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  1. Have a ride for the rifle to the land of ScumDevils😀 next week if anyone interested. Kent
  2. Why walk to the next hill when you can just shoot'em from here? Bump
  3. If your are interested in the rifle, PM me an offer. Kent
  4. Scope is sold. Rifle still available. Comes with rings and a prone bi-pod. Kent
  5. KBarter

    Armlist in Phx Rem 788

    Probably too good to be true but... Armilst PHX rem 788
  6. Lots of nibbles. Bottom dollar on scope is $600 or $635 shipped. $550 on the rifle with rings. Also posted on 24hrCampfire. Kent
  7. Scope on Ebay. If no bids it can still be sold with the rifle or separate. Leupold on Ebay