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  1. AzNative63

    Unit 23 late rifle.

    That's a really nice bull! And a great bonus, as you know , is you had time to field dress and get it hung/loaded without worrying about losing the meat due to warm temps! When you get a chance can you let us know rifle/bullet combo? Due to the almost unending choice of artillery, it's always interesting to me what was was used . I'm sorta the nostalgic type and use a 1946 Remington 300 H&H magnum for deer and elk. Thanks
  2. AzNative63

    Ethics or not?

    Here's my 2 cents. That's not how I ever hunted, hunting by committee. I'm not saying it's wrong , just not the way I learned. I love to" still hunt" , just making my way ever so slowly in an area where I've found lots of sign and seeing the deer or elk before they've seen me. That's what I do and I'm not changing. I heard a long long time ago about a saying about fishermen. 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. I sorta think that applies to hunting as well. Let those guys run around like nuts, on opening day I'll usually be on a elevated position, if possible, glassing , glassing and glassing until my eyes hurt. If that fails it's time to slither around and see how that goes. Oh, by the way, I have a "stage 4" subluxation degeneration of my spine. Sucks to hurt doing what I love but oh well. Everything changes if it's a CHAMP. I wonder if I'll want one when I can't walk. Not sure
  3. AzNative63

    2019 Muzzy bull

    Really nice bull! When ya get a chance, can you let us know the load you used and what kind of penetration you got out of it? Thanks
  4. AzNative63

    Son got it done again.

    What a great bull! I am sure you are very proud of him!
  5. AzNative63


    We used to love going down there from Phoenix. There never seemed to be a shortage of whitetails or Javelina down there. I'm getting old and I shouldn't be worried about it but things sure have changed. Although looking back, my experience could have happened anywhere. The last year I hunted whitetail down there with my wife we were fortunate enough to shoot a nice buck early opening day. After the shot, there were a few hunters "filtering down" from the mountains curious to see what was happening. Two hunters offered to "watch my deer" while we went back for the truck. I said that's okay, we got it. After we gutted it out and carried and dragged it a quarter mile or so to the first shady place that was accessible , we went for the truck and got it loaded. That evening about 8:30, which to me is late for strangers to be popping in to our camp that was well off the beaten path, a truck pulled up and put their headlights on my deer that was hanging. The same two hunters that had offered to watch my deer, now pretty drunk , were spinning my deer, skinned and in a cheese cloth bag, around and examining it see how many bullet holes were in it. My wife was staying put in our tent as I put my 1911 45 auto on under my coat and walked out. They told me they had shot the deer first, and I had taken it from them. There was just one hole in it. They tried to bluff me and I had already made up my mind the deer was not worth getting killed over but the grips on my 45 sorta glistened in the headlights as it peaked out from my coat as we talked and they thought twice about it all and left. We took off at first light. Sure makes for a sh***y end to a hunt.
  6. AzNative63


    I drove out today "scouting" (God, I can't believe I spent $20 in gas to do it 😝) North of Phx in the desert. Just wanted to find a spot 2 of my brothers and I could go out for a couple hours and shoot a few birds and BS with each other. We have another brother who isn't doing too well with Leukemia and we're realizing we better enjoy why we can. Talk about hunting dove in the 70's , we would go to "the stockyards" at 40th st. South of Washington. Fun memories
  7. Last year I had a couple Eurasian dove messing with some young quail at the backyard feeder. It was only a few minutes later they were in the pan. I was really curious how they would taste. I'm no gourmet chef but I can usually make our native dove taste decent. Maybe it was me, maybe they'd been eating some bad lately, but DANG, they weren't good at all. Anybody ate those things yet?
  8. AzNative63

    Ever regret passing on a shot?

