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  1. OpticNerd

    Cant wait for deer season

    Sweet buck and pic Kev! There's something about coues and snow that gets my blood flowing.
  2. OpticNerd

    New setup for filming

    I had something similar. Worked great at first but after using it a bit I didn't like it because I couldn't continue glassing new country when ever I was filming. I like to video a lot and most of the time as soon as I hit record I go back to glassing. I couldn't do this anymore with my camera attached to the head and I was missing out on too much glassing time. Also tried another contraption that attached to the tripod legs but it was too shaky. Cool idea though.
  3. OpticNerd

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    Why do I feel like the top bull is giving me the finger? This must be the elusive FU Bull that ruins all your trophy pics by flipping you off with his antlers. I've heard the stories I just didn't believe.
  4. OpticNerd

    11M Elk a Nuisance

  5. OpticNerd

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Hoping to get youth tags as well. One for my 13 year old daughter and another for my 11 year old daughter. This will be the first hunt for younger if she gets drawn so we're all pretty excited to see what she gets. A 10 day coues hunt down south for the wife and a late coues hunt for me. Hoping for some good times ahead hunting with my family.
  6. OpticNerd

    The future of bowhunting is here my friends

    Nothing like the draw lock. This thing is basically an arrow clip for your bow. You just pull the bow back and it automatically loads an arrow to the string. I believe the clip holds 5 arrows. I don't think it has a locking feature but I could be wrong.
  7. Do you guys see this concept working for hunting purposes? Either way I want one. Looks like it would be a blast to shoot.
  8. OpticNerd

    San Carlos lake reports?

    I'm curious as well. Didn't the lake have another fish kill this past year?
  9. OpticNerd

    Sold Swarovski Big Eyes for sale

    How much does this setup weigh?
  10. OpticNerd

    Hunt guidlines

    Look at all that red. Down 1560 tags. This makes no sense. Must be a typo because we all know the only thing the G$F cares about is making that money. This could damage their reputation as the money loving tag whores a lot of guys believe them to be. What in TARNATION is going on here!
  11. OpticNerd

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Learn something new almost every day too bad every time I learn one thing I forget 3 others. This whole time I thought that if I can drive my truck on it and it was on a map it was conciderded a road. So the question I have now is how do I determine if a road has been maintained? Does it have to be bladed? I didn't shoot at a buck this last year because my dumb butt thought the little two track below me was a road and I couldn't shoot over it. Now I find out that a two track is not a road. SOB! I could have miss a great buck if I wasn't such an idiot!
  12. OpticNerd

    Wife’s 2019 javelina

    Wow that's some cold pig hunting! Congrats to the wife. Was this close to Sierra Vista?
  13. OpticNerd

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    Nice! Nothing better than hunting with your kids.
  14. OpticNerd

    Super Bonus Point

    This will definitely will raise money but I don't think I'll be buying one. On the other hand I would like to see some Super Tags being made available to help raise even more money. Sticking with the Super theme they could call it the Super Education Draw. Each unit will have one year long rifle deer tag available in this special draw. $10 nonrefundable Super Tag application fee per unit you apply for with a limit 5 choices. So if you only put in for 1 unit it's $10 if you do all 5 it's $50. Basically the same as the current drawing system which should make this an easy addition to the current draw system.
  15. OpticNerd

    Youth first hunt 35a

    How'd the hunt go?