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  1. ultramag338

    23 Burros Coues

    Hello all! Well this weekend i will be making my first attempt at harvesting a coues and I can say I am getting excited. Went down this past weekend and looked the country over. This is a new game for me as all ive ever really hunted amd guided for is elk. Anybody have any info theu would like to share for the burros. I can return the favor on info for nm units 10, 12 and 13. Thanks in advance
  2. ultramag338

    Vortex Kaibab HD 18x vs 20x thoughts

    I ran the 15s for a few years. Sold them when the 20s came out. Wish I didnt. Would trade my 20s for 18s or even go back to 15s
  3. ultramag338

    Coues deer rut

    Seb, i drew the nov hunt on the burros. A few weeks before yours. Where you located out of?
  4. ultramag338

    Coues deer rut

    Splatt, did you draw on the burros or off?
  5. ultramag338

    Youth Camo

    Ive been buying the packages from kings for my boys. Not too bad of a deal and a pretty good product.
  6. ultramag338

    Bull of a lifetime UPDATED with story

    Wow! Incredible bull what a toad! Congrats to the hunter!
  7. ultramag338

    Taxidermist in ABQ?

    Imperial taxidermy in Santa Fe.
  8. ultramag338

    New Mexico rut

    Im from grant. Acoma has some giant bulls and so does the surrounding unit which is unit 13. I would def consider later sept as the rut will be full swing ar that time. Pm me.
  9. ultramag338

    NM draw

    Buffhunter pm sent
  10. ultramag338

    Who is going to New Mexico

    My two boys(3 and 5) headed out early this morning here in new mexico to chase some thunder chickens. The weather was horrible with snow and mix of rain coming down constantly. Had two birds talking but would not commit. Finally around 11 the weather broke and it was game time. Got on some birds in some real thick stuff and after about 20 minutes of yelping and cutting they came strutting in gobbling their heads off puttin on a show for my boys. I let them watch and told them i was going to shoot and let it go took one bird slung another shell in and took the second bird as he tried to escape. My boys were pumped and i am very proud how patient quiet and still the kept for being so young!
  11. ultramag338

    NM Rifle Bull

    Awesome tag to have! Everything is looking in good shape to be a killer year for big bulls down in the gila!
  12. ultramag338

    NM Gobbler

    Thanks guys! I never really had gotten into chasing gobblers until a few years ago and man its a blast! To me its the second best thing to elk hunting calling in big bulls and calling in toms gives me some of that same excitement!
  13. ultramag338

    NM Gobbler

    Got on this bird the 2nd day of the season. He would gobble very little but I got close enough to pull his two hens in and he followed. After what seemed like forever he came out of cover and gave me a brief shot opportunity and I took the 50yd shot! Now one more tag to fill!
  14. ultramag338

    bino carrying systems

    I ordered the Alaska guide hoping to get it in kings camo!