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  1. Sierra Vista, Hereford, and anybody else interested. Coffee Call/ Lunch this coming Sunday 10 Oct Country Kitchen 2 PM. Need to know how many are coming so we can reserve an appropriate table.
  2. JFP

    Do something nice for your dog today

    "He lived in my eyes, died in my lap, and is buried in my heart.",
  3. JFP

    Predator Call Choices

    If your FoxPro has "Lucky Bird" give it a try, has worked for me.
  4. JFP

    Vortex Binoculars for sale

    Excellent glass and an even better price. If I needed a set of binoculars I would jump on this.
  5. JFP

    New BLM director

    She is a terrorist who drove nail spikes into trees to prevent them from being harvested. Has she been confirmed or just nominated?
  6. A few of us are planning a local get-together on Sunday 10 Oct @ 2PM, Location is to be determined after we know how many will attend. Although the title says Sierra Vista & Hereford anyone and everyone is invited.
  7. A few of us are having a coffee meet and greet on 4 Sep, 9 AM at the Diner, on SR 92, by McDonald's. If you can make it we would like to meet ya. Please indicate here if you can make it or send me a PM so we know what size table to get. Hope to see ya on 4 Sep.
  8. Hey muledeerarea33 tried to send ya a PM and got this message: muledeerarea33? cannot receive messages.
  9. Just a reminder and how about you muledeerarea33?, ya gonna make it? How about the guy from SierraVista that needed the .243 ammo and I said I'd give it to him is he gonna be there, think his screen name was junior.
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    I-10 for coyotes and bobcats.
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    Can somebody/anybody answer this? I have asked the powers to be and cannot get an answer. I think it is in response to a classified ad selling .243 ammo. I thought the price was too high and said so and then offered two free boxes to the guy who needed it. The post has since disappeared. Sorry, there is a problem you do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K
  12. JFP


    Did not know that thanks for the reply. The only person who lost out is the guy that I wanted to give the ammo (.243) to. I don't recall his name but he was also from Sierra Vista or maybe Hereford. Again, Thank you for the reply.
  13. JFP

    Bear Sleeping in front of my Camera

    Love your films, thank you for taking the time to post them.
  14. If your boys drew the youth hunt in 35A, it is any antlered deer, and note 39 applies to that hunt which says: "Individuals with permits for these hunts are eligible to purchase Restricted Non permit- tags for the corresponding elk or javelina population management seasons listed in Commission Order 26." Commission Order 26 says, "...Companion Tags can be purchased at any Department office." Please disregard my previous comments. I have hunted 35a since 1977, have taken a coues every year that I wanted to. Some years I passed and last year and this year have not applied for a tag as age has finally caught up with me.
  15. Some additional info: "Mule deer hunting in GMU 35A is limited to muzzleloader hunts for any antlered deer, and over-the-counter archery. Muzzleloader tags are offered as dual unit tags for GMUs 35A and 35B, because most of the mule deer habitat straddles the unit boundary. " So you may want to re-think shooting a mule deer.
  16. Yes, the replies by HighschoolHunterr and 654321 are correct and Dadof3 should have provided that information in his original post.
  17. The two boys and their dad need to read the regs a little closer. They either got a coues tag or a mulie tag but not whatever comes along first. Tell me you have read the reg and understand them, plus a little info as to what rifle, ammo, camping plans, etc and I'll give you some info on 35a in a PM.
  18. JFP

    Rem Mdl 7

    Responsible for the death of many coyotes and bobcats, also a couple of javelinas' three coues, and one mulie. Rem Mdl 7, 22-250, fluted barrel. Prefer face to face, Scope, and Bi-Pod not included, $500.00 https://i.postimg.cc/2yvdxWW1/IMGP2740.jpg
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    Rem Mdl 7

  20. JFP

    Rem Mdl 7

    Yes it is.
  21. JFP

    Rem Mdl 7

    I THINK I answered all PM's but I'm not sure, as I do not know how to check sent PMs. So if your waiting for a reply and have not received one please let me know. A few have asked why I'm selling this rifle - I'm pushing 81, at times I can barely walk and if I can it hurts like heck. My kids and grandkids have all taken what they want and now it's time to start letting things go. There will be more to come.....
  22. JFP

    Lucky rebel

    I had one and they are a good caller and will get the job done. However, I don't think any caller is a whole lot better than any other. I have been calling for over 60 years and have used them all and called critters in with them all. The key is not the call but the location and the setup.
  23. Lion and bobcat meat is a rather sweet tasty piece of white meat. I would rate lion over bobcat but would not pass over either. We do most of ours on the grill after an overnight soak in a marinade. If you have friends over don't tell them what it is until they have finished and listen to them tell you how great it was.
  24. JFP

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    Arnie and I are old friends, probably going back to 79 or 80. Haven't seen him in a long while. Do you know if he is a member here?
  25. JFP

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    You could check with fisher guide service - Would that be Arnie?