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  1. eom

    Archery Goat Down

    Nice! Congrats
  2. Going to U of A I’m sure you missed a lot
  3. eom

    Lifetime Coolers

    Pre chill and they do really good
  4. eom

    WTB 2 Kayaks WTB range finder

    Check your local cal ranch just picked up a tamarack for my dad for 229.00 on sale
  5. eom


    I use onx and flatline as well
  6. Absolutely horrible, rest in paradise!
  7. eom

    Mystery ranch metcalf like new

    What size?
  8. eom

    New truck considerations

    Me to this last trip back from payson was horrible I was over 5000 rpm couldn’t even hit 55 it was never fast up hill but never this bad either I have 2015 Silverado 4x4 crew I’m selling and going back to 2002 7.3 can’t afford a new diesel and you can’t kill a 7.3
  9. eom

    New bow for 2020

    Nice! Wish more people had that work ethic finding good help these days is getting harder and harder.
  10. eom

    ISO 300win mag or??????

    I guess I’d depend on the rifle I’d like to stay under 1,000
  11. eom

    ISO 300win mag or??????

    I’ve had one hot stolen during a burglary I don’t mind the kick
  12. Gonna be purchasing a new elk rifle soon within the next couple weeks looking for a 300 winmag but open to other calibers. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  13. eom

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Was up at black canyon this past weekend and it was a zoo!! Over an hour to get fuel and get out of payson it was A mad house!