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  1. KBarter

    Sig Kilo 2000 rangefinder $240 shipped

    I will take it. In Tucson. Kent
  2. KBarter

    Free Tupperware Stocks (mostly)

    I will take #5 if I can pay you to ship it to Tucson. Thanks, Kent
  3. KBarter

    Access in 35B

    Anyone been down there this year? Will be going down when it cools off some just wondering if the gates are still locked. Have the 10 day November hunt. Kent
  4. KBarter

    Sigarms SHR 970 in 30-06 $425!

  5. KBarter

    Sigarms SHR 970 in 30-06 $425!

    Think $500 is fair but am definitely flexible.
  6. KBarter

    Sigarms SHR 970 in 30-06 $425!

    Make an offer. Kent
  7. KBarter

    Sigarms SHR 970 in 30-06 $425!

    The barrel scratches are the only real flaws. Stock is in good condition. Kent
  8. Thought I'd make a loaner out of this and see if I couldn't pick up another barrel at some point. Not gonna happen. These are really neat rifles that Sig tried to get into the U.S. hunting market with awhile back. Features a switch barrel system. This one shows some minor use but is a really solid rifle. Trigger is excellent. Lots of info out there on these if your interested. Looking to get $500 ftf in Tucson Kent
  9. KBarter

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Appreciate the heads-up on these. My daughter will use them off a tripod and they will be my "little glass."
  10. KBarter

    WTB: 4Runner, Cherokee, or something similar

    When my wife sold her Rubicon three years ago I paid $3000 for a 1998 4Runner. It has 360k on it, no a/c and a bit of an oil pressure issue. 😀 Put some Craigslist BFGs on it and it has been a solid hunting rig and weekend errand runner since. You may have to get a little creative at your price point. My first two rigs were Troopers, solid hunters and a lot cheaper than similar condition Toyotas. Good luck!
  11. KBarter

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Paid $386 and now the price is $444. I guess if nothing sells it goes down 20 bucks and it one sells it goes back up. Was 406 yesterday.
  12. KBarter

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Have a set on the way!
  13. KBarter

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Really tempted, anyone used these?