    Yeah, I usually don't let a missed opportunity bother me but last year was the best "glad I didn't shoot" happening. My son-in-law and I had deer hunted opening day in 6A and were slowly making our way back to camp before dark . When we were just a few hundred yards from camp on a scrub oak covered mesa my son-in-law yelled "buck"! Not 50 yards away we had spooked a really nice 4X4 buck that was bedded down among 3-4 foot high scrub oak. As the buck took off, I shouldered my rifle and looked over my scope to initially line up my shot and then dropped my view down into the scope as I started to squeeze the trigger. There was an instant mental/physical block that kept me from shooting and it took a second to realize what was happening. I stopped and realized that deer was exactly in line of our camp not a quarter mile away where my girlfriend was preparing dinner in our pop up trailer. Maybe my shot, if I missed, would have ended up hundreds of feet away from camp. Maybe the deer, if I hit it, would have stopped the bullet. Maybe if I missed, a tree would have stopped the bullet. I'm just glad it didn't come down to that. I ended up getting a not so big fork horn and that was okay with me
  9. AzNative63

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    7:36 am got a hit on my cc for deer. I put in for Crane down South for a kicker and thought I'd get a Crane tag WAY before getting drawn for deer for 3 years in a row! No news on the Crane hunt. I have fond memories of following the cranes with my uncle (no longer with us) in the morning to where they were feeding and then setting dekes up. Either hunt makes me smile
  10. AzNative63

    I was fooled

    That sucks. Two years ago I was in a meeting with a bunch of suit types and a text message came at 7:30 a.m. day after dead line to update CC's and I glanced at it and it said by CC was hit for $135. I couldn't contain myself and started jumping up and down...yeah, I sorta made an butt of myself...oh well. Then last year got a tag as well...I guess I used up all my luck cause nothing yet....
  11. AzNative63

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    About 15 years ago was my first muzzy elk hunt. I had a cow tag and not too far out of camp on opening day my buddy and I found one just standing in a small meadow. We got within 100 yards and I put a round right behind her shoulder. She just stood there. Then, she slowly swapped sides and I put a round in her other shoulder. Again, she just acted like nothing was happening. My buddy kept whispering "you are missing her". I was using a Thompson Center Hawken with a peep sight and neither one of us realized with the load I was shooting it was more of an "arrow impact" than a rifle bullet impact. The elk finally layed down. After almost an hour she was still bedded down with her head erect and chewing her cud. I wanted to get the job done so I got within 50 yards when she got up and I shot her again. She finally dropped. The first two shots were in the lungs, the last one found her heart. Yeah, they are tuff.
  12. AzNative63

    Out of state hunts

    My hunt was 1978 bull at Houserock Valley. I was one of the first ones out and was told a big bull was at a tank a couple miles away. Yeah, an agfd officer had to go out with you back then. "We" got within 150 yards and I got lucky and put a bullet a couple inches below his horn. It was like he was standing on a rug and somebody pulled the rug out. He did a backflip and was done. My brother in law went out the next day and was tickled a photographer wanted to ride and take pics. Bad part was the photographer didn't say he was part of PETA and was documenting the "horrors" of hunting
  13. AzNative63

    Unit 6 Muzz Anyone?

    Hello, It's probably going to be another good year! On the way back from elk hunting last year I was listening to the radio and one of the gentlemen that guides "wounded warriors" said in his opinion it was the best the elk herds looked in 20 years. I'm sure you'll hear about Clint's Well and Happy Jack. I don't think I am divulging precious intel, everyone probably has hunted elk and deer near there at one time or the other. That certainly is no secret. Actually the elk I got last year was only a few miles from there. Game and fish has some good info in their unit description about where to start scouting and they were right on last year. Last year I got a real thrill when a herd of 10-12 elk crossed only 10 yards in front of me at a dead run when another hunter spooked them. Anyway, my group has 6A muzzy bull from 9/16 to 9/22 this year. Last year I figured was going to be the last elk tag for me, but I lucked out again!
  14. AzNative63

    Day One Results

  15. AzNative63

    Day One Results

    Got my B of A alert on my card for $135 at 7:09 this morning. I was in a meeting and I started waving my arms like a nut. Yeah, just a bit embarrasing, I guess. Only had one loyalty point this year cause I got a tag (and elk ) last year. After 5 years of no elk tag got two in a row. My best bud and his sons got drawn too so hopefully we got the same unit. Just not sure if it is with muzzle loader or cartridge yet. Congrats to all the successful hunters !