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  1. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Thanks and your welcome! Yeah elk hunting is actually pretty dang awesome! I'm just pissed I can't hunt elk every year like I can with deer. In all honesty some off my best days hunting has been hunting elk. I can't wait until I draw my next tag.
  2. OpticNerd

    Second day success

    Congrats on your first buck!
  3. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Thanks! Thank you! Only 3 more months to go. Good thing my family and I have 4 coues rifle tags this year to help keep me preoccupied until the rut kicks in.
  4. OpticNerd

    Rut Activity

    DANG! 9x9?? That's something you don't see everyday no matter how big his frame is. Thanks for just making my day 10 times better!
  5. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Thank you! I'd say about 500 yards. Anything past that the quality starts dropping but this all depends on the time of day, temperature, angle of the sun in relationship of the deer and if I'm filming across a big canyon or a flat. What's nice about filming in 4K is you can zoom in on the footage and still have it look good. A good example of this is the buck at 7:05 in this video. He was around 600 yards and when I edited the footage I was able to zoom in on him quite a bit before I notice a decrease in the video quality. Thanks again. I like it. The audio is not very good but I think the video quality makes up for it. I used it for most of last years 2018 coues rut video as well. My latest videoscoping setup is a 114mm telescope. It's ridiculous! Yes I get really good footage out of the big scope but anything under 500 yards or so I find it hard to see a difference between it and the FZ80. Some other good options if you're looking are the Canon SX50/SX60/SX70, Nikon P900 and the ultimate superzoom camera the Nikon P1000. That P1000 is pretty nice!
  6. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Here's my camera/tripod setup I used the most this year. It's the FZ80 with a Slik Spirit 150 and Rocketfish ballhead. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. I did get a tripod collar mount that allows me to tilt the head all the way down and to the side as seen in the pics. The head works a lot better for me this way. This also allows me to swap out batteries and cards without having to take off the tripod plate. This setup is extremely lightweight and portable weighing just over 4 lbs especially when you compare it to my old videoscoping setup which weighs in at more than 20lbs. My only real complaint is if it's windy than I get too much camera shake with this combination. So on windy days I just use one of the other two other tripods I have which is a 5lb and a 10lb. Pretty sure that's about it. If you have any other questions or want more detailed pics let me know.
  7. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    No spotter this year just the FZ80. Not much to it really. I do use 3 different tripods depending on how far I'm hiking that day or if it's really windy. I'll post pics of it later today.
  8. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Thank you. I used a Panasonic FZ80. Nice little camera.
  9. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Thanks! Thank you very much! Appreciate the feedback! Thanks for watching it!
  10. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Glad you like them. Peak seems to be about the middle of Jan for my areas but that snow storm right after Christmas did pick it up for a few days. I didn't see any full on rutting during this time but there were quite a few big boys out cruising. Rutting activity does seem to be lasting later and later though.
  11. OpticNerd

    2019 Coues Video

    Thanks! Good luck on the elk hunt and congrats on the late tag. The only thing elk have on coues is they can bugle. Can you imagine if coues bugled. Holy coues that would be awesome!
  12. I find it funny that the start of elk season always makes me think about the upcoming deer hunts. Is there really a better time to share a coues video than the day before elk season??😄 Elk suck! Coues are da best! Hope this gets some of you excited about the upcoming deer hunts.
  13. OpticNerd

    Local Paper Buck

    He was probably just braggin to his wife trying to impress his lady. Little did he know she was going to be so impressed that she would write a story about this little white lie of his. Haha! All the poor guy was just trying to do was let his wife know she married a stud hunter. Hope he got some nookie before getting busted. The things guys will do to impress the ladies🤣🤣🤣JK. Nice buck congrats to the hunter!
  14. Awesome stuff! We need more post like this. Good luck!
  15. OpticNerd

    Cant wait for deer season

    Sweet buck and pic Kev! There's something about coues and snow that gets my blood flowing.