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  1. JFP

    Got the call from game and fish

    .oz31p - PM coming your way.
  2. JFP

    Got the call from game and fish

    Obviously, I care or I would not have asked. Or maybe because I have lived in 35a for the past fifty-plus years and wanted to know if he needed any help.
  3. JFP

    Got the call from game and fish

    Have you hunted 35a in the past?
  4. JFP

    Early Hunt Reports????

    Rem Case, Win Large Rifle Primers, IMR 3031 41grains, Sierra 165 grain SPBT (#2145) I used that rifle for many years, about two years ago I gave it to her. 300-yard target, ten shots.
  5. JFP

    Early Hunt Reports????

    It wasn't broken when she squeezed the trigger, he tumbled down the mountain, and broke it. She found it and we are going to glue it on. I did not participate in her hunt. I am partially crippled and can not do the mountains anymore. But she and I have sat under the same oak tree for over forty years and never failed to kill a buck. She has never missed a deer season since she started hunting, except for the four years in the Army.
  6. JFP

    Early Hunt Reports????

    Daughters buck, 175 yards, using her Win Mdl 70FW .308, one shot.
  7. JFP

    Ruger Vaquero .45 colt

    Nice pistol, should be a fast sale.
  8. JFP

    Early Hunt Reports????

    Two for two in 35a, my daughter and her husband.
  9. Get on 80 and head toward Tombstone, almost all state land and quail are there if you are willing to walk for them.
  10. JFP

    6th Time is the Charm

    Nice buck Zack and a very good write-up.
  11. JFP

    SOLD - Please remove

    No, but I saw it many years ago.
  12. JFP

    SOLD - Please remove

    Somewhat interested, where are you located?
  13. JFP

    Yildiz 12 ga O/U shotgun

    This shouldn't last too long. If I lived in the Kingman area I would already have it.
  14. JFP

    Sold foxPro fusion, with decoy

    Kevin - If I did not already have three callers I would take this off your hands. GOOD CALLER AND A GOOD PRICE.
  15. Nive pups HiNoon. They make terrific coyote dogs.