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  1. TATAat27

    Tick Tock

    Just a special number for me
  2. TATAat27

    Tick Tock

    Checked my bank (USAA) a few hours ago and had a charge for $135. Ckd again about an hour ago to see if any other charges and the $135 charge was gone. Hopefully the bank is just processing it and not something wrong with the Azgfd system. No declined charges according to USAA so time will tell. I've seen charges disappear, but never so quickly.
  3. TATAat27

    A bunch of BS!

    Would be simple to just charge a fee when applying as they do now but successful applicants would then be given a week or two to pay for their tags with the rest going back into a 2nd draw or for over the counter purchase. I believe Idaho does something like this. Takes about a week to find out if you were drawn.
  4. TATAat27

    2021 Draw

    Wondering where all the "friend of a friends cousin is married to someone who knows someone at the game and fish, and they said it will be Friday"? I can't stand the suspense...
  5. TATAat27

    1998 Toyota 4Runner V6 New price!

    Kent and I couldn't make a deal, but he seemed like an honest guy to deal with. Just wanted to throw that out there for any interested party.
  6. TATAat27

    1998 Toyota 4Runner V6 New price!

    4802321052. Text is best. I'm in Tucson and would like to come see it
  7. TATAat27

    1998 Toyota 4Runner V6 New price!

    Good luck with your sale
  8. TATAat27

    1998 Nissan Frontier

    Where are you located? Id like some pictures as well, thank you.
  9. I know its a shot in the dark, but im looking for a used Sako l61r finnbear stock for a .264 win mag. Doesn't have to be in perfect shape, but something that can be refinished. Thank you, Rich.
  10. TATAat27

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Yeah i know basic math, however, last year the pending charges didnt show up until the following monday on the Cabelas card, i didnt know what to expect with them changing to capital one Mastercard. I agree, its a done deal.
  11. TATAat27

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Nothing for me yet, Cabelas card took 3 days to show up last year....
  12. TATAat27

    Results up!

    I like that problem