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  1. azelkhunter2

    28 nosler ammo

    I have a total of 7 box’s 4 Hornady - 162 ELD-X 3 Nosler - 175 ALRB $ 75.00 Dollars a box..... Dave 602-228-1719
  2. azelkhunter2

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Take this for what it’s worth....I have worked a medical standby at one of the local vaccination sites 6 days a week for the last three weeks. Apx 1600 people a day get the vaccine....During the first round of shots we had EXACTLY one legitimate reaction...Had 20 ish panic attacks.....We have been on the second round of shots for a week now...Not one legitimate reaction to date.....We have had several reports of muscle soreness and low grade fever on the day after the second dose....But everyone is told to expect it.... I personally had a low grade fever and was pretty sore the next day but it went away within 12 hrs.....a total of 30.000 ish thousand people at just our site and not a single major issue.....And I would know as it’s my job to track it all....In the end it’s a personal choice....But getting your information off the internet is a really bad idea.....Speak to your personal doctor and make an informed decision and getting a second opinion is never a bad idea.....
  3. azelkhunter2

    Don't think online firearm and ammo sales are safe!

    Sh###t The sky is falling again.....
  4. azelkhunter2

    ISO Swarovski 15’s hd

    Pm sent
  5. azelkhunter2

    Owens Armory Custom 28 Nosler

    Sir can you please give me a call. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  6. azelkhunter2

    $1,000 2004 Nissan Frontier 4dr needs motor

    It’s funny you say that....My son is going to throw a 2 inch lift on it an E locker in the rear and we have a winch for the front....
  7. azelkhunter2

    $1,000 2004 Nissan Frontier 4dr needs motor

    Sir...It was nice meeting you and your father this morning. Thanks again....Dave
  8. azelkhunter2

    Free broyhill Fontana furniture

    I have 1 large dresser...2 armoires....2 night stands...And a kitchen table with 6 chairs....all in very good shape.....FREE.....MUST TAKE IT ALLL !!!!!! Dave 602-228-1719
  9. azelkhunter2

    $1,000 2004 Nissan Frontier 4dr needs motor

    Thank you sir....I’ll reach out to you and your dad later today. Hopefully we can make arrangements to pick it up in the morning.....Dave
  10. azelkhunter2

    $1,000 2004 Nissan Frontier 4dr needs motor

    I’ll take it....Dave
  11. azelkhunter2

    $1,000 2004 Nissan Frontier 4dr needs motor

    When can I see it. Dave 602-228-1719
  12. azelkhunter2


    I’m in Utah till January 2nd. If you still have them when I get back into Phx I’ll take them. Dave 602-228-1719
  13. azelkhunter2

    Retumbo Powder

    Lance ....If your powder is worth that much those 215m’s I sent your way are worth at least 10 K.....I mean what good is powder if you can’t light it off....
  14. azelkhunter2

    Axis Works 6.5ss. SOLD

    Sir please give me a call at your convenience on Monday. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  15. azelkhunter2

    Rem Sendero 22-250

    Sir give me a call....Interested in the 28....Thanks Dave 602-228-1719