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  1. After having had a very good website years ago and then battling with bad to so-so hosted solutions the past few years - we're in the process of building the HEALY web presence from the ground up (like we did originally). Our main site, HEALY ARMS is still on a hosted solution for the time being. The NEW SITE is www.healypremium.com and for now is a showcase of our premium offerings -- MOST of the in-stock items are in the Tempe store and a few are in the warehouse. Flatline Maps (popular item) ALL ship for FREE - we keep them in-store and they ship quickly - CLICK HERE to see that section You'll also find Silencers and accessories, Proof Research barrels, Nightforce Scopes, Vortex Razor, Defiance and other rifle actions, Benchmade Knives and more. Please have a look - if you like it let us know. If there's something that's not good - let us know that as well. Remember, its a work in progress - we will be adding more and more. The in-stock Proof Research will be much improved by next week. More to come...
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    bigorange - my doc had me on the intermittent fasting and it worked. I'm glad to hear it's working for you - progress is excellent. I eventually grew tired of it as absolutely NO ONE in my circle of friends was doing it. Going to breakfast or lunch with everyone and drinking tea got a little old. For me - it seems easier to order vegetables and a meat and eat on a regular schedule. A guy has to pick what works. From a lifetime of trying things - the "Keto" post I put above has worked for me the best. It's been the easiest. Like I said - I don't even know if it qualifies as "Keto" - but when I follow the app I get results
  3. Healy Arms


    Keto - fad? Not a fad? Low carb has been packaged in different names over the years, so maybe by name its another fad. The thing that I like about "Keto", is if you use a nutrition app like CarbManager or similar, is it allows me to see at a glance what quality and low-quality eating choices are. I'm anything but a nutritionist and a quality nutrition app breaks down the macro-nutrients and allows a person to build a program of eating based on a desired result (blubber loss, cardio training, muscle gain, regular old maintenance / and YES the carbs allowed go up and down for each desired result). I really don't know if using CarbManager is really "Keto" - but when I follow the models they have for whatever result I want, I absolutely get that result. MOST natural unpackaged foods are allowed and get a good "Keto Score" - bell peppers, cabbage, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, squash, Hatch green chili, all meats and fish - and much more get an Grade A score and are included. When I want more carbs I add beans, apples or onions instead of tortillas and bread. Cheat day? Yep - I do that too. Had white pizza with sausage and a beer last night. Back on the wagon today. A few weeks ago, not happy whatsoever with my current fatboy status I opened the app up. Updated the personal profile and set it for weight loss. Used it religiously (NO I didn't eat just butter and eggs like Atkins from back in the day - the choices were all meats and lower carb vegetables) and started shedding pounds almost immediately. When my weight is where my goal is I just reset the desired daily outcome and the carbs in the plan go up. If I want to train and lift - the carbs go up again. If I get sloppy and start packing pounds on the carbs go down. The daily calories in each section seem to stay very similar - so is it a calorie deficit? On paper, it doesn't seem to be. The daily nutrient profile DEFINIETLY changes based on what you're trying to achieve. Once again, nutrition expertise is not my wheelhouse and whether what I've described is actual "Keto" or not, it narrows the heck out of food to non-processed choices and produces whatever result I set/program in. In reality it's probably just clean eating with some carb tweaks for specific fitness outcomes. I just have to do it.
  4. Sightmark Reflex Rifle Sights with a GREEN reticle, quick disconnect base and a LIFETIME warranty - Save 50% Until They Are GONE - $64.99 while they last. Compare to anyplace online - find it in-stock for less and we will match it. Buy it online or in-store at https://www.healyarms.com/ See it and get more details by CLICKING HERE
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  6. If anyone wants one of the specials today - email me at mark@healyarms.com - and I can handle it for you. No elk tag this year. Sticking around in town today - I don't mind a bit. Happy Thanksgiving
  7. This Ruger DOORBUSTER will go quickly Click Here to see this RUGER AR556 Tactical Pistol Special: https://www.healyarms.com/products/handguns-ruger-8570-736676085705-3337
  8. This will be a popular handgun special - the Smith & Wesson Rebate LINK can be found HERE Click this link to view the gun online: https://www.healyarms.com/products/handguns-smith-wesson-12395-022188876031-10-01-0808-3337
  9. Good Afternoon CW, Our website https://www.healyarms.com/ has undergone a major overhaul and we're able to more easily group and display specials. Good News - fewer individual posts from us - we can put out ONE post like this and just update this one thread with new items added to the event. All items on special can be viewed by going to ONE place CLICK HERE to go to the collection of Black Friday specials ***NO Waiting Until Black Friday for CW Members*** We know many of you have hunting tags the day after thanksgiving or will be in the mountains for the weekend (good for you). If you see a special that you want - CALL US at 480-621-5555 tell us you're with CW and we will handle the transaction over the phone - period - No Waiting - No Missing Out - Even the DOORBUSTERS. Just call us and remember to say you're a CW member. Thank you again for your business over the years. May everyone have blessed holiday with family and friends. Enjoy the hunting season. Best, Mark Healy If you want to come by and take part in the sale - Doors Open at 8am - we'd love to see everyone.
  10. Fortunately CW doesn't relegate sponsors to a section the members would never see. What would become of the sponsors if they couldn't talk to the members? Our CW turnout & referrals have been remarkable - again - so, lots of people appreciate it. We'll go away in a day - we only hit the campfire hard a couple/three times a year with hunting and shooting relevant information. Until then just skip to the threads you'd like to read. That'll make it just like any other day.
  11. If you're in the area please stop in & look around - let us know you saw us on CW
  12. We've been SOLID busy all morning with slowdown in sight - Thank You CW Members for shopping with us and sending your friends and family - we appreciate that level of trust and your business. Mark Healy