a rock ledge soaking up the sun, found him at about 790 yards I shot him at 289..it was unreal this is my first deer ever I’m super happy with him
  7. eom

    First one!

    No it was a rifle hunt
  8. eom

    First one!

    Thanks everyone!
  9. This was my first coues hunt and dang was it a fun one! Went out today snowing and raining all day finally broke for A couple hours my buddy found this guy and we got it done!
  10. eom

    OTC Buck

  11. eom

    Roof leaking???

    Pm sent
  12. eom

    Roof leaking???

    I got a roof I need to extend out to get an overhang. Is that something you do?
  13. eom

    Elk hunting with Lee Marvin

    Great story! Very sorry to hear about your dad.
  14. eom

    The Big 3