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  1. azelkhunter2

    Custom 300WIN

    Sir very interested in your rifle. Can you please call me. Dave 602-228-1719
  2. azelkhunter2

    WTB Leupold 30mm high rings

    I might have a set you can have. Only issue is I won’t be home till Tuesday afternoon to look for them...
  3. azelkhunter2

    WTB Custom Decorative Iron Trellis

    I know a guy. Shoot me ur number and I’ll send u his contact info. Dave 602-228-1719
  4. azelkhunter2

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    Sir I have been on both hunts every yr for the last 12 yrs. I can give you a great deal of information on both hunts that might help in your decision . Dave 602-228-1719
  5. azelkhunter2

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    Sir I currently own a 2018 4 seat general....Prior to this rig we owned 3 different rangers of various models....Please give me a call I can give you a great deal of information. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  6. azelkhunter2

    MOA 28 Nosler

    Can you call me. I have several questions about your rifle. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  7. azelkhunter2

    MOA 28 Nosler

    What model is this rifle
  8. azelkhunter2

    Swarovski STS HD 65 Spotting scope

    I have a Swarovski STS HD 65 MM Spotting scope with 20/60 eye piece and hard case. It’s in great shape ....It just came back from Swarovski. ( I wanted to make sure it was in perfect working order ).....$ 1500 Firm Dave 602-228-1719
  9. azelkhunter2

    Help support wildlife.....

    Tickets will go fast.....
  10. azelkhunter2

    Daughter's Grand Canyon Trip

    How do we just make a donation.
  11. azelkhunter2

    A little help needed

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I am driving down on Friday to personally find and reserve something.
  12. azelkhunter2

    A little help needed

    So long story short....My 22 yr old son just received a phone call offering him a job as a firefighter.....The academy starts on the 22nd and is 12 weeks long......It’s at central Arizona college....A two hr drive from my place....I am trying to find a place to rent a spot at a RV place so I can drag my 5 th wheel down for him to live in....I can’t find a place that will allow under 55 yrs of age....Does anyone have any suggestions.....Thanks Dave
  13. azelkhunter2

    Unit 10

    My son drew the tag with 5 points going into the draw....
  14. azelkhunter2

    5B north archery hunt

    Sir give me a call. Dave 602-228-1719