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  1. Can't remember why I have these. I did have an Steyr SBS a while back but it had a rail on it. New in packaging. $15 FTF on Tucson or $20 shipped. Kent
  2. KBarter

    FS/FT Remington 700 Mountain Rifle .280 Rem.

    Saw it cross-listed on Armslist. Someone up there should snag a nice looking Mountain rifle in the best caliber ever. 😀 GLWS
  3. KBarter

    New build sale

    Should be one heck of a build! Good luck with the sell off.
  4. KBarter

    CA Stock

    Color me ignorant but is CA the brand? Nice looking stock. Kent
  5. KBarter

    Cabelas/Meopta Euro HD 15x56 Binos

    If you're running 15x56 Kaibab's, buy these and sell the Vortex. You'll be glad you did!
  6. KBarter

    Nikons scope deals

    Definitely agree, but these are about 50% off. Have a M-Tactical .223 4-16x44 in my cart right now, thinking about putting it on a 6.5x284.
  7. KBarter

    Nikons scope deals

    I thought there used to be a thread on here to share bargains but I couldn't find it. Just a heads up on Eurooptics is blowing out some Nikon scopes now that Nikon has stopped making scopes.
  8. Just $55 shipped in state!
  9. KBarter


    Is there a model name or number on the box? Thanks, Kent
  10. Selling a box of vintage ammo. Remington Kleanbore .280 Rem. Full box. Cardboard shows some edge wear. Have no idea what this is really worth but saw two for $90 on vintage ammo site. So I am asking $35. No shipping, shipping ammo is a PIA. Kent