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  1. Thanks and your welcome Jeff! Yep Brent is my dad. As far as the score goes Dallas and a couple of his buddies scored him a few times and came up with numbers between 105-107.
  2. OpticNerd

    Found a Couple of Deadheads

    That's crazy. I too am wondering how they got down there. I'm thinking Bigfoot.
  3. Yep. Can wait to see how the mount turns out. Thanks!
  4. OpticNerd

    New Video

    Sweet video. Got some studs in there. The footage looked great. Nice and clear. You digiscoping?
  5. OpticNerd

    Let's See Them Gardens.

    不不不不不No way man! Fresh homegrown zucchini, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers all delicious!
  6. OpticNerd

    2021 Az Buffalo Success!!!

    I 2nd this. A story would be sweet. 12 days sitting on salt?!?!? My hats off to ya bud! I couldn't last a day on a hunt like that. Congrats!
  7. OpticNerd

    Sticker buck

    That's one good looking buck and video. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thank you. I want to but I dont know if I got enough good footage this year. Instead of just filming the rut I actually archery hunted it this year. I will be putting out a bunch of VLOG style videos from my days hunting. Maybe I do both if I can swing it. Also working on 3 or 4 more rifle hunts so I might not have enough time. Thank you Vowell!
  9. Thanks and your welcome! I've seen a few bucks with 5 points but this might be the cleanest inline 5 I've ever personally seen. Thank you and your welcome. My favorite unit. At least one of my favorite 5
  10. Thanks Kev! Yep. It sure is pretty to look at just sucks when your trying to find deer. Thanks. Agreed. Hope to get one like that for myself some day. Thanks.
  11. Well since there's no 120+ plus bucks in this video just a little 105ish buck you'll probably get bored watching it. You pass 105s like I pass spikes.不不不不
  12. Thanks. Dallas sure did get himself a goodun!
  13. Thank you very much kind sir!
  14. Thanks and thank you for your feedback on the video.