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  1. zack, or anyone - pick a time, date, and place
  2. Well, I picked the last place and date, somebody else pick this one.
  3. Okay by me, need to hear from the others. I sent you and zackcarp and forepaws a PM a few days ago but nobody replies.
  4. I think it was shortly after the COVID stupidity & Mask mandate, also Outback closed neither will reopen. Thank you, Slo Joe and Horizontal Harris. Can't help you on the other.
  5. I sent you and two others a PM, haven't heard back from anyone.
  6. JFP

    WTT .17 Remington

    Thanks for the reply. I got rid of my 17Rem many years ago and have been kicking myself in the butt ever since - my foot is sore and my butt hurts! If you decide to sale please let me know.
  7. JFP

    WTT .17 Remington

    Do you have a wooden stock?
  8. From the article posted above. I can see these to be difficult to enforce by wardens but perhaps this is a good motion and a way to advocate fair chase hunting in Utah if put in place. What do you think?
  9. JFP

    Calling in lions.

    Thank you Kevin, I'll pass that on to my daughter.
  10. JFP

    Calling in lions.

    Kevin, not that I disagree with you but how did you come about this information? Our daughter lives in the area you described. She raises goats and has free-range chickens and never lost any to predators with the exception of losing a few chicks to hawks, nor are her goats in a closed barn at night. Her property borders the forest.
  11. JFP

    4 and a Twofer

    Productive morning.
  12. JFP

    Weatherby .257 Riffle and Ammo $600

    Thank you.
  13. JFP

    Weatherby .257 Riffle and Ammo $600

    Interested, what is your location?
  14. JFP

    Retired Marine could use a few prayers.

    Doug - I will be thinking of you and your dad in our daily prayers.