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  1. OpticNerd

    Got my archery bull

    Sweet bull! Nice shootin congrats!
  2. OpticNerd

    Heavier than my heaviest dream buck

    Heck yeah awesome man! I think I saw some live footage of this buck on IG. If not then your buck has a twin. Them dang trail cams were just holding you back all these years 🤣🤣🤣
  3. OpticNerd

    More Blessings from the Hunting Gods!!

    Dang man that's a stud!!! Buck fever would of had me shaking all over the place if I was drawn on a buck like that. I would have missed at 20 let alone 65. You did good. Real good! Congrats! You've inspired me to get out and find a biggun for myself. Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. OpticNerd

    Bitter Sweet Ending

    Dang that's pretty cool, crazy and sucky all at the same time. Great job finding him. Looks like a great buck congrats! Post a pic when you get him all fixed up. It be cool to see the before and after.
  5. OpticNerd

    NM Antelope

    I love um tall. That's one sweet buck! Congrats man!
  6. OpticNerd

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Kind of surprised with the lack of kills in the SE units. 31 and 29 seem to be the only 2 units in the SE part of the state where deer are getting shot. Also thought there'd be more muleys being shot in these units. Guess everyones hunting up in the cooler mountains instead of down in the hot desert.
  7. OpticNerd

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Only 1 left in U1. Dang that was fast. Look out U27 you guys up next. Wonder where all the U1 hunters are gunna go now???
  8. OpticNerd

    Mountain Tom

    Nice bird bud! His beard is almost as long and magnificent as yours....almost but not quite.
  9. OpticNerd

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Thanks and you're welcome AzRaised08! I too can't wait for the hunts to start. This will be the first year where all 4 of my kids will have tags. We got 8 tags in total within our family group. Needless to say I'm excited to chase some coues!
  10. OpticNerd

    AZGFD offering 12 Limited tags.

  11. OpticNerd

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Thanks and you're welcome bonecollector. Always good to hear from you guys that enjoy the pics and vids.
  12. OpticNerd

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    You're welcome couesfreak23. I hope to have some new Youtube videos out soon.
  13. OpticNerd

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Thank you very much for the compliment I really appreciate it! I do my best to make sure my kids don't make the same mistakes I did growing up. I still make mistakes from time to time but I will say having to teach my kids how to hunt has definitely made me a better hunter. Thanks again and you're welcome!
  14. OpticNerd

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    We did good got 6 tags in total. 4 youth tags, a November tag and one late December tag. How about you?
  15. That buck's a stud! Congrats! It would be pretty crazy to get 4 bucks all over 100 in a year. 4 over 110 would be absolutely legendary! Good luck man! Hope you can pull it off.