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  1. OpticNerd

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    Nice! Nothing better than hunting with your kids.
  2. OpticNerd

    Super Bonus Point

    This will definitely will raise money but I don't think I'll be buying one. On the other hand I would like to see some Super Tags being made available to help raise even more money. Sticking with the Super theme they could call it the Super Education Draw. Each unit will have one year long rifle deer tag available in this special draw. $10 nonrefundable Super Tag application fee per unit you apply for with a limit 5 choices. So if you only put in for 1 unit it's $10 if you do all 5 it's $50. Basically the same as the current drawing system which should make this an easy addition to the current draw system.
  3. OpticNerd

    Youth first hunt 35a

    How'd the hunt go?
  4. OpticNerd

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    Dang looks like you were able to find some good bucks. Congrats!
  5. OpticNerd


    It's amazing the quality phones are capable of producing now days. I still lean towards an actual small point and shoot over a phone when it comes to digiscoping but either will work great. The way you mount the camera to the scope is just as or even more important than the type of camera. Pretty much all modern cameras and phones produce excellent image quality but without a good scope mounting your pic/video quality will more than likely suffer. A good quality mounting system worked wonders for me when it came down to quality of the pics and video I was getting.
  6. OpticNerd

    2018 Rutting Coues Video

    I got between 70-100 yards from a handful of bucks unfortunately my furthest shooting distance was 60 yards. If I remember correctly the buck you said left the country I was able to get 72 yards from and 45 yards from his doe. His doe is the one that busted me. Heck yeah good to hear! Glad you like them.
  7. OpticNerd

    2018 Rutting Coues Video

    I use a 114mm Vixen telescope but I didn't do much videoscoping this time around. Thanks. Congrats on the tags and good luck Thank you. Thanks and good luck on your elk tag. Your not the only one dreaming of Jan.
  8. If so check out my new video. Just in time for all you archery hunters out there to feed the need until opening day in 2 weeks. Anyone else getting pump to see what goes down this archery season?
  9. OpticNerd

    Favorite dead head

    Here's my all time favorite. I don't think I've ever seen a coues as burred up as this one. To bad his beams were chewed off.
  10. OpticNerd

    Az shed hunting video

    Nice! Looks like some good genetics in some of those.
  11. OpticNerd

    The 2018 leftover list is now up on G&F website.

    As a whole your probably right. I only looked at the unit I normally hunt and the numbers are down by a bit in that unit. The lowest I've seen in that unit in the last 8-10 years. Also think I remember unit 29 having some leftovers last year as well.
  12. OpticNerd

    The 2018 leftover list is now up on G&F website.

    Really??? I was thinking the exact opposite. Numbers look to be at an all time low to me.
  13. OpticNerd

    Food for Thought

    You're probably correct by saying this topic will never end but if by some chance hunters from both sides of the argument can make some sort of compromise we might actually see some common ground being made. The "I hunt the way I hunt and you hunt the way you hunt" idea is a flawed one and won't solve the issue. If anything this ideology only makes matters worse causing further divide between hunters. I know some of us don't like to refer to hunting as a sport but by definition present day hunting is in fact a sport. With that being said how many sports do you know of where you can tell your fellow players "I'll play the way I want to play and you play the way you want to play" and expect a positive outcome? I think we can all agree that applying this philosophy to any sport would cause nothing but problems for that sport. Knowing this, how can anyone expect anything but problems when applying this same philosophy to the sport of hunting?
  14. OpticNerd

    Food for Thought

    Are you talking about the ethics section on page 10? B&C has also commented on long range hunting and they seem to be apposed to this trend. I wonder how long it will take the AZGF fair chase committee to state an opinion on this subject? I bet it's at the top of their to do list.
  15. OpticNerd

    Food for Thought

    Definitely some good shooting Lance.