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  1. azelkhunter2

    12AW Road Closures

    Unless I read it wrong it’s only in effect till September 18th
  2. azelkhunter2

    Diamond plate truck box & 14”metal cut off saw

    Tool box sold
  3. azelkhunter2

    Diamond plate truck box & 14”metal cut off saw

    I have the keys for the box
  4. I have a truck tool box ( full size ) and a Milwaukee 14” cut off saw. Both in very good condition....$50.00 each. Dave 602-228-1719
  5. azelkhunter2

    good bull

    Somebody please take Bill’s pain pills away.... For the love of god man step away from the edge....
  6. azelkhunter2

    Tag Donation 23 OE4A

    Sir if you like you can give me a call. I spend a great deal of time in that unit in both the north and south half and can provide you with valuable information. Your daughter has arguably the best late elk tag in the state. I will be in the unit chasing elk the entire month of September and then back in the unit for most of October and would be happy to show you a few things. Dave 602-228-1719
  7. azelkhunter2

    Not so great Zeiss warranty experience

    I had a terrible experience with Zeiss customer service a few yrs back. I sent in one of there high end rifle scopes after the retical fell to the bottom of the scope the first time the rifle was fired. I called customer service and was given a repair order number and the scope was sent back. I was told it should take 6/8 weeks to get it back. At about the 8 week mark I called for an update and was told a few more weeks. This went on for 4 more months. I was finally told that the scope had been sent back to me and I should get it any day. I asked for a tracking number and was told she would need to call me back. I never received the scope and never received a call back and nobody could provide me a tracking number. After several more weeks and several heated conversations with different employees I was told that they never received the scope in the first place. I then had to go through UPS and prove to them that in had if fact been delivered and who signed for it. Then I was told it had been received but was lost. After several months I was told they would give me a new scope but the model I sent in was no longer available. I gave them a list of scopes that would be an acceptable replacement and was told I would receive a NIB scope. Needless to say I did not receive the scope I was told I would and the one I did receive looked like it had been dragged behind a truck....I disputed the charge with Amex and after several more months received a refund for the full amount from Amex....all this after I involved the shop I purchased it from who was a zeiss dealer and the local zeiss rep.
  8. azelkhunter2

    New foam pads

    Azbowhunter...Call me 602-228-1719. Dave
  9. azelkhunter2

    New foam pads

    I will be in Mesa next week and in tempe
  10. azelkhunter2

    New foam pads

    I’m at 16 st and carefree Hwy. I work at 108 st and Via Linda. One pad is SPF
  11. azelkhunter2

    New foam pads

    I have two new full size 3 inch thick latex foam pads. They fit great in a full size truck bed or can be cut in half to fit cots. ( Never used ) 40.00 dollars each. Dave 602-228-1719
  12. azelkhunter2

    2 new UTV tires

  13. azelkhunter2

    2 new UTV tires

    I have two new never mounted GBC KANATI TERRA MASTER UTV TIRES. These are 10 ply DOT approved tires. Size 27-10-14. Retail is 140.00 each. I’ll take $200.00 for the pair. Dave 602-228-1719
  14. Yes great customer service
  15. azelkhunter2

    PointGuard Question

    Yes you can