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  1. Make an offer. Probably get it up on GB this weekend. Thanks, Kent
  2. KBarter

    Wtt weatherby vanguard 7mm-08

    Where are you? Tucsonish or North? Kent
  3. I can get some pictures this weekend. But it is basically as shown here. Ruger link Kent
  4. Going to list this on GB for a buddy in Green Valley/ Sahuarita. Wanted to see if there was any interest locally. Title basically says it. It has the 16.5" threaded barrel and is in a tan synthetic stock. Scope has the dual BDC for Sub-sonic and full loads. Been shot but in excellent condition. Comes with three mags and at least 3 boxes of ammo. Has close to $600 in it with ammo and extra mags. Thinking $475. Thanks, Kent
  5. Nope. Went to Ebay awhile back. Kent
  6. KBarter

    7mm-08 sale or trade price drop 240$

    You in Tucson? And how is the muzzle brake attached? Thanks, Kent
  7. Haven't got it up on Gunbroker yet if anyone is looking for a Featherweight.