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  1. OpticNerd

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Hopefully...My biggest concern after watching the video in slow mo over an over again was it looks like there might be an impact around the base of his neck. My initial thought after seeing this was a piece of the bullet hit his windpipe and he wouldn't be able to recover. No matter what happened I'm just relieved to see him alive. Hopefully I can do an autopsy on him come November and get some answers. That'd be awesome!
  2. OpticNerd

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Definitely tried but I suck. I got within 400 just couldn't get it done.
  3. OpticNerd

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Dudes still alive. Found him on my late Dec hunt about 1/4 mile from where he got shot at. He wasn't limping. He was eating normally. I saw no scars or wounds. As far as I could tell he looked perfectly fine. I still don't know what the heck happened but it was good to see him alive and well. P1000238.mp4
  4. OpticNerd

    New Member

    Dang! Twice in the last month someone accusing trophyhunter of something??? This can't be a coincidence...They're out to get you man!
  5. OpticNerd

    Any St Johns guys on here?

  6. OpticNerd

    Binoculars with glasses

    I don't have any specific recommendations but any bino with atleast 15mm of eye relief should work. 17mm and above would be ideal. I had a pair with an eye relief of 15mm it was very tight but I was still able to see the entire FOV. 17mm and above is alot more comfy for me and my eyes and I wouldn't go less than that if at all possible.
  7. OpticNerd

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    This one looks alot better than your other one with the slimy rabbit poop on it.
  8. OpticNerd

    Alamo-any reports

    Me 2
  9. OpticNerd

    Upper lake mary

    Nice! I'm still trying to get my first walleye. Fished lake Mary 5 or 6 times and still haven't caught one. How'd it taste?
  10. OpticNerd

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    Hope it's not going to be a repeat of last years draw. Don't know if my heart could handle it. Tomorrow @8:05 & 7/8th.
  11. OpticNerd

    Counting down the days!

    Very cool! Love the look of this stud bull. Thanks for sharing!
  12. OpticNerd

    hunting/camping solo

    I absolutely love helping people hunt but when it comes to my tag I'm a solo guy. Me against the animal one on one. I don't know why this is but I don't like any help filling my tags.
  13. OpticNerd

    Elk draw screw up

    She didn't know for sure but she did say as soon as they're done giving all the famous YouTubers/influencers their tags they'll start the draw for us commoners. I guess it's taking longer than they thought because Randy can't decide on what tag he wants.
  14. OpticNerd

    Elk draw screw up

    Those of you who said it shouldn't be a problem were apparently correct. I talked with a nice lady from the g&f yesterday and she also said it should be fine. I'm actually quite surprised this wasn't going to be an issue to be honest. Definitely relieved to here that my boys first elk app should go through without any problems due to this stupid mistake of mine. Now all we gotta do is wait and see if we get lucky.
  15. OpticNerd

    Bull up close

    That was cool sweet video! Perfect example of the spook n stop technique that elk are famous for. Too bad more coues didn't do this.