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  1. KBarter

    Browning BAR in 300 WSM price guesstimate

    I just put it up on GB. 300 WSM BAR If anyone interested. Kent
  2. KBarter

    Browning BAR in 300 WSM price guesstimate

    Found a few completed listing on Gunbroker, just not in 300 WSM. Used they have sold for $900-1140. He wants to get the low end of that. Will take a few more pics and create a listing this weekend. It has the Boss that is also a brake. Thanks for the input, Kent
  3. KBarter

    Browning BAR in 300 WSM price guesstimate

    Seems right. Thanks for the input.
  4. KBarter

    Browning BAR in 300 WSM price guesstimate

    It is a Safari model. Just safe handling marks. Couple of pics.
  5. Have a friend asking me to sell a Browning BAR in 300 WSM with the BOSS system for him. These aren't too popular around here and I am not finding any "sold" listings on GB. -Blued with nice looking wood. -Condition is excellent, looks hardly used. Just a ballpark figure to give him would help. Thanks, Kent
  6. New scope on it's way so this headed to Ebay pretty quick.
  7. Selling a lightly used, one season, Nikon Monarch 5 scope. 3-15x42 ED SF with the Advanced BDC reticle. Comes with the box, and one of the flip up caps (other one is somewhere in 35B). In excellent condition, just light ring marks in the finish. Glass perfect. Just wanted to try a different scope on my second rifle. Link to the specifics. Asking $375 in Tucson. Happy to ship too. Kent
  8. Headed to GB this weekend.
  9. Same action. The Whitworths were originally a slightly higher grade, geared towards big bore calibers, but they didn't stick with that. Have seen Whitworth .243s. Not sure how this one became a Herter's rifle, but both the action and barrel are stamped Herter's, along with the Interarms markings, Kent
  10. Barrel threaded with a Herter's brake and Williams sights. The front hood is even still there. Rings are Weaver hinged.
  11. Listed this on the Campfire a few days back. $250 ftf in Tucson area. Listing on the 24hr Campfire Thanks, Kent
  12. KBarter

    Wtb 15X56 binos

    I have the Zeiss Conquest now and am only occasionally jealous of my buddy's non-HD Swaros. But he paid $400 more than I. Some good choices here. Found lots of deer with Docter and then Zeiss porros.