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  1. Rutha73

    Turkey Load

    My go to is the Sportsmans warehouse in Mesa, if I cant find what I am looking for there I go a little further north to Bass Pro shops. I should probly run up there tomorrow to try and grab some shells before everyone is looking for them right before the hunt.
  2. Rutha73

    Turkey Load

    So a couple friends and I got drawn for turkey in October in 5b south. What is everyone's favorite shell for them? I am shooting a Mossberg 835 that will take up to 3.5" shells and my buddy is planning on getting a Benelli Nova before then so he can shoot 3.5" shells also.
  3. Rutha73


    Are you still trying to sell this G17?
  4. Rutha73

    Best places to flyfish

    Check out the website www.azflyandtie.com also, lots of good info over there
  5. Those are two guns I have been wanting. Are you interested in any trades? I have a S&W 629 Classic I am thinking of selling/trading. .44 mag with a 7" full underling barrel.
  6. Rutha73

    WTB Basswood

    http://www.woodcraft.com/stores/store.aspx?id=563 These guys are in Chandler, I don't know how much you need or if they have a good price though. I have only been there once.
  7. Rutha73

    Whats in your holster ?

    HK USP .40 or a Glock 27 depending on what I am wearing
  8. Rutha73

    In denial

    I like to take pills that have echinacea and goldenseal in them. It seems to speed up recovery for me. It is over the counter, I think the major brand name is that Natures Own company. It's all natural. That and some vitamin C.
  9. Good post! This is only my second year dove hunting, and I think it's about as much fun as you can have in the desert! I take all my birds home to clean, the regs say to have at least one feathered wing till you get home so I figure its easier to just do all the cleaning at home. And so far I have about twice as many spent shells as I have shot. Now I just need to find someone that reloads and make a deal with them!
  10. I went to the G&F office last season and they gave me a map that said everything to the West of where the 202 is is closed, but everything to the east is open. Mesa PD still stopped me last year and did the whole 'I am not going to arrest you but another officer might' BS, I didn't have the documentation at the time that showed that area was open so we just left, got a copy of it in my car now though.
  11. Did anyone here go to Sossaman and Warner? It is supposed to be closed in there, just wondering if they enforce it yet?
  12. Rutha73

    Remington 03A3 30-06 $350

    They call it the "flaming bomb" I think it was used by Remington to identify weapons that are made to military specs. If anyone else knows a little more on the flaming bomb, please feel free to chime in. Interesting, the rifle I have is a Savage though. The guy I bought it from said it was an old Marine Corps rifle.
  13. Rutha73

    Remington 03A3 30-06 $350

    What is that flaming eyeball looking stamp? I have a rifle with that stamp, and I haven't figured it out yet.
  14. Rutha73

    PSE Stinger 3G for sale

    That's a good price for everything that it comes with! Don't know where you saw that package for $350, but you should jump all over it! You sure that wasn't just for the bow only?
  15. Rutha73

    .223/5.56 and Pmags

    http://posting.phoenix.backpage.com/online/classifieds/VerifyAd.html/22179705/dee821a3 Saw mags and ammo on backpage if anyone is looking