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  1. azelkhunter2

    Carbon wrap barrels - thoughts

    Not sure where your located but I’m in north Phoenix. Your welcome to come by and shoulder a few rifles and see how they balance and fit/ feel
  2. azelkhunter2

    Carbon wrap barrels - thoughts

    Like any barrel.....It’s life expectancies will vary on several factors....Caliber, your shooting tendencies, how you care for the barrel. Ect....When cared for appropriately they are no better or worse then other top barrel manufacturers products
  3. azelkhunter2

    Carbon wrap barrels - thoughts

    I have several full build rifles ..... all but one has a proof carbon barrel. At one time or another I have owned a rifle that had one of the well known barrels on it. I can’t imagine ever building another rifle that didn’t have a proof barrel on it. They are just as accurate and I can run a full sendero contour and save weight over a steel barrel of equivalent size. ( even When fluted ).....I Can’t say if they cool faster or are stiffer but I can say when everything else is built right they shoot extremely well.
  4. azelkhunter2

    WTS - S&W Model 17 - .22LR Revolver

    Please give me a call at your convenience tomorrow. ( Friday )....Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  5. azelkhunter2

    Henry Golden Boy

    Pm sent
  6. azelkhunter2

    Az Deer Association outdoorsmans raffle

    Tickets are going fast....
  7. Just in time for the holidays
  8. azelkhunter2


    Very interested please call me. Dave 602-228-1719
  9. azelkhunter2

    Az Deer Association raffle

    Tickets will go fast....
  10. azelkhunter2

    Badlands Warranty

    I had 4 different badlands packs and used them hard each season for several yrs. from the first season to the last everyone of them went back for zipper repairs EVERY YEAR. The best part of it was every year when I called to complain about it the customer service gal would tell me I was the first person she had ever had that had a problem with their zippers. It was comical....The problem was worse when it was below 15 ish degrees out. Do an internet search there are hundreds of pages of zipper complaints.....Not sure how they stay in business.....I finally gave all mine away and bought a good quality packs
  11. azelkhunter2

    3C Rodeo

    Why is it we as hunters think anyone else should schedule their events around hunting season. With some type of hunt going on almost year round it would be virtually impossible. It is PUBLIC land....Hunters have no more claim to a timeline then anyone else does....Hunt weekdays you don’t have to deal with the weekenders.....
  12. azelkhunter2

    WTB: New, Unused Game Bags For Elk

    Want bags that will last forever....Davis tent in Colorado takes the cut offs from the canvas tents they make and makes bags out of them. I have used them for 30 ish yrs. The last sportsman show I was at I bought 20 of them for 5 bucks apiece. You won’t find a better game bag for ten times the price.
  13. I had virtually the same thing happen out of a lazzeroni warbird on a bull several yrs ago. I had numerous conversations with the tech guys at Berger and was told when shot out of a big fast caliber they don’t always penetrate but instead blow up on impact....I now use them on deer size game but shoot either accubond or ttsx on big thick skinned game.
  14. azelkhunter2

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

    Just FYI.....Western precision built this rig and lance did the load work up.....It shoots amazing
  15. azelkhunter2

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

    Just in time for those late elk hunts.....