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  1. azelkhunter2

    Coues killer for sale

    Pics ....
  2. azelkhunter2

    varget, h110 and other powders

    I’ll take the N570....Dave 602-228-1719
  3. azelkhunter2

    Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Is this still available
  4. azelkhunter2

    23 North Early Archery

    Sir...Are you looking for specific areas to hunt or just trying to gain insight on the unit and the hunt.....If your not looking for areas give me a call. I have spent every year for the last 20ish yrs either on that hunt or in the south half. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  5. azelkhunter2

    Powders for sale

    I’ll take two H4350. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  6. azelkhunter2

    Leupold Problem..Maybe

    So over the past several yrs I have owned several VX series scopes. After numerous return to zero issues on all of them and After leupold customer service gave them a clean bill of health.....I missed the buck of a lifetime after one of them was shooting several feet high and right....I sold them all and will never own another leupold scope...
  7. azelkhunter2

    Berger 215 hybrid for trade

    Give me a call. Dave 602-228+1719
  8. azelkhunter2


    I’ll take it. Please give me a call tomorrow at your convenience. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  9. azelkhunter2

    ***SOLD*** 10x12 wall tent for sale.

    Is this a Davis brand tent
  10. azelkhunter2

    SOLD Nightforce ATACR 5-25 MOAR F1

    Sir ....please give me a call. Dave 602-228-1719
  11. azelkhunter2

    Marlin bolt .22

    Sir I was unaware my buddy backed out of the purchase. I told you I would take it and I’ll stand behind that post. Please call me and I will mak arraignments to personally get it from you. Very sorry for the confusion. Dave 602-228-1719
  12. azelkhunter2


    I will take the 215’s when your ready to sell. Thanks Dave 602-228-1719
  13. azelkhunter2

    Marlin bolt .22

    I’ll take it. Dave 602-228-1719
  14. azelkhunter2

    arizona elk??

    Sir give me a call. Dave 602-228-1719
  15. azelkhunter2

    Youth Camouflage

    I have several men’s size medium long sleeve shirts. Kings camo brand...I don’t think my son ever put them on. You can have for free if you want them. Dave 602-228-1729. I am at 16 st and carefree Hwy area