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  1. Put a javelin bipod on my sons rifle e carried around a fixed bipod for one season and hated it so we ordered the javelin and seems like it’s going to work good, He carries the bipod in his pack until it’s time. Pretty slick
  2. eom

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Nice!!! Congratulations
  3. Heck yes! Awesome deer!! Congratulations
  4. eom

    4a youth elk success

  5. eom

    Youth success

    Heck ya! Congrats!
  6. eom

    That was fast

  7. eom

    San Diego Tacos

    Man that looks good!
  8. eom

    Short Cow Bison Hunt!!

    Nice! Congratulations!
  9. eom

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

  10. eom

    Big D strikes again

    Gotta love them dark horns! Congrats to your son!
  11. eom

    ? For the reloaders

    Thank guys! I’ve been looking around everyone is pretty much sold out couple little starter sets on amazon that are crazy over priced, definitely gonna get the Manuel and read up on it and start looking out for sales/availability.
  12. eom

    ? For the reloaders

    I’ve talked about getting into reloading the last couple years but never did I sure wish I had now, with this current ammo craze is it worth it to spend the money on the equipment, are the supplies available or like ammo are they on short supply. I don’t know squat about reloading so gotta do a little research but figured I’d ask here about supplies before I spent the money. Thanks fellas!
  13. eom

    Capes for sale $50.00

    Where you located?
  14. eom

    2020 archery buck

    Nice buck!!
  15. I hate thieves! Hope they get it back