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  1. Good afternoon all, finally drew a December hunt! Took 5 points and I’m super excited. I’m from NM and can’t seem to draw a hunt here. I’ve been in 36 for years but the drug traffic has gotten really bad there. I heard it’s much lighter in 35 so I put in. According to the azgf website it’s a good unit for coues. I usually bivy up in the hills. Any advice you guys have on illegal traffic and a starting point to scout would be greatly appreciated. Coues are my top 3 animals to hunt. Absolutely love glassing. Thank you, Jake
  2. corkin it

    Javelina chorizo

    Great video! I’ll try it this weekend. I am probably going to add some pork fat. Thank you!
  3. corkin it

    Javelina chorizo

    Good morning everyone, I was lucky and scored at the end of the season in January and I was thinking of making some Javelina chorizo I’ve made Javelina breakfast sausage before but was wondering if anybody had a good recipe that I could use. Or any helpful advice would be really appreciated. Also, do you add pork fat to your Javelina meat? Thanks for your Help , Jake p.s. Trying to load a pic from new phone with no luck. I’ll try on my computer
  4. corkin it

    Elk draw "points"

    Good morning all, Im in NM and have 8 points. Im ready to try and draw Az finally. Im just wondering what I can possible get for 8 points? I prefer bow and muzzleloader but would be happy with a rifle tag. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to put in for something I have no real chance at. Im hearing you need 14 points or more but Ill probably be dead by then:). Thank you! Jake
  5. corkin it

    fly fishing white mountains

    Thank you, Ill check them out. Cant wait to get up there.
  6. corkin it

    fly fishing white mountains

    Hoping you guys can give me some insight. Im meeting my son who is in Flagstaff going to school. Im coming from New Mexico. Looking to do some tubing or wading for trout white mountain area early October. Private or public water. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking at Christmas tree lake. Good lake? Thanks, Jake
  7. corkin it

    Fantasy Football League

    Is it on. Im sitting here waiting and nothing.
  8. corkin it

    Fantasy Football League

    Wednesday for me if possible
  9. corkin it

    Fantasy Football League

    Money sent, thanks!
  10. corkin it

    Web site prices...swarovski

    This has to be a scam. Their based in Indonesia. Just curious if any of you have seen this?
  11. corkin it

    Web site prices...swarovski

    Have any of you seen this site for optics? The prices look to good to be true. http://www.sale-telescopes.com/products/Swarovski-12x50-EL-SWAROVISION-Binocular.html
  12. corkin it


    Any sales going on for Memorial weekend guys. Can't seem to find good one. Thanks. Jake
  13. corkin it

    Swarovski 2x doubler worth it ?

    Its a great idea but I never really used mine. If there was a quick way to attach it might be worth it. To cumbersome and time consuming.
  14. corkin it

    12x50 swarovski EL V.S. Vortex Kaibab HD 15x56

    Happy Mothers Day!! Thank you for all your responses. Im definitely going to pursue the swaro's. Need to sell a few things and it'll happen. Thanks again, Jake
  15. Need advice guys. I have the Kaibabs but am thinking of selling and getting the swarovskis. The 12's seem like a good all around glass. There super light and very clear. I havnt been able to try a pair in the field on tripod so I was hoping you guys with a pair could give me some advice. Ditch the 15's and get the 12's? I have a pair 0f 10x swarovskis. but I use the 15s exclusively on my hunts except for elk. Ill carry the 10's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jake