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  1. eom

    Cabeza Sheep

    Awesome! Congratulations
  2. eom

    Leftover tags

    This is the second year I completely forgot About the draw, I have never put in the units I hunt always had leftovers our whole group could get leftovers last year I said I wouldn’t forget this year so definitely won’t miss next year lol
  3. eom

    Fu*&^%ing ethics

    I was thinking the same thing
  4. eom


    I’m down in casa grande will be in the Mesa area today any chance of Meeting somewhere?
  5. eom


    Where you located?
  6. eom

    Whats the deal with unit 10?

    Definitely buy it!
  7. eom

    Kids pig

    Nice! Congrats!
  8. eom

    Trouble putting in for the draw

    Had same issue with my son called and was given a new customer id said there going away from social and will have to use this new number next year, as soon as I used that everything went through.
  9. Was in the 36’s two weekends ago found some deer along ways away we got in about 400 yards and got up to glass found the deer and about 15 minutes later we see some coues deer come running up over a little ridge which caused the mule deer to run we didn’t know what was going on few minutes later 4 illegals come up and over 3 had backpacks one was carrying a couple jugs of water second time running into them, like mentioned up above makes the hike in a little sketchy!
  10. eom

    First Coues Buck

    That’s awesome! Congrats
  11. eom

    Big Bo Owner

    Sorry for your loss,those cowboys there were very friendly to us on my sons hunt one even drove down to where we were hunting to let us know he had just seen a bunch of cows really cool guys!
  12. eom

    ISO Swarovski 15’s hd

    I did but they had sold already
  13. As the title says looking for some new glass if your selling or know of someone selling please let me know. Thank you in advance!
  14. eom

    46A East?

    Man that’s awesome, congrats!