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  1. ultramag338

    NM Coues

    My oldest son drew his first deer tag and I was pumped it was in a unit that I've had great success in for coues. His tag was good for either coues or mule deer. His hunt was over Thanksgiving break so we had no worries about school. My dad and my 2nd oldest boy joined us on the trip. My dad left early the Friday before the opener to get camp setup and we left town soon after the boys got of school. A 4.5 hour drive later we arrived. I had a real hard time sleeping that night like a kid on Christmas eve. Opening morning found us overlooking a big bowl that I killed my buck in last year. Not even a rabbit was moving in there. The next few days were good with a few encounters here and there with really small bucks. It was a grind to find good bucks and I was starting to feel the pressure. Wednesday morning found us sitting a saddle that we could overlook a a tank that some good deer had been using. Around 10:30a a good buck was glassed up and it was on. We set up where the buck should come out about 100 yards out. Like planned the buck read the script and my boy punched him with a perfect shot. His first deer and his first coues. I was super pumped and we hugged high fived and rolled around. We got his buck taken care of and headed home with smiles.
  2. ultramag338

    NM Antelope

    Finally drew my first antelope tag. Drew a archery hunt here close to home in New Mexico. I knew the unit well but knew this unit wasn't easy and it was going to be a grind. Opening morning found my son and I on the very north end of the unit. At first light we pick up what I think is a good 78-80" buck with 3 does. We put the stock on and get to about 130 yards. They peg us and move. We play cat and mouse for over two hours. We would make 40 yards they would move 40 yards. We finally get to the private border and we back out. On the way to some other country we spot small buck but give him the pass. We get to a new area and and glass a herd of does. I move to a small rise and glass a big buck cruising from our left to right. He is moving quick and we have about 800 yards to get to where we can be in range. We take off and get to the point where I think he should be soon. I'm glassing and frantically looking and he is gone. I put my binos down and 150 yards to my left he is staring us down. Luckily we were hunkered down pretty good. I had a heads up decoy attached to my bow. I threw it up and he immediately started to trot our way. He got closer and then something startled him as he came to a screeching halt. He was somewhat quartering towards us and with my son on the range finder he said "he's at 80 dad". I drew back and settled the pin just in front of his shoulder. Right as I was letting it fly the smallest gust of wind came and pulled that decoy a had attached to my bow. I watched the arrow fly like in slow motion to the left and high. The arrow sunk deep into his neck and into his chest cavity. The buck took of and I could see he was bleeding good which calmed me of my botched shot. After a short tracking job we found him piled up in some malpais rock. I knew he was a good buck but walking up I could see he was just a little better than good. I was sad that when the buck crashed that lava rock split open his lower jaw, split his gums and some of his nose. We got the buck taken care of and headed home. I called my good friend who is my taxidermist and is an official p&y scorer. We met up at his place to cape the buck out gave him a quick run with the tape. Last week we did the official scoring and he was better than.I thought. I am blessed to have these opportunities to hunt with my oldest son who's passion for hunting burns as hot as mine. This was a first for me and who better than to get to experience it with than my boy.
  3. ultramag338

    23 Burros buck

    Well weather was not ideal on the hunt and for the first time hunting this mountain range I felt like every where I went there was someone else there. Bigger deer were not being cooperative and only 80" -90" deer seemed to be poking their heads out. The end of the hunt I was able to turn this buck up and decided to take him. Can't pass up some good eating coues in the freezer.
  4. ultramag338

    Horn Quality 2022 ?

    Growth looks good to me. NM Gila bull.
  5. ultramag338

    Shed buyer

    Trinity Walker is out of Eager. (928)245-2531.
  6. ultramag338

    New Mexico unit 16D Archery Bull Sept 15-24th

    Hands down the best unit in new mexico.
  7. ultramag338

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    I drew a 23 Burros archery coues tag!
  8. ultramag338

    23 Burros Coues

    Hello all! Well this weekend i will be making my first attempt at harvesting a coues and I can say I am getting excited. Went down this past weekend and looked the country over. This is a new game for me as all ive ever really hunted amd guided for is elk. Anybody have any info theu would like to share for the burros. I can return the favor on info for nm units 10, 12 and 13. Thanks in advance
  9. ultramag338

    Vortex Kaibab HD 18x vs 20x thoughts

    I ran the 15s for a few years. Sold them when the 20s came out. Wish I didnt. Would trade my 20s for 18s or even go back to 15s
  10. ultramag338

    Coues deer rut

    Seb, i drew the nov hunt on the burros. A few weeks before yours. Where you located out of?
  11. ultramag338

    Coues deer rut

    Splatt, did you draw on the burros or off?
  12. ultramag338

    Youth Camo

    Ive been buying the packages from kings for my boys. Not too bad of a deal and a pretty good product.
  13. ultramag338

    Bull of a lifetime UPDATED with story

    Wow! Incredible bull what a toad! Congrats to the hunter!
  14. ultramag338

    Taxidermist in ABQ?

    Imperial taxidermy in Santa Fe.